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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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Another great update. Cute map too  :)


Hey, very nice MD.  I gave you 5 stars, can't believe nobody did it yet.  Wish I could give you more.
Carolina Tar Heels... National Champs again!

nova vesfalo

-M- , Vi is the polite form for the 2nd singular pronoum, Ci is the less formal one , like tu and vous in french or Du and Sie in German.

NikNik, yep I have so no job in the city, well they don't want to work in the CDB , damn sims !!

bat,Adriano57,urban,pipishere ,petercintn, thanks a lot, I will try to continue :)

Let's conitnue with the rest of the Imperia Aleo :

you can see the Savari's Bridge , Savari is one the most famous Vesfalian navigator, with Noranzo and Montego, at the boston, tne art deco building is the house of the National Bank.

A night view of the Imperia Aleo Station of the Waterbus

The Imeperia Kapitolo hosts both the Imperia Senato ( senate ) and the Imperia Kongreso, like the US capitol, it is located at the end of the Imperia Aleo.

The Vesfala Monumento has been built to celebrate the royal family, it's the only precence of the royal family in the capital, since the deparature of the royal family in 1870 after the " Libereco Jahro", a revolution that created a constitutional monarchy.

The Nacia Museo is the former Imperial Castle in Nova Vesfalo, by the way the Royal Family never lived that much in Nova Vesfalo, the Empror prefered the castles of Piotro and Giorgo Urbo. Since 1870, the building hosts the national museum

a global view of the Imperia Aleo.
At the left you can see a part of Victoria Distriko, the CBD of the city, at the right the bourough of Montego


LOL! My tutor said "ci" isn't used that often, I knew there was a distinction like in German, but I thought that "vi" was the more informal one. :P

Great update, yet again, and more reason for me to vocally support your MD here, and over at the SCJU. ;)

I love how you've used the Finnish Parliament Buildings, the Athens Library, and even the Washington Monument! Excellent work! ;)

Nova Vesfalo is truly a stunning MD!
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WOW the last picture is very impresive. Great update.


wonderful update (!), great development of high-rise buildings! :thumbsup:


Great updtae !!!! I love where did you take the Chrysler building ;)


Great MD! Your downtown area is very cool. I love the way how you have the parks and river banks layed in your city :thumbsup:
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A lovely update! The last overview pic is my favourite. Stunning work :)


Lovely pictures. :thumbsup:

But you really should get rid of the udriveit signs. They disturb what is otherwise an excellent showcase.

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Nice update. It does remind me of Washington, D.C. a little bit.
Carolina Tar Heels... National Champs again!


Some nice shots from your Captiol City. Mostly I am not so found of these huge numbers of tall buildings, but the way you have combined them with large open areas it works very well. &apls


Very interesting
great work  :thumbsup:
lol (sorry i can't think of anythig else lol)


That's a wonderful formal mall.  Not every large city needs one, but you've carried this one off particularly well.

I'll add my voice to the "No U-Drive-It" chorus.  They don't add anything, and an unfortunately placed one can spoil a great pic.

I missed commenting in this MD when it started a week or so ago.  You have a really nice start- made me realize I need to get on that 3RR flag that I've got lying around unfinished somewhere.  The map info is a nice addition as well.

Good luck!

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nova vesfalo

Thanks for all the replies,

-M- well I've always use "Ci" for less formal conversation, but if your tutor afirms it, you should be right :)
Air6 : merci :)
bat : thanks a lot, it's not as high rise as It could be :) but high enough for the mall
Antoine: thanks a lot, but I have to admit that I've place the Chrysler building here because nothing wanted to grow ^^
sebes : thanks a lot ! :)
pipishere: thanks a lot :) happy you like the global picture :)
emilin: thanks , I will change the option setting :)
petercintn: It's normal, here a little quote from the History of Nova Vesfalo :
Quote from:  History of Nova VesfaloAnna Vesfalo commisioned Nicolas Barev, a russian architect to design the map of the new capital. Barev's project is clearly insperated by L'enfant's map of Washington DC.
kwakelaar : wow , thanks :) , I think you will don't like Vicotiria Distriko, the CBD of Nova Vesfalo :(
sc4portugal: thanks :)
dedgren: thanks a lot, I really apprecient your comment ! For the Udrive it, It will delete them from the new pictures :)


wow, this is a great city you created...especially the parks :)

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
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Well, this is going very well. I love it &apls :thumbsup: Can't wait to see some more of it ;)


Just caught up with all the updates here and now I'm ready to continue following this great city! Excellent job! I can't wait to see some more!

nova vesfalo

Thanks a lot :) I'm really impressed  :-[ , so let's go on !

Today let's see Tokieto (litt little tokyo in esperanto, it's the asiatic district of the city, you will have more info on a future update :) )

the district is deserved by the Monorail, Ligno 1 (Petit Quebec-Tokieto) and the el-train, Ligno B ( Parlemento - Tokyo Domo, soon extended)

Tokieto hosts a really living night live, with restaurants, 24/24 stores,... The district like Petit Quebec is being gentrifated, an association Savu ! want to protect the identity of the two districts :

Sakura the famous japanese department store has opened is unique north american flagship in Nova Vesfalo !

The Sumo Stadium in the Ryuku-kun square, you can see Ligno B, station "Ryu-kun"

alternative view

This month has opened the Tokyo Domo, the biggest stadium and concert hall of the country. Its construction was highly controversial, causing the destruction of a lot of old buildings... and the site is just next to imperial graveyards ..... The association Savu ! has made a tons of protests to stop the project ...

a global view of the Tokyo Dome Field.

The busiest crossing of the district, the Vesfalians call it " Shibuieto" ^^


Yeah ! I have waited this update and I have now !!!! Youpiiiiiii  :-\