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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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Just a note to say, Great job! 
Carolina Tar Heels... National Champs again!


Very nice update! Your graphics are very well done.  :)


Well, I don't know what's better: Your city or the accompanying graphics. Those 3-D maps are absolutely stunning, and I love the city as well. Outstanding work, my friend. Great update!

nova vesfalo

thanks very much for this really nice comments ! (still didn't find my new sidewalk mod for this update)

Piotro was the first city founded on Nova Vesfalo Island in 1777. It was first named Ersto Urbo (litt: The first city). Giorgo Vesfalo renamed it Piotro in 1796.

The city was composed by Ersto Urbo, where the settlers decided to build their homes and the Fortress.
The curent district of Ersto urbo is limited by the walls, now Murego Avenuo ( Wall Avenue)

Ersto Avenuo was until the middle of the XIXth century the buisness center of the whole city. Ersto avenuo is ended by the Holly Trinity Church.
The Avenue hosts the Town Hall ( the green roofed building just in front of the church ), the first courthall ( now the regional assembly directed by the Senator of Piotro-Nov-Vestfalo )
The Westphalian Quay hosts many old building, some of them where the first ever built in Piotro. The big building on the quay is the Senate-regional represention office.

a close up on Trinity Church. The church was built in 1789 where the first wooded-chapel of the city standed. The Trinity Church is an very importent monument for Nova Vesfalo, it's where Piotro Vesfalo declared the independance from Russia

The old french-styled building is the Governor House,

The Catherine of Russia Quay, never renamed after the independance.

Well, you can see the back of the Trinity Church and the graveyard. Some of the grave belong to the first Russian and German Stellers.

At the Bottom, you can see Murego Avenuo, where the wooden-wall standed. Today it's one of the major axis of Piotro. The building at the left bottom corner is the Stock Exchange, built by a Dutsh Architect at the end of the XIXth Century.


It's just great !  :thumbsup:

I like your style... So, where did you get the "Holy Trinity church" ?

Good work !


Good job! Layout is nice. Spacing too. And it's very little repeating of buildings for such a large city. That surely shows a lot of effort put into it. :thumbsup:

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Another great update! Urbo de Piotro looks magnificent. Keep up the good work!


That is really beautiful Nova Vesfalo! It makes me jealous, and sad, and I wish I had more time to get to SC4! But alas, I'll have to be patient and in the meantime... Admire masterpieces such as this! I love it! And I have never been disappointed here!  :thumbsup:

To answer kekus74 though, I do believe that the "Holy Trinity Church" is in fact "St. Paul's Chapel" in New York, done by Hanson and available here -> Click!

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A great update and I like to have some background stories, very interesting.


This is a great MD, I cant wait for the next update!  &apls &apls

nova vesfalo

thanks so much for this comments !!

Yep it's Saint Paul Chappel, the real life front is the back in Piotro.


Looking good!
Very nice city and great story. I like the way you explain the buildings.

I think the little church is a beackon of tranquility. Very well doen.



wonderful pictures & work!  :thumbsup:


I enjoyed this update with all the little facts about some of the buildings in Piotro.  :) Nice work.


Beautiful pics of a really nice city, and a fine backstory to go with them.

It's almost like taking a walking tour.  This is great stuff!

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nova vesfalo

thanks a lot for this nice comments !
Well the others part of Piotro aren't very presentable at this time , so let's go with the brief presentation of the regions of the Country :


Those are some of the best graphics I've seen in a while, my friend! The map with each of the regions looks great, and al the flags look so realistic! Excellent job!



So, great flags ! Je vois que tu as utilisé le bateau du drapeau de la ville de Québec !

Good job my friend !  :thumbsup:


I have enjoyed reading your updates. Thanks for the great pictures and nice storyline. You did a very impressive job on those flags as well... &apls
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