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Warsaw, Poland

Started by warszawa, April 21, 2008, 04:27:27 AM

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Welcome to my MD - Warsaw - the capital of Poland.
My aim is to recreate Warsaw exactly as it looks likes nowadays, but starting in the 1900's...


Name of Update = Al. Jerozolimskie
Location = Warsaw Downtown
Date = 1916
Population = 900,000

Lets start way back in the 1900's, when Warsaw a thriving city.

Al. Jerozolimskie facade

The Rondo Dmowskiego Roundabout

The Rondo Dmowskiego Roundabout and Polonia Hotel

Warszawa Centralna Train Station

Rondo Dmowskiego to Rondo Do Gaulle'a is a very populated shopping district

Please comment! :D
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Very nice! I like the rail and all the Polish BATs in there! Verynice work.


Warszawa building Warsaw . Litlle bit crazy but the city is good but i saw it so many times  ()stsfd()
Well done ;)


Looking very good here Warszawa and I like the start one bit of advice though is I made the same mistake is not over using the Bold...  Other then that wonderful pics here and I cant wait to see this devolpe here!!!

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Hello Warszawa, It's very nice you started your MD here!  :thumbsup:

Maybe there will be nothing bad if I'll make a little explanation for those who don't know our new friend - Warszawa is from UK, but he lives in Warsaw now and he said on the Polish site - Simcity Polska - that he likes this city very much. It is very nice for us in Poland  :)

Warszawa, your pictures are very good! It was a very good idea to show your historical pictures in the B&W mode, you can experiment with this way of editing a bit more. Very nice couple of buildings - some of them are probably from a bit later period, but it would be extremely difficult to collect enough buildings in the style of these days. Anyway, the general feeling is very apropriate.
All pictures are good, but I especially like the last one.

Good luck and a good playtime here at SC4D!  :thumbsup:
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Wonderful start there of this MD! And fantastic pictures of your Warsaw! ;)



joncjon – Thank you mate. I really like the Polish architecture. I'm glad you liked it.
Pytkowski – Yes, it is crazy, lol. Thanks for a nice comment! 
Pat – Thanks very much for the advice; I'll remember that the next time I use Photoshop. You certainly will see it develop! :D Thanks very much indeed for commenting.
Ennedi – Hey mate! Hope all has been well for you. Yes, I am from Poland, but I live in the UK. I'm really proud of your comment I means so much for me. I definitely agree with you about finding those old BAT's for pre-war Warsaw, but I have used a lot of W2W buildings. I'm loving this site very much and can't wait to show Warsaw to everyone! :D
bat - I thought you had replied twice, but I realized that it was actually the other user Pat $%Grinno$%. So pleased to hear that you like Warsaw! :D

Update very soon! :D
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Name of Update = Ul. Marszalkowska
Location = Downtown Warsaw
Date = 1918
Population = 900,000

Ul. Marszalkowska has always been a main eatery road in the centre of Warsaw.

Marszalkowska, a main road that flows through the city of Warsaw.

Marszalkowska/Swietokrzyska Intersection.

Warsaw Srodmiescie District and Marszalkowska.

Swietokrzyska housing estate on Marszalkowska opposite Ogrod Saski (Park).

Please comment! :)
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LoL  :D :D warszawa that is too funnie that you gotten me confussed with Bat lol well errr I guess I can see how you would do that bat/pat soo close.... Anyways I loved the update and the pics are stunning there!!! I see we are going to get color soon???  either way I cant wait to see the next historic update....


pat not bat lol  ;D

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That's very good! I've been to Warsaw a thousand times since half of my family lives in Poland - you got the pre-WWII look pretty well. It's unfortunate however what the sims of your city will have in store in the next 30 years  ()sad()


Nice although some of those buildings wouldn't be there yet in 1918 ;)


Looks great! Your selection of BATs is very clever. :)

Jason :thumbsup:


I have a question? Do you have a bat that will substitute the building at real Wiejska street?  :D  I hope you know what's that  ;)
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


very nice looks good can't wait to see warsaw,today



Pat - Hello Bat! How are you doing? lol  :D ;D You and Bat certainly have a lot in common - having almost identicle posts between you... :) I'm so pleased you liked the update, the coloured pics will some out after WW2 (World War 2). I have plenty of historic updates soon to come! :D Take care.
panthersimcity4 – Hello mate! Good to see you. It's great to see you have Polish roots, yet you live outside Poland! Say 'Czesc' to your family from me! :D I have to agree with you about the next few decades of Warsaw are disastourous... :(
callbat – Cheers mate. Yes, I know, it was very hard to find some BATs at that time... :(
jrhnemo – Thanks! I got most of the wonderful BATs from SimCityPolska - A Polish Sim City 4 website! :P
kbieniu7 – Hey mate! Good to see you! For the answer for your question : No, I don't have any BATs for that street, I don't even know if there is anyways. Although I have walked down that street; I can barely remember what it looked like... What is so special about that street anyways?
tankmank - Thanks very much tankmank. Hopefully you will enjoy the updates till the present day Warsaw update.


Name of Update = Saxon Palace
Location = Downtown Warsaw
Date = 1924
Population = 1.1 million

The Saxon Palace (Pałac Saski) was one of the most distinctive buildings in prewar Warsaw.

Until it was bombed, the Palace continued to be sandwiched between the Saxon Garden, to its rear, and the Saxon Square in front.

During World War II, the Saxon Palace was destroyed except for the central part of the arcade, that somehow managed to survive, housing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Please comment! :D

EDIT: Merged your two posts together. Please refrain from double posting whenever possible. Thanks! - Dustin (thundercrack83)
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the plaza with the pines, the gardens and the palace is just wonderful  :thumbsup: it has a good effect with the polish BATs   &apls


Like these black and white pictures! Great work on them! :thumbsup:


Quote from: warszawa on April 23, 2008, 03:17:16 PM
...What is so special about that street anyways?...

There was a Parliament Building on my mind.
(If i understood you rightly)
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


excellent work & pics once again, what a shame the palace was destroyed.


LoL warszawa, Im doing good thank you M8!!! I do agree me and bat are too close together and otherwise I loved your update and the palace!!! Great pics and I cant wait for the next one....

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