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Table of Contents - Pages 201-250

Started by dedgren, June 15, 2008, 12:32:44 PM

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Table of Contents - Pages 201-250

      Page 201 through 210 6-15-08 - 7-26-08

      Page 211 through 220 7-26-08 - 8-14-08

      Page 221 through 230 8-15-08 - 9-3-08

      Page 231 through 240 9-3-08 - 9-16-08

      Page 241 through 250 9-16-08 - 10-1-08


n.b.Please note that if you have you have checked the "Show most recent posts at the top" selection in your member profile, the pages in this TOC won't line up with the pages you view.

...that's because you are viewing them backwards!

Aside from this somewhat disconcerting situation, the remainder of the TOC links work just fine.

Each of the page numbers and individual posts is hotlinked, and clicking on one of these will take you there in a new window.  Since 3RR pages tend to be pic heavy, you should give your browser a little bit of time to load them and settle down at the top of the post.  Once there, you can resize the new window to your liking.  3RR's current page is noted by the emergency flasher pic.

After each page number, I have noted the dates of the first and last comment on the page.  After each post heading, I have noted the date the post was originally made.  If a content update has been made to a post, the word "MORE!" will appear highlighted in yellow followed by the date of the update.

The members who've commented on a particular page are listed, with folks who left more than one comment on the page noted with "(x2)," "(x3)" and so on.  "First timers" appear in red.

Table of Contents - Page 201 through 210 6-15-08 - 7-26-08

   Page 201 6-15-01 - 6-16-08

      The Day One Regulars 6-15-08

Commenters include: krbe, bat, star.torturer (x2), Andreas, thundercrack83, caspervg, Pat, Jmouse, Ennedi, Silur, dedgren, jacqulina, Lmac (x2), freedo50, emilin, pvarcoe, Darmok, and threestooges

   Page 202 6-16-01 - current

      Halfway through June; Mooo! 6-16-08

      We put the bow on Pink SW 6-17-08

      How Lora's (ldvger) vision shaped 3RR. 6-18-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), burgsabre97 (x2), Shadow Assassin, thundercrack83 (x2), Pat, yochananmichael, jacqulina, threestooges (x2), bat (x2), TheTeaCat, Alfred.Jones, girlfromverona, Rayden and Tarkus.

   Page 203 6-18-08 - 6-22-08

      One last peek at Pink 6-19-08

      The Lupine grows wild in Alaska 6-20-08

Commenters include: Pat, dedgren (x2), JoeST, Simpson, burgsabre87, penguin007, Bobbo, girlfromverona (x2), Darmok, threestooges (x2), Heblem, thundercrack83, bat, XiahouDun, turtle, Kitsune and Filasimo.

   Page 204 6-22-08 - 6-27-08

      A photo essay in flight from Utah to Montana 6-22-08

      Drainpipes and sunsets. 6-27-08

Commenters include: pvarcoe, dedgren (x2), thundercrack83, threestooges (x2), Vab423, girlfromverona, jestarr, quackmofro, shoreman, Filasimo, newsimaddict, deion30296, Tarkus, jacqulina, Chrisadams3997 (x2), Diggis and JoeST.

   Page 205 6-27-08 - 6-29-08

      Nailed on game water! 6-27-08

      Another peek at Little Cold SW; We take a short walk... 6-27-08

      Another change of plans – off to Yellowstone Park. 6-28-08

      Just being bad... 6-29-08

Commenters include: Ennedi (x2), jestarr, dedgren (x4), Simpson (x2), stewart_garden, Patricius Maximus, girlfromverona (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), bat (x2), deathtopumpkins, threestooges and Shadow Assassin.

   Page 206 6-29-08 - 7-3-08

      Relaxing and enjoying the scenery 6-30-08

      Terraforming Marisa's (girlfromverona) quad. 7-3-08

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins (x2), jacqulina, bat (x2), TheTeaCat, dedgren (x2), jules, Heblem, alan_kuan1992, pilotdaryl, girlfromverona (x2), Zaphod, thundercrack83 (x2), Chrisadams3997, wes.janson and Tarkus.

   Page 207 7-3-08 - 7-7-08

      Heater and I celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary 7-4-08

      A photo tour of Marysville, Montana 7-5-08

      An oak-lined country road on a Sunday morning 7-6-08

Commenters include: Alfred.Jones, bat (x2), bighead99, dedgren (x3), rooker1, Kitsune, thundercrack83, simpson, JoeST, Ennedi, Jmouse, dragonshardz, deathtopumpkins, Shulmanator, alan_kuan1992, threestooges and girlfromverona.

   Page 208 7-6-08 - 7-7-08

      More work on Chris' (Chrisadams3997) fences for 3RR 7-7-08

      We reach 100,000 views 7-7-08

      Chris (Chrisadams3997) gets an add-on sent of fences 7-7-08

Commenters include: Warrior, mrtnrln (x2), deathtopumpkins (x2), thundercrack83 (x2),  Haljackey, dedgren (x3), threestooges, z, bat, freedo50, Yoman, SgtJoeDes, burgsabre87, dragonshardz and girlfromverona.

   Page 209 7-7-08 - 7-19-08

      Photo tour of Glacier National Park; Playing around with Chris' (chrisadams3997) fences 7-10-08

      Telephone poles 7-10-08

Commenters include: Heblem, yochananmichael, sebes, bat (x3), dedgren (x3), mrtnrln, deathtopumpkins (x3), burgsabre87 (x2), Haljackey, Chrisadams3997, newsimaddict, thundercrack83 and pilotdaryl.

   Page 210 7-20-08 - 7-26-08

      Just stopping by... 7-20-08

      More fun with fence lines... 7-22-08

      Almost there with another FAR curve 7-25-08

Commenters include: Pat, dedgren (x3), mbsimcity (x2), thundercrack83 (x3), mightygoose (x2), burgsabre87, j-dub, bat, kimcar, Nardo69, pilotdaryl, Toichus Maximus, deathtopumpkins and threestooges.

Table of Contents - Page 211 through 220 7-26-08 - 8-14-08

   Page 211 7-26-08 - 7-27-08

      Action from the FARR 7-26-08

      Telephone Poles 7-26-08

      Airborne and checking in! 7-27-08

Commenters include: mrtnln, bat, Haljackey, dedgren (x3), Joes ST, deathtopumpkins (x2), threestooges (x3), caspervg, rusummer1, Tarkus, Pat, TheTeaCat, Glazert, Yoman and wes.janson.

   Page 212 7-27-08 - 7-29-08

      Letting Everyone in on a Little Secret... 7-27-08

      The Quick and Dirty Guide to 3RR for the Nervous 7-28-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), JoeST (x2), BarbyW, threestooges (x2), girlfromverona, Jmouse, thundercrack83, mattb325, mightygoose, burgsabre87, mbsimcty, caspervg, Haljackey, mrtnrln and bighead99.

   Page 213 7-27-08 - 8-2-08

      Stopping in... 8-1-08

      Slow moving, but good news on the FAR/FARR front! 8-2-08

Commenters include: sim-al2, Yoman, ben_meissner, burgsabre87, girlfromverona, FrankU, Toichus Maximus, xxdita, thundercrack83, dsrwhat316, Pat, dragonshardz, dedgren (x2), JoeST, Haljackey, bat, deathtopumpkins, Bishop Hawke and mightygoose.

   Page 214 8-2-08 - 8-3-08

      Pictures from "a-FARR!" 8-3-08

Commenters include: JoeST (x2), sim-al2, Pat, girlfromverona (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), bat (x2), Toichus Maximus, dedgren, Glazert, TheTeaCat, deathtopumpkins, Kitsune, Nardo69, stewart_garden, FrankU and Simpson.

   Page 215 8-3-08 - 8-5-08

      A mountain pass 8-4-08

      Houston, we have a problem... 8-5-08

Commenters include: metarvo, jacqulina, Jmouse, dedgren (x2), Pat, deathtopumpkins, burgsabre87 (x2), Swamper77, threestooges, thundercrack83, meldolion, JoeST, bat, Ennedi, Simpson, bighead99, pvarcoe and z.

   Page 216 8-5-08 - 8-8-08

      No news, just a few geysers 8-6-08

      FARR out, man! 8-7-08

      FARR level crossings 8-7-08

Commenters include: burgsabre87, sim-al2 (x3), FrankU, dedgren (x3), JoeST, Haljackey, mightygoose, thundercrack83, girlfromverona (x2), ben_meissner, smoncrie, metarvo, rushman5, threestooges and bat.

   Page 217 8-8-08 – 8-9-08

      A quick glance at telephone poles 8-8-08

      A north-country culvert. 8-9-08

Commenters include: Pat (x2), metarvo (x2), thundercrack83, burgsabre87 (x2), girlfromverona (x2), dedgren (x2), deathtopumpkins, Simpson (x2), jacqulina, bat, Kitsune, JoeST, jplumbley and Rayden.

   Page 218 8-8-08 - 8-11-08

      What will we be plopping next? 8-9-08

      The plopable telephone pole project 8-10-08

      Here come the road signs 8-11-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), Simpson, Bishop Hawke (x2), pvarcoe, Heblem, ejc, JoeST, bat, sebes, threestooges, girlfromverona, TheTeaCat, deathtopumpkins (x2), ben_meissner, burgsabre87 and thundercrack83.

   Page 219 8-11-08 - 8-11-08

      How do we do this? 8-11-08

      Good sign pack but no stop sign 8-11-08

Commenters include: burgsabre87, meldolion, Simpson, pvarcoe, Andreas, JoeST (x2), jplumbley, mightygoose (x2), dedgren (x2), bat, Tarkus, thundercrack83, deathtopumpkins, Kitsune, wes.janson, ben_meissner and dragonshardz.

   Page 220 8-11-08 - 8-14-08

      Some mental elevator music for the eyes 8-12-08

      A problem for the BATters and MODders 8-14-08

Commenters include: Tarkus, girlfromveroan, threestooges, dedgren (x2), alan_kuan1992, Simpson, Silur, j-dub (x2), bakerton, emilin, metarvo, the REAL Tolsome, vester, deathtopumpkins (x2), ben_meissner and dragonshards (x2).

Table of Contents - Page 221 through 230 8-15-08 - 9-3-08

   Page 221 8-15-08 - 8-17-08

      A look at Ryan's (burgsabre87) stop sign 8-15-08

Commenters include: girlfromverona (x2), burgsabre87 (x5), thundercrack83 (x2), Tarkus (x3), deathtopumpkins, Heblem, threestooges, JoeST, Simpson, metarvo, mrtnrin and dedgren.

   Page 222 8-15-08 - 8-17-08

      David contemplates the BAT 8-15-08

      The Big Bang 8-16-08

      Found a hot spring in Wildcat Township 8-17-08

Commenters include: thundercrack83 (x5), chrisadams3997 (x2), HalJackey, burgsabre87 (x2), Swamper77, threestooges (x3), dedgren (x3), dragonshardz, girlfromverona and ben_meissner.

   Page 223 8-17-08 - 8-22-08

      From milk drops to hot springs 8-17-08

      St. Elmo Hot Springs geyser[size] 8-21-08

      We say goodbye to emilin's MD Blackwater (with Islas Gemas) 8-22-08

Commenters include: girlfromverona, burgsabre87 (x2), dedgren (x2), Jmouse (x2), thundercrack83, Simpson, bat, Pat (x2), asturianu, rooker1, nerdly_dood, j-dub, Gaston, threestooges, JoeST and metarvo.

