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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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Nova fantastic update!!!

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A great update from Providenco, some very nice w2w quarters there and the harbour is a gem in this already sparkling MD. &apls

nova vesfalo

thanks all ! (quite busy those times ... so updates are a bit    
erratic, sorry folks)

well today I come with a little pic of the rebuilding of nova vesfalo  and an anouncment :)

and the announcement is Simlympic related with the possible bid of Nova Vesfalo for the december simlympiad :


Great teaser, nova! And good luck on your bid, too, my friend!


love what you've been doing with Nova Vesfalo! I'm glad to see that you may be taking on a december simlympic bid! The logo and tagline are both very good.


Wonderful looking teaser! :thumbsup: Also a good luck on December's bid, nova! ;)


Congratulations with your bid for the Simlympiade Nova!
I like the logo very much. it is strong and appealing.
I believe that you will have good change on reeling in the prize my friend. :)

Good luck, and I look forward to see the rebuild parts.

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Very nice graphics for your bid.

nova vesfalo

thanks :) the locattion of theOlymic Village is fixed and the construction started :)

Well today we will continue our exploration of the Wild Region of Epikvekt, after Providenco, it's time for Lennox.

The City as the particularity to be located on an island, just in front of Piotro Arboro National Park. Lennox is today a peaceful town at the border of the conurbation of Piotro-Sommerdomo-Cavendish and the nature. The proximity of the attractive Piotro has made the price of the house rose recently.

Lennox is the second biggest city of Epikvekt (behind Providenco). Founded in 1819, Lennox served as a Quarantine Area for the Piotro Seaport until the 30s. Lennox-Urbo is composed by Lennox , Lennoxito a small island with 20 houses and Arboro located at the entrance of the national park.

[some infos on Piotro Arboro]

Piotro Arboro was the first of the 4th National Park of Nova Vesfalo in 1875 to preserved the forest wich started to be heavily exploited.

Well let's start to showcase Lennox.

Lennox's fishing port is quite death today, but back to the 20s it was a prosperous area. Skta Maria de Kanado built at the foundation of the city doesn't havea graveyard due to the size of the island , death people are burried at Providenco or Piotro.

On the Main Street, some wealth houses stand. They have been built by some traders in the XIXth century. Just in front of the church, stands the market.

Forham Factory was the main Wooden related factory. Just behind it the zone is today a High Technology village. But it was until the 20s the Quarantine zone and the extension of the fishing port to host bigger ship.

Lennox is quite dense, the old houses are 2-3 storey and are divided into apartements.

La pointo is the less dense part of the town, like the Quarantine Zone, it has been urbanized recently.

overview of Lennox.

Lennoxito is composed by aprox. 10 houses of fishermen. Today with the ferry Liason to Piotro, as Lennox, the price of the m² has rose and some high qualified employee lives there.

Lennox and Lennoxito by night

hope you've enjoyed !!


Wow, Lennox looks wonderful, nova! Great job! I like the ports and the ferry, it looks fantastic. I'll be looking forward to seeing more!

Emperor Stormont

Oh that was just fabulous Vesfalo, simply wonderful update. I love the building styles, the little harbour and the islands.   &apls  &apls  &apls

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Such a wonderful update. The island villages have so much character and your attention to detail makes these pics so interesting.  :)



Fantastic update of "Lennox"! Great work on that city! Also great overview at night! :thumbsup:

nova vesfalo

thundercrack83: thanks :) , when I created lennox the city wasn't that good looking, but CAM and Jeronji street-trees gibing me the courage to nip-tucking the city :) and have to admit that Isla Gemas lately updates get me some nice example of Islands urbanizations !

belfastuniguy: thanks ! (well not really much to do with canada, but I've read that Prince Edward Island province (the nova vesfalo map is based on it)  had some european feeling...

Nisha: merci beaucoup ! Happy you like the asthospheer of Lennox :) (I'm loving making small city those time)

bat: thanks :) :)

here a up-to-date (well not really, the capital has a been changed :) ) region shot : click on it to get the full resolution


Fantastic development on the region (so far)! :thumbsup:

Shadow Assassin

Very nice, Nova!

What's with the 'Sample' thing on your thumbnail? :P
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Lennon is Fantastic nova vesfalo, continue I like much.  &apls


WOW! That region shot is amazing, my friend! I can't wait to see more of it developed, because you're doing such a fantastic job thus far! Keep up the wonderful work!


Hi Nova

The region is developing nicely I see.
And those small island communities are very lifelike.
With that charming rural feel yet very well groomed.

I love it.

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