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November 29, 2022, 10:24:45 AM

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Nofunk's BAT Thread

Started by nofunk, July 09, 2008, 09:00:03 AM

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Well, I suppose it's about time I started a BAT thread here. Currently, all of my previous BATs are featured at Simtropolis, but I hope that one of these days they will also be available on the LEX.

My current project is the Hofmann Building, which used to stand on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. Sadly, the Hofmann's cornice, along with much of its beautiful, Gothic ornamentation, were removed. By the time it was finally demolished in the 1980s, the building was virtually unrecognizable from Louis Kamper's original design.

At this point, I need to add night lighting, and will probably also add a few details (pipes, vents) to the blank walls to add some visual interest. The building will be wall-to-wall in two directions, and will sit on a 1x2 lot.

I'd love to hear what you all think of it!  :)


Hey NoFunk, it's really good to see you here. 
I think I have the majority of your BATs in my pluggins.  I like your attention to detail and look forward to following this thread.  I too hope to see your stuff on the LEX.  All you have to do is open a LEX Candidacy thread, have a few of your LOTs go through inspection and than you will be well on your way.  ;)

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Quote from: nofunk on July 09, 2008, 09:00:03 AM
I'd love to hear what you all think of it!  :)

Nofunk, I love all your bats, especially those for the Barry Sanders Project! :thumbsup:
And with the details on this one, you're definitely sticking to the quality I've known you for!

I would certainly look forward to seeing you on the LEX as well. :)


Nice work on this one. Hope to see a candidacy thread soon. If you'd like any of your works to be CAMified, just let us know.  ;)


Hi Nofunk, it's good to see you here.  This is a very nice model! :thumbsup:  I particularly like the way you've done faded signage.




rooker1: Thanks Robin! Sounds like I'll have to open a candidacy thread.

RippleJet: Thank you!

marcszar: Thank you!

xxdita: Thanks! Are you the one to talk to about CAM? Once I get my old models organized, I will definitely be in touch!

jestarr: Thank you!

jacqulina: Thank you, Jacky!


Hope everyone is well!

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to work on the Hofmann this past week, but I do have something to show, and a related question. During my breaks at work, I have been working on a re-creation of an historic warehouse building in Milwaukee's Third Ward. I've been modeling it in Google Sketchup, however.

Do any of you model in Sketchup? If so, how difficult is it to import Sketchup models into 3ds max? I know how to get the actual model into max, but I'm wondering how difficult it is to modify textures and add night lights.

I hope to have an update on the Hofmann soon! Also, I will be opening a LEX candidacy thread ASAP!


Depends, are you using Sketchup 6 Free or Sketchup 6 Pro? If you are using Pro, just go to export and export the model as a 3DS model, and import it into 3ds Max. If you are using Sketchup 6 Free, you will export it as a KML file. KML is like a zipped file, so you need to find the file in your folder, rename it as a zip file, open with WinZip and file the dae file and open it in 3ds max. You may need a .DAE COLLADA plugin to open it though.


WillG_75: I'm currently using the free edition, but I do have access to Pro. I won't have a problem getting the model into max, although I do appreciate the advice on importing from the free version. I was just curious about others' experience taking a Sketchup model and putting it into the game. It seems that, depending on how max imports the file (individual faces? one single polygon?) it might take a lot of work to get a Sketchup model ready for export.


Great work so far nofunk. :thumbsup:

I'm using sketchup to create some buildings now. You'll have to re-texture the your building in 3dsMax as Sketchup textures seem to get washed out in BAT or some don't export. Night lighting shouldn't be a problem as the model is just like any other model and night lights should show up.

As for exporting you might want to group your Sketchup model together before you export it. I've had instances where I forgot to group the model and some parts were left behind. Then in Max you can explode or ungroup the model to texture it. It's not a lot of work to get it ready for export in Sketchup.

Also if you need a collada converter you can find you here,

Stardarcy also models models buildings in Sketchup and uses it for BAT though I'm not sure if she's frequents the forums anymore. She's been using Sketchup for for SimCity for about five years and you can read her experience at her blog,


Well, how do you like that? I start a BAT thread here, and then I don't update for a month and a half! I have so much free time during the summer, but I'm never motivated to do anything. But no sooner does school start, and I'm right back at it!

Go figure.

In any event, I've exported the Hofmann and put it into the game! Here it is next to JasonCW's Knoll Building:

The Hofmann will be a BSP release, so I need to put custom queries on it, but once that is done, this will be available for download on the STEX! (I still haven't entered my LEX candidacy thread yet... but I will soon.)


It looks very good.  You have the height of the building lined up perfectly.   And I love the fact that it is a W2W.
Great work.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.