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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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Welcome to page 14!

Great picture of the using of CAM! And Fantastic looking picture at your last post! :thumbsup:

Also Congrats on moving into the "Classics"-Category and over 250 comments!   &apls

Shadow Assassin

Very nice work, and welcome to the Classics forum, Nova!

Your downtown looks quite good. By the way, I have the same demand issues as you are... all that's really needed is sufficient bribing to get those damned Sims to move in - oh, and a lot of patience helps too - it sometimes doesn't work, and have a pillow/cushion/soft item nearby so you can take your frustration out on it if things don't work out as well as you like.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the airport. That piece of land's good, but why not go offshore? :P
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Wow, I can't wait to see the airport, nova! If it's like everything else you've done here thus far, it's going to be great! I'll be looking forward to it! Until then...


Like everybody else , I am very much looking forward to the airport... The first impression from their marketing department is WOW - what a cool design.... 
Check my MD:               


Hello Nova,

Of all the surprises awaiting me after returnoing from my holiday this is surely one of the best!

Quote from: nova vesfalo on July 31, 2007, 03:06:24 PM
the rebuilding of Parlemanta Distriko is progressing , I take the oportunity to add the Stroponian Ambassadory :)

Just after the opening of diplomatic relations between Nova Vesfalo and the Stroponian Empire, Her Majesty Anna II and the Government has choosen a location for the stromponian amabasadory : the Catela Casa, the palace of an old familly, built in a Toscanian Style in the center of the Capital. The last Heir of the Catela Family sold the building to the Hearst Trust in 1989. In 2001, an extension has been built in the garden, but 2 years later the Hearst trust decided to leave Nova Vesfalo, Imperial Authority to protect the Catela Casa bought the building, but never used it. Catela Casa was the right spot for Stroponian ambasadory !

I am speachless, The Catela Casa is indeed the right spot for the embasadory. I would not have picked a better building for the purpose if I could. &apls

Thank you for this wonderful and testeful building. My foreign office is searching for a fitting building to house the Nova/Vesfalian Embassy. If you have suggestions please PM me about them.

Your other updates are stunning as always I look forward to see your airport. good choice to use that Calatrava building.


As soon as the Stroponian starts the new governmental year in a week or two she will apoint a qualified ambassador to come and reside in this magnificent building and work on improving our relations!  :)


Seems your rebuilding is going very well, except for the demand issue that is.
The gateway station picture was amazing, a great shot from the city.

nova vesfalo

patfirefghtr: thanks , the airport is progressing the train station and the main terminal are nearly finished :) , CAM are nearly solved the demand issue :)
bat: thanks :) , still weird to be in the classics ^^
Shadow Assassin : CAM has nearly solved the demand issue , God Bless CAM :) . For the airport I've thought too It could be offshore, but I didn't found the right place for an artificial island. Btw I would not be a very big airport :)
thundercrack83: thanks very much, hope the airport would be ready for the December Simlympics Bid :)
sebes: marketing is in the Vesfalian genes ^^
Strechnitz: glad you're liking your ambassy :) , the ambassy was a great start for this part of the city to organize the "blank square" :)
kwakelaar: thanks :) as I've mentioned, I'm thinking CAM has a bit resolved the demand issue, still cross my finger :). Yeah the Gateway station dramaticly close St John Circus's space.

The rebuilding is progressing (Making a pause to built Providenco the Regional Capital fo the Epivekt territory :) )

as little pic of Nova Vesfalo ( just behind the parliament) :

btw, since Nova Vesfalo as joined the SCJU as an ambasodorail States, the country has its own Wiki page, chek it at : http://www.12colonies.net/wiki/index.php?title=Nova_Vesfalo


Nova i love your wiki page... and the update is great as a classic should be  ;)

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Hello Nova,

Great shot, and a nice WIKI-page.
I should get me one of those soon too. :)



Love the teaser and the Wiki page, nova! Excellent work, as always!

Emperor Stormont

What a lovely teaser indeed.... I look forward to seeing what wonders you have done with the city.

May I also say what a fine SCJU Wiki page you have, very impressive indeed, as I said an assest to the SCJU Nova Vesfalo will be.

Now onto other matters. The Imperial Government has returned from its summer break and with this return we finally bring news from the Ministry of Foreign and Diplomatic Affairs.

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That's a great looking picture of the canal! :thumbsup:


Just been through your MD and it is stunning. Great graphics and you've managed to keep your cities so green and beautiful. The last update is excellent. I look forward to more updates.  :thumbsup:



Spectacular Wiki page and AMAZING shots here! Congratulations! :D
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Fabulous image you have there and your Wiki looks fab!  :thumbsup:

nova vesfalo

patfirefghtr: merci :)
Strechnitz : thanks, I'm lovin' SCJU wiki, hope it will fill up soon :)
thundercrack83: thanks, the teaser teases something not really ready at this time :) :)
belfastuniguy: thanks , sure Nova Vesfalo will be very happy to start diplomatic relations !!!!
bat : thanks, the CLGX's revamped canals are just awesome !
Nisha: thanks, you've appreciated :) glad you've took time to read through this messy MD !
M4346: thanks !!
pipishere: thanks !!

So Today we will the 1st Update of 2 dedicated to Providenco ( Providence) a small town, capital of the Territory of Epikvekt.

Providenco has been founded in 1801, when this part of the Island has "entered the states", with the Mi'kmaq and Vesfalian Pact.

la Alto, the oldest part of the Town is located at the exact place of a former Mi'kmaq village. La Alto dominates the provideco sea port.

The Banks host many fishing boats, one of the main activity and the oldest one of the town? On the Banks many important buildings are located, such as the "spanish style" white building, which hosts the Sea Port Administration.

an another picture of La Alto, offering a better view on the Church plazza; Just in front of Saint George, you can see the Townhall of Providenco, building in 1814.

The graveyard isn't next to the main church of the town, due to space limitation, it has been built as the oposite of the Hill.

The new banks host the Sea Port facility and some modern buildings.


Love that port there, my friend! Providenco looks amazing! I love the night shots especially. Keep up the fantastic work!

Emperor Stormont

Oh look so fabulous, beautiful port town indeed. Fantastic work as always  &apls

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Ive always loved fishing ports, especially when done correctly, and you've done just that :)


Fantastic looking port! Also wonderful pictures at night! :thumbsup: