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March 24, 2023, 03:04:28 AM

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Casper's Portfolio - Reading - 2016 Update 1 - Hornet (Regional Airport)

Started by CasperVg, May 31, 2008, 10:36:51 AM

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This will be the thread in which I will showcase my city-building works, for various cities and regions. It is not set to be limited to a certain city or region, but information and pictures of the cities showcased will be spread.

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Update 1: Lay-out of Pitchfork Village

The main laying out of Pitchfork Village was recently finished, with the IRW (Island Ringway) installed and minor roads layed out. A small interchange has also been installed, as there will be on every new quad. An overview and some details, i'll let the pictures do the speaking.

Attention all drivers on the IRW Southbound, a fallen log has been spotted by our listeners on the right lane. It is suggested to drive cautiously near the Pitchfork Interchange.
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Good luck with your MD casper.

I quite like the idea of developing an island - maybe in about 5 years when I finish my current region!

A nice start here and I hope that we get to see some of your LE skills.

And yes, I suggest your drivers take care on that motorway!



Looks great so far, Casper! :thumbsup:


hey, look at that! i just commented on this thread over at simtropolis! irony! so as i said over there, great job!
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Paroch: Thank you, once I get some real development, be sure to search for custom lotediting.
Travis: Thanks!
jjune: Hehe, thanks alot!

Update 2: Laying-out of Terrace Village

An overview of the Terrace Village quad, showing the main lay-out and also the rough subdivision that will layed in once development kicks in.

The area near the local interchange, that is very similar to the one in Pitchfork. The overpass was probably contructed by engineers who just graduated, as nowadays the prime minister (also the mayor) thinks it will be an excelent spot for car accidents.

Due to the mayors doubts, another and more straightforward (litterally) overpass was also constructed. The orange rock outcrop near the overpass will be used as a welcome sign later on.

The rough lay-out of the soon-to-come subdivision, probably to become a great places for rich owner of the coal mines to settle.

A nice ride in the mountains. The lake is not a great place for fishing, as it is known that sulphur acids rise up from the bottom. It has been recorded that in 1770, two years after the island was founded, a person stood in the water and his legs were burned off.

So, that concludes this update. Please comment!
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nice other area. and hopefully there will be some funny crashes there  &hlp. and that sux for that guy. he should thrown a rock in it before hand...stupid man...
Wha??? Where am I? Oh, that's right! I'm here!


Wow, How do you get the highway turns. So fluid and lovely. Love at first sight ring a bell.


Great start here, Casper! Pitcairn Island looks great!

I'll be following along, my friend!



A small teaser for an update soon to come. Development has slowly started in Pitchfork, with the prime minister who ordered a safe hiking (you can't drown) trail near it's coast, and a smallish football field.

(Football Fields: ITC Travis Football Fields Set - Flora, Guardrails & Trails: ChrisAdams' Rural Renewal Project)

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Looking good there, CasperVG. So where's the HMS Bounty anchored?  :thumbsup:

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Just updated on July 2nd, 2008
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A promissing start, Casper. Can't wait to see more!
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Casper I really like the start here to your MD Pitcairn Islands and I cant wait to see more!!! Till the next update!!!!

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You have an interesting start and i will be excited to see progress. Its not often i see such a small region and iceland. (But big enough to make much great).


HandsOn: Thanks, she's just the harbor actually  :)
mrtnrln: Thanks, be sure to pop in later on.
Pat: Thank you!
Q-Tips: Thanks, I'm aware of the fact that it's a fairly small region, and I will probably convert this place into a thread where I can showcase very cities once this region is finished.

Some bad news everyone, I'm having a hard time developing the quads, as I really love them in their virginity as they are now, and virtually all zonage that I try to do doesn't grow, and that what does grow looks bad. As I result to the fact that building on slopes has been something I haven't tried alot, it ends up fairly bumpy aswell.
So, for today you'll have to get some chewing gum to nibble on, instead of eye candy (pretentious!). Full update will be coming on Tuesday hopefully.

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I hope your engineers can overcome this obstacle and get Pitcairn Isle's development back on track.  :thumbsup:

btw, i really like the interchanges and greenery  ;D


Of all the football fields, you went straight for the checkboard-I think that might say something about your personality $%Grinno$%.  Or, maybe just the area your developing there.  I think Travis thought I was half crazy when I first showed him that one :P.

At any rate, I like the road/highway layouts so far.  And the terrain does certainly look challenging, I can understand the delay.  That just makes it more interesting to see how you tackle it ;).




rhythmandjays: Thanks, the engineers are having a bad time at the moment, but they're trying their best to solve some difficulties on that.
Chrisadams: Altho I wasn't really sure if such setup would be very realistic, I really liked the looks of it, and it fitted the place I had flattened perfectly. I'm doing my best to make sure the road-highways look as realistic as possible. I'm still searching for some nice highway signs that don't have the base texture...   ;)

Update 3: Old Sha'rn

Old Sha'rn is believed to have been the place where Sir Terrace had settled his mansion to be, it is believed that even today the remains of it should be somewhere under the ground, because after the earthquake, in the early nineteenth century, it is believed that a volcanic eruption to have occured (really made that sentence a grammatical pain!).
Today, this is the only township that doesn't have a interchange and does have the IRW running through it. This means that tourists that may want to visit the volcanic crater have to get of the Ringway in Terrace Village and then drive on minor and subpriority roads. It was also unlikely that a interchange would be able to be placed, due to the nature of the slope and the tight turn that the IRW makes through Old Sha'rn.

The regular overview

Closer-up to the crater

View from another side

The IRW curve, thank god for the wonderful NAM highway curves  :)

In winter, the summit tends to be snowed, during that period, no-one is allowed to go 100 meters close to the summit, because the paths that have been layed down for hikers are not visible, and people could get desorientated. It has now been decided that fences will be set up around that area, to make sure no-one is able to enter the safety-zone.

It was calculated that during winter, the IRW would not be blocked by permanent snow. A view from up high.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed today's update. Be sure to comment, it's always appriciated.
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I thought the islands where in the tropical part of the Pacific? Snow?  ()what()

Still, it does look great. I'm wondering where you got those fences from; and those tracks on the beach are intriguing.. (in the initial update)

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Just updated on July 2nd, 2008
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really cool area. and its great that the surrounding land wasn't destroyed with those huge exits. very cool snow. very cool.

^ handson: he said in the first post that it was going to be a very cold island and that it was in the middle of a cold stream.
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