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Melbourg - Photos of my canal [03/04/08]

Started by lucas, May 01, 2008, 12:50:57 PM

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Hello everybody! To my presentation, go to new members area!!

So I explain my project and my story to SC4!

Story :

I began to the TSC forum (Yes, I'm belgian, I speak french!) and here I started severals stupids towns with just SC4...
After I found simtropolis, good for my plugins but so bad structuration... Then, I discovered  Devotion and Kurier!! With always .exe, plugins, NAM,...!! My "illumination"

I began one-two wonderful town but I got bored... Then I discovered an other web forum : simland! It's wonderful!
I began to touch LE, then the BAT, plugin manager, tool, reader(automatas),... And I believe so gifted (Can I say that??!! ()what() Gifted??) But never uplaod because I'm don't very interessed...

To the finish, my plugins explosed!! So much plugins that my game crashed! I decide to sort out!(Can I say that?!! ()what()) And I have a project after to sort out, LE and BAT inedits for my towns...

I will begin a town like Antigone! Now I have so much capicity for this realiszation!!

After I'm going to enter to a team...

So, I have just two-three pics on photobucket because I, like the plugins, clean up my computer!! ;D
This pics were for Simland.. so it's in french! The lion is one of my BAT like the panel and everyother LOTs..but very easy! :thumbsup:

And my region that I will customize :

To become good people...with Devotion!!


Welcome the MDs here at SC4D Lucas.

I like the crowds you have created for your plazas - I can believe that took some time in LE to create.

And the lion BAT is cool. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

And GOOD LUCK with sorting out your Plugins.  I think everyone here is ALWAYS sorting their plugins!



Thank you very much to you! And I hope to do this town like Antigone! :thumbsup:
To become good people...with Devotion!!


Very nice start and very ambitious goal! So, good luck for you!  :thumbsup:
(And it seems I have to wish you much patience, there is much, much work before you  :D)

Looking at your first pictures I can expect your cities will be diversified and alive - very good! We will wait for more...

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Thank you, I didn't wait a moderator! :D

And yes.. very much work before sort out my plugins!! :D  Just simcitypolska and...Capitalsimcity and I finish!! :-[
Nooo!! :D

To the pics, this Version of melbourg is effaced like my old plugins, and like my computer... :P So, tomorrow I'm going to begin my V.3.2 of melbourg!!! :-[
To become good people...with Devotion!!


Hi everybody! So I started a new region and I did that today! :thumbsup:
Lok and comment! :P My canal(comments in french sorry...)

To become good people...with Devotion!!


Great work Lucas

I really like the Castle in the canal !  :thumbsup:

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And great start there of your MD! Also the first update is very good! Wonderful pictures of your city! Like the canal!

Looking forward to more...


Lucas WOW!!!! Your start here is wonderful and this is a MD that I will have to follow for sure!!!! Your pics are wonderful and I do have a question for you is where did you find that Stage in the first post here?  I cant wait to see more and I do know you will get your plugins squared away....

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Hey Lucas,
I'm glad you decided to start a MD and so quickly.  I thought after our PMs you were going to take a lot longer.
I like what you have shown so far and I can't wait to see some of your work from LE and BAT. 
Good luck and I wait patiently for your next update and if you need any more hep or advise, don't hesitate to PM.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Wow, excellent work on the canal here, I really like the placement of that building across the canal and the castle. Though perhaps more of the castle should be located on land, so that it fits in with the peninsula look better? Though I can foresee some LOD conflict troubles.


I see you've made a fine start here, lucas. Your use of the canals looks good - I can't say I've ever seen a castle in a canal before, but why not! You certainly have some interesting terrain to work with, so I hope to see more of your work as development continues.

Until next time...


No need to point out the obvious, but I will: the detail presented is incredible! Thats alot of work with the LE, but its all worth it, definitely. Great start to what should be a fantastic MD!


It's good to see your MD make more developments - well done.  And the canals are looking good (I like canals  :) )