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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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Nothing new to comment on... hope you're updating soon and that you're doing well, wherever you are.

Just stopping by to say:

Welcome to Page 6!!

and of course


I couldn't resist... :P
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Congratulations on 100 comments, my friend! I'll be looking forward to your next update!

nova vesfalo

hey folks , sorry for my disipearing, I was quite busy ! Thanks for all your comments and support !

Well, Today we will visit Murego Avenuo's neighborhood, this part of the city is located between Ersto Urbo and the Fortress. Until the mid XIXth century many ships landed there. With the economic boum of the XIXth century, many skycrapers have been built, It became a very à la mode place in Piotro, this is why you find there the very fashionable "4 saisons" department store and the Rembrant Theatre.

Today the neighborhood is located between the railway and the coast. It stills a trendy location of Nova Vesfalo and a pleasant place for summer promenades.

Murego Avenuo neighborbood is limited by the railway from Cavendish-Viktorai and the Fret Station.

Murego avenuo by night ( with the Rembrant Teatro)

A global view of the end of Murego Avenuo, you can see "4 saisons' department store with the Tramway Terminus of Line 1-a ( 4 saisons <> Savary IKC)

Overview of the neighborhood and its relation with the old town : the theatre, the stock exchange , the Holly trinity church,...)

Hope you like it :)


It's nice to see you back with a great update! Keep up the fab work!  :thumbsup:


Hi Nova ,

Glad to see you're back with an excellent update .... for someone lazy ( you told it yourself ! $%Grinno$%)

Love everything as usual , always this delightful outmoded atmosphear ....the photoshoping on the night view is just perfect ! :thumbsup: &apls

To ... the end of May(be) ? ;D

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


Hey, welcome back! And with a great update! The neighborhood looks fantastic! I do have a question though: Where can I find the GLR station you have in the second picture (the round one)?


This is a very beautiful CJ. Your city is impressive and flows very naturally. You have a good sense of space and the photoshop skills don't hurt. Well done  &apls


Spa pretty much said it.
Even though you're using alot of maxis buildings, everything looks like it's meant to be where it is.
If it was real, it would probably be a very nice city to visit.
Great work!  :thumbsup:


wow.... i like your way in photoshopping ur pics..... they looks very nice...... looking for the update..... &apls

please wait for my return :D
-AsianEvolusioner AKA Sarungman


Wow, this MD is an absolute gem! Great graphics work in previous updates, and just enough backstory to be interesting but not intrusive. Just one suggestion though, you should maybe consider getting rid of the horrible dirt texture under your railway tracks with either; Swamper-77's No Railway Dirt Mod [linkie] or PEG's Alternate Rail Set Mod [linkie].
Keep up the great work!  &apls &apls



Good stuff, once again! The night shot is excellent! :thumbsup:

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nova vesfalo

thanks for all :)
for the tram station it's Place De LHomme De Fer on ST


nova vesfalo, congrats!  The modern Euro city arises...
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Congratulations on the award! The pictures are :o WICKED!  &apls


Congratulations on the award...well deserved!  &apls


Congratulations I saw nothing but beauty in this CJ or MD  &apls
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nova vesfalo

Wow , I was suprized to see Nova Vesfalo MD here ! I'm very happy thanks to all the people who has visited Nova Vesfalo and SC4D for their wonderful work of building a nice community !


Hey, congratulations, nova! Great to see your work in the "Special Interest" category this month!


congrats on being moved to "of special interest"...this is indeed a deserved reward, your MD is quite unique! The layout of your cities make for a quite convincing modern euro feel...I love it!


&apls &apls Nova congrats on your getting "Special Interest this Month"   &apls &apls

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