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March 24, 2023, 02:14:23 AM

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Started by Pytkowski, April 16, 2008, 11:06:44 PM

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Well , im the old city constructor but i never make major diares in English , but i want to share my country withe more people . More then Polish Audience .
Well i would like to start by showing the photos from capital city .

- Pythia flag

New Pythia - Update 1 Start

Marshall street is the main street in the west part of center . It's old but revovated .

Diagonal Av. Is one of the most prestige street in New Pythia , butiques , jewellery shops and the best restaurant's

University of New Pythia . It wa build in 1623 . It is the best uiversity in country . In very good location

Royal Rondabout , in morning Hours it is allways trafic becouse it conect the "bedroom district " withe center

Administration Center , there is most of ministery and embassy

National Library , ther is very old building from 1749 but it was rebuild many times . In underground big archive .

I hope you enjoj

Well done ;)


Very nice usage of diagonals ! Very old european city  :thumbsup:

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An excellent start &apls &apls

You have managed to capture the old European feel really well :thumbsup:
Your use of the elevated rail in the first pic is fantastic. I like it  :thumbsup:

I look forward to seeing what you have next in store for us

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 :thumbsup: Pytkowski very good start here and I do so look forward to more here!!!! Cant wait for part 2 of Pythia

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wow very nice city i like the diagonals


Yes, great start there, Pytkowski! And wonderful work on Pythia so far! Also the flag is nice! :thumbsup:


Welcome my friend to our forum. I hope that the Polish team will be wielding control on SCDevotion  ;D . Your cities are thought over and worked out. Successes!


Very nice start of this MD here Pytkowski!  I like the diagonals that you have used a couple of times..... also in the parks  :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


yea, next polish user how started new town in MD :D I hope that your MD moved in "Of Special Interest this Month" :D . great work  &apls


Thank you everybody , it's nice to hear compelmentes  ;)

UPDATE 2 Bedroom District

First is the Kruczkowski district . It was build in 70's and 80's for the workers with was building the highways in New Pythia .
After they finish the city give them the pre-emption right . Today they living in good society system , they are poor but they life
is good . In Kruczkowski district is good medicine and shooll system , good roads etc.

When the developers building the highways , the management building houses in the center of kruczkowski district to asimilate .

The result of work .

And the next district is the house district on slope of mountain . District called called Mountainna .

Enjoj  ;D
Well done ;)


 &apls &apls &apls  Wonderful update here and superb pics!!!! I cant wait to see more....

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More Poles with their threads "abroad"  ;)
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


It looks very good mate!  &apls

Your old city is very nice, but I especially like your "bedroom" district, you are showing that not all socialist blocks settlements mus be sad and dirty - and you are right!
I like also how you use an eye-candy stuff - walls, side alleys and so on.
Good work with the RHW too!

Adam  :thumbsup:
New Horizons Productions
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That's really good work there! Also wonderful work on that RHW-exit! Wonderful update! :thumbsup:


Update 3 - poor district
Hear is next update , today i show you a worst side of city

East Rail transport Center - This is the small rail cargo terminal witch is servising the est part of New Pythia . Every day in mornig hours the Rails from another cities coming to transport many nessesery products . The rail in pythia is half private . Many private companies investing to this sector brecouse is empty hole , and many space to invest

This is the worker blocks , the most dangereus area in all east part of New Pythia , the center of the problem are the imigrant's

Social blocks in Waliców district

The stadium from 70's . The gold years is the past , today ther trainging and playing onle teens sports clubs  .

Well done ;)


Pytkowski great update here and I do notice that there is 2 pics that are not showing up and it seems that you forgot to add this [ other then that i cant wait to see the next update!!!!

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I think this is the best update.
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


This is a wonderful job.. and I appreciate that you are willing to show us your struggles with English to share with us.. you're doing a fine job.. KEEP IT UP!! :)


Oh my, this is a great MD already! The suburban buildings, the commercial area, they all look fantastic, and the presentation is awesome as well! Great job.