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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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Emperor Stormont

Fabulous past update, my apologies for not visiting recently.

The proposed and continued developments look fantastic and as many have mentioned your photoshop skills make this MD a wonder to read through.

Great work...... &hlp

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nova vesfalo

nwelsh thank you for the link and your comments :) those time I can't search on simtropolis :s
belfastuniguyNobody is late :) I'm always happy to see people visiting Nova Vesfalo, Happy to see people like the Non-sc4 addition, I think they add a new layer on Nova vesfalo making it more interesting :)

By the way today we will not visiting a new city, We will learn How the State has becaat it is now !

the grey zone are part of the island controled by others states
the Regions are part of the country that have the right to get a regional assembly controled by a Governor
the Territories are part of the country with no regional assembly and Governor, they are direcly controled by the Empror and the National Parliament.
The State-territories are part of the country where the boundaries of a municipality are the same as the territory ones. The mayor of the city has the same powers as a Governor, and the Municipal Council has the same powers as a regional parliament.

1777 - Piotr Vesfalo settled on Epikvekt Island ( named Saint Madeleine by the french in 1737 ), The french where the first to settle on it in 1737, they founded the tradiing post of Belle Rivière, The english arrived in 1756 and founded New Glasgow. The West of the island still controled by Mikmak tribes, Vesfalian made an alliance with them to make their stellement a sucess.

1786 - Nov-Vesphalia delcared its indepence from Holly Empire, The english tried to get it, but General Lafayette helped the little state to stay free. The ware has been lost by english, New Glasgow trading post got divided between France and Nov-Vesfalia

1801 - Mikmak tribes accepted to join Nov-Vesfalo, The city of Providenco was created to be the capital of the region.

1805 - Like Louisiana, Napoléon Bonaparte sold Belle Rivière, Nov-Vesfalo bought it and incorporated it to the state. Giorgo Vesfalo to developed the newly incorporated Belle River territory, founded Giorgo Urbo ( at the east of the country) to be the new capital of Nov-Vesfalo.
The differences between Region and Territory has been voted by the parliament.

1827 - To make the administration of the country easier, Belle Rivière Territory had been divided into Tracadie and Giorgo-Arkado

1839 - Due to the  fast development of the country, Piotro II Vesfalo redivided the vast region of Giorgo-Arkado into Giorgo Territory and Arkad, the french stellement of Belle Rivière became again a regional capital. Nov-Vesfalia region got the east of Tracadie Territory.


Very interesting timeline and history, nova! As always, your graphics are superb, too!


Wonderfull political history! I really like the images of the stages of the nations political change...great stuff!  :)


vá  &apls  &apls I love this diary.


Great graphics and timeline, nova! :thumbsup:

Emperor Stormont

Loved that last update. I just love MD's that has a historical aspect, makes them so much more interesting to read and enjoy.

Well done......  :-\

The Imperial Atlantean Empire MD <-- click to view
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Nova most fantastic updates here and i too as well loved the timeline - pat

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Nice maps for your history update and luckily that Lafayette was around at the right time. ;D


as usual. very nice maps. a great use of style and colour that sets this MD apart from many others. I like the history you describe here. very good indeed.


nova vesfalo

Thank you to all ! happy to see you like this little Historical explenation, well the other parts isn't as interesting as the previous one, so I will not show it. Well I'm back, but I haven't a city ready to show, so just a picture of Victoria-Cavendish :

Edit : I changed the image url so everyone can see it ~Wouanagaine~


That is a very nice preview nova.

May I ask where you got the tower with glass/copper domed roof? it is very nice.



Beautiful image  :thumbsup:

Only 1 image  &mmm  $%Grinno$%

Kneely the update  ;)


Wonderful shot, nova! I'll be looking forward to seeing more!


Awsome little teaser there Nova  &apls :thumbsup: &apls

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A great looking teaser, and by the way how is your station coming along?

nova vesfalo

Strechnitz: thanks, and the building is the "Den Haag Zurichtoren", available on ST here
Snaper ()stsfd() merci, finaly a part of Cavendish-Viktoria is ready to be shown :)
thundercrack83, pipishere , patfirefghtr : thanks
kwakelaar thanks :) , the station hasn't much progressed, but the project isn't canceled :)

Well let's start with a more formal presentation of Cavendish-Viktoria. Cavenish-Viktoria is the regional capital of "Viktoria Region". Located at the west of Piotro, the city is the result of the fusion of the city of Cavensih and Viktoria. Cavendish has been founded by the english in 1769. Viktoria
has been founded in 1799 by Francis De Risa, when the land has been won from the English Colonie. The city has prospered quite fast.  In the 1900s, with the commercial boum, many rich traders familly stelled in Viktoria.

the game decided to bug just when I've started the 2d mosaic...


That looks really cool. :thumbsup: Those SOMY lots fit perfectly with the European style buildings.

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:O Looks like an amazing place to live.