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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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nova vesfalo

Thanks :)

Let's wait for the next update by viewing the project of Hight Speed Rail of Nova-Vesfalo. The aim of this project is to connect the 3 major urban Area of the state ( Summer-Piotro , Nova Vesfalo Parlemanta Distriko  and Giorgo Urbo) and the future Airport with an efficiant public transport system.

8 stations will be created in SommerDomo, Piotro-SIKC, Cavendish Viktoria, Nova Vesfalo - VD, Rustico, Tracadie, Skto Marko Golfeto and Giorgo Urbo
All the details of the project hasn't been fixed, the biggest problem is the location of many stations, Nova Vesfalo is over-satured as Piotro and Giorgo Urbo, Cavendish Viktoria is stucked betwen sea and moutains and the location of the future airport hasn't been clearly choosen.

Emperor Stormont

I can't believe I have missed this MD, it's amazing, truly wonderful indeed, the images, graphics and CBD update were all stunning.

In fact this nation has attracted the attention of the Imperial Goverment of Atlantis and we would like to extend an invitation to commence diplomatic relations with Nova Vesfalo. With the permission of Nova Vesfalo we shall send our diplomatic envoy Sir Andrew Henry Pottinger to further discuss this potential new relationship with your government.

The Imperial Atlantean Empire MD <-- click to view
A new Beginning
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A beautiful map, nova! I can't wait to see the high-speed rail implemented!


Congratulations with your 'promotion' Nova Vesfalo &apls

Well deserved indeed. Pity I missed this wonderfull MD before.

Good luck.



Congrats on this award! &apls
and wonderful pictures and map! :thumbsup:


Great work my friend. And congrats on the award, you deserve it :thumbsup:


Wow... 2 great updates with fantastic pictures and a High Speed Train project, plus a medal...  &apls  Congratulations, you deserve it!
Check my MD:               


I've looked at the first two pages of this CJ before but looking at the rest this is really amazing. I love all the custom graphics and such!


Yes. Congratulations. Well deserved. &apls

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I liked your last city update and I am looking forward to this update with the new high speed line.

nova vesfalo

Thanks guys !
The IVUA project is going well, the major problem is the lack of HRSP's station, but the line is getting built.

I don't know what will be the next update, maybe Nova Vesfalo's Buissness District or the Imperial university, well I don't know ^^

So because I haven't choosen yet, here a region picture (you can see it still a lot of thing to do)


That's a huge region there, nova! I can't wait to see how you develop it further. I know what you're saying with the limited stations in the HSR, too. Hopefully, you can find a way to make it work!


Wow! That is a beautiful region. Could we please get some halfdistance shots over the developed areas. I really, really like this. :thumbsup:

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That's a fantastic region! Great shot! :thumbsup: &apls


cool region

I like your HSR plan. is the dashed line a tunnel?

maybe instead of worrying how it will connect with the new airport, do it the other way around and choose a site thats in good proximity to the new line
War Kittens !?

nova vesfalo

thundercrack83 :thanks ! Yeah I hope I will find a way to solve this problem ! I've seen on the HSRP thread on ST a nice station in working :)
emilin : Well just one close up , the Piotro Close up will reveal to much the layout of the CBD (soon shown) :)  So here we go with Nova Vesfalo Parlementa Distriko close up, still a lot of zone to urbanized with "suburbs" ans the port to do :

the dashed grey line represents the Regions border.
bat: thanks :)
Zaphod: Thanks ! the dashed line represent an not so sure aerea for the line, not tunel, but a part of the line that is very hard to know where to built it : it's an aera of Nova vesfalo where there are a lot of connexion : motorway , railway , .... so it's hard to know where to built the line....

Well today update will be on Katerina Uniono, the university of Nova Vesfalo, it's the unique university of the country.

The university is located in Viktoria's Region, near the Nova Vesfalo Parlementa Distriko.

Katerina Uniono has been founded in 1857 by Anna I-a Vesfalo the little daughter of Katerina Vesfalo. Katerina Uniono is the union of all the High School of the Country (from Piotro and Giorgo urbo mainly , Nova Vesfalo was just founded by Anna I-a Vesfalo).

The University is diveded in 4 sector, today we will see K-Uniono 1 ( the first sector), K-Uniono hosted the first buildings of the university.

Leland Frisov Korto is the heart of the university and with Katerina Domo the first buildings ever built. Those Buildings are truely Roman-revival.
Katerina Domo hosts the Direction and all the secretaries ( foreign relation,...) and the Graduation Hall , where Students get their diploma
Frisov Korto hosts some Lecture room, some Student Associations.

As you can see on this pictures the Buildings have been extended in the 60's with underground rooms and amphitheatre. It's not the only 60's projects of the university, the biggest projects are located in the Sector 2.
At the Botom stands Saint Mark 's Chapel built in 1857 with the Court and the Hall in a Dutch-revival style.

A night shot, you can see the Student's Building , built in the 20's in a colonial style and the former Science department built in the 40s.

In this part of K-Uniono 1, some modern buildings has been errected in the 90s and 2000s
The Boutros-Ghali  Library has been opened in 2001 to offer more space to the student
The New Student's buildings has been built in 1999 by an architect from the Gehry agency, it's a small building with a connexion to the underground complex.
The Conferan Hall is older, built in 1992, it had a large amphitheatre, used for important conference, such as the recent one of All Gore and for Concert of the University Orchestra.

At every back to school , since 1857, all the students pass the bridge and enter in Frisov Court.
Near the Coast stands the Imperial Library built in 1860 in a Oxfordian Style, well it's the exaxt replica of the Oxford Library, it hosts some of the most precious books of the country.

Hope you've enjoyed :)


Original work with the monastery pieces and to combine them with the underground plaza's.
The 3d map is a great presentation technique, it looks good.


The university looks fantastic, my friend! I love the model and map of the campus, and the pictures are fantastic! Great job!


Very good post and a pleasure to look at and read about. I can't wait for more from you!


That's a wonderful looking university! :thumbsup: