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How to make interchange of RHW - step by step

Started by Danthe, June 21, 2008, 04:28:32 AM

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How to make interchange of RHW - step by step

Part I - "trumphet" type interchange

I with own experience know how interchange is make hard from RHW puzlle. First, was one should know to plan out interchange and know what puzzles then to use, second, it happens, that RHW behaves not very rationally.

On beginning 3-way interchange of the "trumpet" type. It will look after end of building so

And picture with the names of used puzzles, this orientation will facilitate and the choice of proper elements

1. On beginning, the directions and the point of slit the RHW

2. Then, I for help HoleDiggingMod lower terrain about 15m

3. Using the tool of road, I level the terrain.

4. It additionally, using from GodMode, it was can was smooth slope lightly, in order to terrain looked more naturally

5. Now main curves. I use 90'AlleyCurve, therefore, that puzzles RHW arrange on sloping terrain not always well. Lack also such puzzle among RHW, by what bow would be unequal.

6. I use draggable RHW and I lie out downhill ride.

7.For help of puzzles RHW, I arrange gentle curves and including ways.

8. Now second side. To to get gentle fall, I will use with tool of railway.

9. I use draggable RHW and I lie out downhill ride.

10. For help of puzzles RHW, I arrange gentle curves and including ways.

11. It stayed yet to execute estacade. I do invasions using puzzles with estacades alley menu, a rest from puzzles RHW. I on end replenish lacking sections RHW.

Enjoy! Sorry for my english, something if would was inexplicable, write ask :)


Whew, this is one of the best Tutorials I have seen, and certainly the best regarding the RHW! Great work, it will certainly be helpful for some.  :thumbsup:
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Can I make a post from other intechanges and how to build them? Or do you want to do this all alone? Anyways, great tutorial. I'm looking forward for other types of interchange.   :D
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Great tutorial and I really like the overhead shot in the second pic that lists all the needed pieces. Good work.


I have to concur with everyone here--this is by far one of the best tutorials I've seen on interchange construction.  The overhead shot with the pieces clearly labeled is great for visualizing things.

-Alex (Tarkus)



On the LEX, search for Shadow Assassin.  It's the first download on the page.


That is a beautiful interchange.
I have been trying over the last few days and find it very difficult.
You have made it look easy.

Robin  :thumbsup:  &apls
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Looks great, could some one tell me what mod/piece is used for the straight avenue onslope part? Cant seem to figure it out.

EDIT: Figured it out.  &ops

EDIT 2: Could some one tell me what i am doing wrong here?



You placed a normal piece, instead of the on-slope piece. Search better in the TAB ring.
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on-slopes are at the end of the TAB ring....

hint: hold <shift> and use tab to cycle thru the rings backwards.


There's no need to use the Avenue Onslope pieces now, as RHW v 3 is out, so you can use the El-RHW-4, although the sunken underpass bit will have to be one tile wider on each side.



Thanks for all the helps. :)

@warrior, where do i find the "El-RHW-4" piece? Whats it look like?