   Page 224 8-22-08 - 8-23-08

      Introducing the STOP sign... 8-23-08

      Catching up on the morning comments... 8-23-08

Commenters include: Pat, (x2), BigSlark, metarvo, emilin, dedgren (x2), deathtopumpkins (x4), caspervg (x2), j-dub, sheep49, jacqulina, Haljackey, burgsabre87, threestooges and thundercrack83.

   Page 225 8-24-08 - 8-25-08

      Working with j-dub's signage 8-25-08

      Preparing to work with signs long term; Chris' (chrisadams3997) RRP work shows up in Joan's (Jmouse) Pine Cone SW quad. 8-25-08

Commenters include: Pat, dedgren (x2), Toichus Maximus, bat, burgsabre87 (x3), deathtopumpkins (x2), thundercrack83, Streetlight 725, j-dub, Simpson, Andreas, threestooges, Jmouse, nerdly_dood, allan_kuan1992 and Darmok.

   Page 226 8-25-08 - 8-26-08

      Getting rid of the game signage 8-26-08

      What about diagonal road signs? 8-26-08

Commenters include: burgsabre87 (x3), ben_meissner, girlfromverona (x3), metarvo, Pat, Shadow Assassin, Chrisadams3997 (x2), mrtnrin, Andreas (x2), z, Albus of Garaway, dedgren (x2) and threestooges.

   Page 227 8-26-08 - 8-30-08

      We can now create plopable seasonal woods! 8-30-08

Commenters include: Tarkus (x2), ben_meissner, kalanc69 (x2), FrankU, girlfromverona, burgsabre87, threestooges (x2), Masochist, JoeST, Pat (x2), metarvo (x2), dedgren, deathtopumpkins, dedgren and Ennedi.

   Page 228 8-30-08 - 8-31-08

      We push the game pretty hard here 8-31-08

      When good computers go bad... 8-31-08

Commenters include: Jmouse, wes.janson (x2), thundercrack83, deathtopumpkins (x2), pilotdaryl, Gaston, Toichus Maximus, Chrisadams3997, bat, JoeST (x2), mightygoose, bakerton, dedgren (x2), burgsabre87, dragonshardz and Pat

   Page 229 8-31-08 - 9-1-08

      The latest batch of plopable signs by Matt (threestooges) 9-1-08

Commenters include: c.p., girlfromverona (x2), NASCAR_Guy, burgsabre87, threestooges (x2), kalanc69, FrankU, JoeST, metarvo, bat, Diggis, mightygoose, wes.janson, Pat, dedgren, deathtopumpkins, Haljackey and thundercrack83.

   Page 230 9-2-08 - 9-3-08

      Last big issue with FARR – fix the textures 9-2-08

      A glimpse at the FARR curves in action 9-3-08

      We set up the 3RR exchange (3RREX); Why wouanagaine is a legend 9-3-08

Commenters include: Tarkus, bat (x3), metarvo (x2), burgsabre87 (2), dedgren (x3), dsrwhat316, deathtopumpkins, JoeST, Pat (x2), nerdly_dood (x2), thundercrack83 and streetlight.

Table of Contents - Page 231 through 240 9-3-08 - 9-16-08

   Page 231 9-3-08 - 9-5-08

      We toss in another wide FAR curve 9-3-08

      A look at the ongoing texturing effort 9-4-08

      The 45-degree wide rail curve is ready to go 9-4-08

      We see the 45-degree FARR curve in use... 9-5-08

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins, ben_meissner, metarvo, dedgren (x4), jplumbley, Pat, Tarkus, threestooges,(x2), girlfromverona, Andreas, Shadow Assassin (x2), mrtnrin, bighead99, bat and dsrwhat316.

