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Started by kimcar, February 16, 2007, 03:11:44 PM

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Yeah a MD by Kimcar !!!
Can't wait the pics

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Yes !!! the return of the KIMCAR  $%Grinno$%


Hello everybody and welcome to the grand opening of

The biggest Amusement Park in SimCity ( for now  ;D )

And let discover what MAPP want to said :  MAGIC - AMUSEMENT - PLEASURE - PARK -

You gonna discover the most complete Amusement Park ever see and in the same style as Walt Disney World .
With the fantastic work of member who work on bats, lots, modds etc , i would like to make a kind of appreciation of their works . A special thanks to Adriano57 who make some flags for this CJ that will see later. But for now enough speaking and let's start the visit .

An overview of Funtasia

The Terminus entrance

For those who already know what gonna be the first attraction , here a pic of the Zoo

Again some other entrance of the site.

This year , Funtasia is very proud to have the convention of the Star Trek fan club .

For sure every Parks have the security and clinic for the peace of their customer

The fountain with the Fantasia device - MAPP

The Zoo museum , where the people can follow the fauna evolution .

A restaurant , for take a break before the long walk .

Or if you prefer you can take the FunTram . It drive you at the Park of your choice .

Here a little place wher you can reunited all your family before the starting the visit .

And finally the Zoo entrance .

Ok let's start with a little beast  ;D

The Bison

The Girafle

The Elephant

Or if you prefer to see them during the circus show .

Already tired ? Come on take a rest a the Funtasia Oasis .

Ok i think him gonna let you take a rest for now, because is still a lot to see in the Zoo . So i hope you have enjoy this visit and hope you will come back and give your feedback . Thanks and see you.


Nice amusement park, makes one wishing to be really in there :thumbsup: Well done Kim.


It's fantastic KIMCAR  :thumbsup:


Excellent start Kimcar, the tram is a really good idea, I'd hate to have to walk all over that big park! :thumbsup:
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Hi kimcar, the park is awesome and the parking is really  big.
Great work    :thumbsup:

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kimcar!  Wow!

What a marvelous concept.  The park is one I would visit in a minute- maybe I'm out of touch, but there's custom content you're using I had no idea even existed.

You could sell tickets...

Welcome to SC4D MDing.  Good luck!

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You'd want to ride the tram before you even go in... The trip from that enormous parking lots to the gates could tire me out already ;D

Great work, looking forward to see more of it!

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That is a wonderful amusement park! :thumbsup: &apls


Time to reply.

Rayden : Thanks a lot man . I would like to be there too. Lol

Antoine : Thanks again my friend.

Fred Ginger : Glad to see you here. Your right me too i didn't like to walk across all this Amusement Park when is gonna be finnish . Thanks for comming.

Berethor : Thanks for your comment. The parking lots look big , but maybe not enought for what i have in mind .

dedgren : Thanks very much my friend. For you is gonna be free . BTW if you want to know the name of certain lots let me know .

Asahi : Ha ! Ha! Very funny one. But you have to be in shape before visiting Funtasia . Thanks for your visit.

bat : Thanks , glad you like it . Hope you will come back .

Ok that's it for now , but before just for tell you a clue . There gonna have almost 15 differents kinds of Amusement Park Thema and one of them suppose to have around 21 Thema  . A kind of Walt Disney World .


As one who has to be dragged out of theme parks at closing time, I must say this looks amazing so far! I cannot wait to see the rollercoasters!
&apls &apls &apls &apls


Hey mate! Glad to see you started a new cj.

Love that park. Your Lots are very creative! &apls
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Very nice work Kimcar.

I like what you did with the zoo. Very nice those elephants and bisons. The tram is a great addition!

love to see this grow.


This park is awesome, I love it ! Welcome to SC4D KIMCAR !


Great Amusement Park Kimcar  :thumbsup:
The details are awesome indeed. A Great MAPP showcase  ;)
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cameron1991 : Lol. Very funny. But for you i gonna close later. So you can do do what you want .Thanks for your reply.

Bongoswimp : Hi my friend . Glad to have you here and thanks for your comments.

NikNik : Thanks for your nice reply.

Adriano57 : Thank you very much my friend . 

jeronij : Thanks a lot . Glad your like it . Your modular are very usefull .


Wow, great job on that amusement park! The zoo looks fantastic, and I love how you've incorporated the tram to run through the park. Very realistic! Keep up the good work!


Wonderful.  I like the hugh parking lot, the game never gives you enough parking.  The sunken animal enclosures are nice, I've seen those at real parks.
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