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Author Topic: Map Tutorial: How to import a PNG image to TerraFormer  (Read 4291 times)

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Map Tutorial: How to import a PNG image to TerraFormer
« on: May 13, 2008, 05:40:24 PM »
Map Tutorial: How to import a PNG image to TerraFormer.

This is a key tutorial after you modified a SC4M or region, this tutorial is fundamental for editing.
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Re: Map Tutorial: How to import a PNG image to TerraFormer
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2008, 06:08:44 PM »
How to import a PNG image to TerraFormer

Requirements for this tutorial:
-Windows (preference XP, thats what im using for this tutorial, if you are a macintosh user i dont know differences for both operative systems)
-SimCity 4 (preference Rush Hour or Deluxe, not sure how this works at normal SimCity 4)
-Landscape Designer (download here, you have to register at Simtropolis Exchange for download)
-SC4TerraFormer (download here, you have to register at LEX Exchange for download)

Notes from the author: Im using a spanish windows XP operative system, please follow this tutorial carefully and instructions.

Step A: Open landscape designer
Open landscape designer and pick on config bitmap creator.

Click on file and load terrain image

Look for the PNG image you created/modified and open it... (automatically should compute the region size with the config).

Work with your config, you can either choose the edit and fill options or fill it by your self, the red squares will be small cities, green medium citites and blue large cities. (This step could be useful for change a SC4M config.bmp)

After you done, click on file save config bitmap.

A new window should pop up, locate to your documents/SimCity 4/Regions and with the second button of your mouse create a new folder over it, name the new folder as whatever you want for your new region.

Now open the folder you created and save over it. (dont forget to name the bmp file as config.bmp)

After that close landscape designer.

Step B: Using terraformer for import.
Note: use alt+tab during changing windows (to look at this tutorial and terraformer  ;))
Open SC4Terraformer and load your region folder you recently created...

Just click ok

Go to global tools and import, look for your PNG image that you created/modified.

Your region should be created, congratulations, now just go to file and save your region.

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