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Started by un1, May 10, 2008, 05:44:55 PM

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At SimTropolis I have this pretty good City Journal (or MD) so instead of making you go to ST to see it I will one by one update this like the one at ST. The one at ST will be 5 updates ahead of the one hear...

Hello welcome to SimWorld. Here I will telll you about my 20th most populated cities.
There won't be pictures until tommorow (I'm changing them into jpg. format)...
I'll list the cities: Port Arthur, Centropolis, Colonial Mountains, Atlantis, Easy Point, Small Mountain, Fethet Inlet, Lachramose Sound, Odd Lake, Ice Lake, Gyp Inlet, Konradshohe,
Lachramose River, London Bridges, Minneapolis, Rice Lake, Caplittle, Crater Ville, Kensington and Legend Inlet.
I'll give the ranking, population, a region picture of the city and a small note about it.
Update #3 and on (if there is one) will be about a induvidual city..
Please tell me what you think...  :)


since simtropolis is down, lets see your cities again. or better yet, lets see the ones which you haven't shown!
Wha??? Where am I? Oh, that's right! I'm here!