   Page 232 9-5-08 - 9-6-08

      Who says SC4 isn't realistic?  9-5-08

      One to go!; Farr long transition curve and level RR crossing finished 9-5-08

      Working on more curves... 9-6-08

      All of the wide-radius FARR curves and segments are done... 9-6-08

Commenters include: Pat (x2), thundercrack83, burgsabre87, metarvo (x2), girlfromverona, dedgren (x4), Haljackey, bakerton, BourneID, caspervg, art128, sim-al2, Shadow Assassin, bat and sheep49.

   Page 233 9-6-08 - 9-7-08

      Bringing it all together 9-7-08

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins, dsrwhat316, burgsabre87. thundercrack83 (x2), Simpson (x2), dedgren, bat, jmyers2043, bighead99, Toichus Maximus, Ennedi, nerdly_dood, Pat, sim-al2, Grneys, streetlight 725, Heblem and drbe.

   Page 234 9-7-08 - 9-8-08

      We bid goodbye to Tales at Tea Time by Derry (TheTeaCat). 9-7-08

      Hey dude, where's my grid? 9-7-08

      A few final pics of the FAR in action; Sign up to be a beta tester... 9-8-08

Commenters include: JoeST (x2), dedgren (x3), metarvo, sithlrd98, burgsabre87, girlfromverona, deathtopumpkins, thungercrack83 (x2), Jmouse, threestooges, meldolion, Andreas, mrtnrin, Shadow Assassin, FrankU and Badsim.

   Page 235 9-8-08 - 9-9-08

      123456 views! 9-8-08

      Putting Matt's (threestooges) signs into a set... 9-9-08

Commenters include: sheep49, Pat, PhilsCafe, Simpson, pvarcoe, deathtopumpkins, dsrwhat316, Jmouse, Haljackey, sithlrd98, dragonshardz, metarvo, ben_meissner, dedgren (x2), JoeST, mrtnrin, emilin and art128 (x2).

   Page 236 9-9-08 - 9-11-08

Commenters include: ben_meissner, Ennedi, pilotdaryl, girlfromverona, Andreas, Streetlight 725, metarvo (x2), Pat, sim-al2, dragonshardz, threestooges, Tarkus, newsimaddict, dsrwhat316, sitird98, Toichus Maximus, jplumbley, Andreas and art128.

   Page 237 9-11-08 - 9-12-08

      We lay out the power grid... 9-11-08

      Still working on the power grid; Question: What's new in power-related custom content? 9-12-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), thundercrack83, Tarkus (x2), metarvo (x2), Jmouse. sithird98, Grneyes, threestooges (x2), girlfromverona, rooker1, j-dub, Pat, JoeST, DFire870, Chrisadams3997 and Heblem.

   Page 238 9-12-08 - 9-13-08

      "I been workin' on the railroad..."9-13-08

      This one's finished!9-13-08

      And the wide curve is finished, too.9-13-08

Commenters include: metarvo, Dfire870, j-dub, girlfromverona (x2), threestooges, kalanc69, psander5, dedgren (x3), mrtnrin, deathtopumpkins, JoeST (x3), wes.janson, nerdly_dood, Wilifried, and BigSlark.

   Page 239 9-13-08 - 9-15-08

      Three Rivers Region Electric Power 9-14-08

Commenters include: metarvo (x2), Pat, sithlrd98, thundercrack83 (x2), Shadow Assassin, Masochist, kalanc69, jaqulina (x2), SgtJoeDes, Toichus Maximus, dedgren, Jmouse, threestooges, Haljackey, deathtopumpkins, RickD and emilin.

   Page 240 9-15-08 - 9-16-08

      Our plopable sign inventory continues to grow thanks to Matt (threestooges). 9-15-08

Commenters include: bat (x2). Pat, Simpson, pvarcow, rooker1, dedgren, TheTeaCat, Streetlight 725, sheep49, art 128, thundercrack83 (x2), metarvo, threestooges (x2), Chrisadams3997, bakerton, sithlrd98 and j-dub.

Table of Contents - Page 241 through 250 9-16-08 - 10-1-08

   Page 241 9-16-08 - 9-18-08

      Thanks, my friends...9-18-08

Commenters include: mbsimcity, Streetlight 725, Pat (x2), dragonshardz, emilin, metarvo (x3), ejc (x2), threestooges, burgsabre87,), mrtnrin, dedgren, thundercrack83, JoeST, rooker1, pvarcoe and penguin001.

   Page 243 9-20-08 - 9-21-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial  (Part two) 9-20-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial  (Part three) 9-20-08

      Just popping in... 9-20-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial  (Part Four) 9--08

Commenters include: Jmouse, art128 (x2), girlfromverona, deathtopumpkins, dedgren (x4), JoeST (x2), threestooges (x2), metarvo, Pat, un1, Grneyes, sheep49, bat and pozzessed.

   Page 244 9-21-08 - 9-22-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial  (Part Five) 9-21-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial  (Part Six) 9-21-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial  (Part Seven) 9-21-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial  (Part Eight) 9-22-08

Commenters include: Pat, Toichus Maximus, dedgren (x4), Simpson, sheep49, JoeST (x2), threestooges, metarvo, Ennedi, MassHelper, Chrisadams3997, thundercrack83, ejc, TheTeaCat, Glazert and bat.

   Page 245 9-23-08 - 9-25-08

      Another 3RR milestone hit 9-23-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial (Part Nine) 9-24-08

Commenters include: threestooges (x2), art 128 (x2), dedgren (x2), Kokopelli, JoeST (x2), bat, Haljackey, metarvo, burgsabre87, thundercrack83, MassHelper, dragonshardz, Pat, Grneyes, kalanco69 and emilin.

   Page 246 9-25-08 - 9-27-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial (Part Ten) 9-26-08

      Paul Newman – a legend is gone... 9-27-08

      Turning a prop into a plop – A tutorial (Part Eleven) 9-27-08

Commenters include: Sheep49 (x2), metarvo, debutterfly, bat, thundercrack83 (x3), Pat (x2), Heblem, kalanc69, sithlrd98, dim-al2, art 128, inspecter and girlfromverona.

   Page 247 9-27-08 - 9-29-08

      The Ploperizer – it works like a charm! 9-28-08

      The single-rail tracks are on the way – be prepared to be blown away... 9-29-08

Commenters include: Gaston, threestooges, sheep49, inspecter, bat (x2), dedgren (x2), jplumbley, mightygoose, thundercrack83, Pat, caspervg, metarvo (x2), ben_meissner, burgsabre87, toxicpiano, deathtopumpkins and un1.

   Page 248 9-29-08 - 9-29-08

      FAR/FARR Open beta test 9-29-08

      The first batch of beta test files is out. 9-29-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), un1, metasmurf, metarvo, threestooges, toxicpiano, Pat, Streetlight 725, bakerton, Ennedi, sithlrd98, nerdly_dood, thundercrack83, dragonshardz, Jmouse, debutterfly, Haljackey, caspervg and Toichus Maximus.

   Page 249 9-29-08 - 10-1-08

      Anybody mind if I upload these ... 9-30-08

Commenters include: ben_meissner, Masochist, JoeST (x2), toxicpiano, bat (x3), digitilly, dedgren, rooker1, metarvo, thundercrack83, psanders5, nerdly_dood, sim-al2, threestooges, deathtopumpkins, emilin and caspervg.

   Page 250 10-1-08 - 10-1-08

      Range fire – I hate it when this happens! 9-30-08

Commenters include: dsrwhat316, dedgren, metarvo (x2), streetlight 725, sithlrd98, nerdly_dood (x2), un1, Tarkus (x2), dragonshardz, thundercrack83, ben_meissner (x2), deathtopumpkins, burgsabre87, newsimaddict, threestooges and Jmouse

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