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March 21, 2023, 10:52:35 AM

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Virgin Shores Metropolitan Area

Started by deathtopumpkins, July 11, 2008, 07:05:28 PM

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I guess this is the right place to start this...

Recently I reincartated my MD/CJ over at ST, but then got pretty involved over here, so I've decided to copy all of the updates over here (1 each day) until I get caught up, at which point I will update simultaneously. I'm doing this so any of you who no longer post at ST can read this too.
OK, enough of that, now onto the MD!


Those of you who are also members of SimPeg will know that I recently turned a game experiment into a city journal--the Virgin Shores Metropolitan Area. That CJ has kind of died, as it was before I downloaded a bunch of cool things I have now, including the Terraformer, and the only thing I really did with it was replace things which would soon be replaced again. Today, I have taken it upon myself to re-start this CJ, on a site with more members--Simtropolis.
With a new Terraformed region that measures 3 X 5 large city tiles, I will once again grow a city into my largest metropolis, but this time I will attempt to start it at the basic level--nothingness.
Before I start, here's a link to my old one at SimPeg. You're all welcome to leave a comment there, as I am still active on that site.

And let's begin.


The initial Terraforming
Here is the initial map made in the Terraformer, before it's been rendered, and before any precision God Mode terrraforming.

We'll be back tonight preparing for the arrival of the sims...
Feel free to tell me what you think of the map.

Lastly, I encourage people's help/advice/suggestions, and they will usually result in having something named after you.

And that was the start of it over at ST. I'll post the next update most likely at some point tomorrow.
I hope you guys like it too. Feel free to comment!
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Deathtopumkins, I have never read your MD on the other sites, so am very pleased to see it here. It's much more fun to follow a MD from scratch, in stead of catching up later, and I am glad to have this chance now with Virigin Shores! I'll stay tuned here....
Check my MD:               


Here is a link to a map for any of you cartographers out there, showing the region, with most physical features labeled. This map is purely to be used as a point fo reference, and is not meant to be an accurate topographical map (just so you know David (dedgren), in case you read this). I had to link to it because it is a fairly large file, and I did not want to condense it.
The map also shows the 'precision' terraforming I did, which mainly included adding a few small streams, removing sandbars from rivers that are supposed to be navigable, and adding a few elsewhere, as well as creating the Hawk Island Port, which is the regions main seaport. There might be more minor terraforming once development starts, so keep an eye out for that.
On the map, as you can see, there are still features in desperate need of a name. This is where you come in.

Sebes: Thanks for commenting. Glad to know I have at least one reader out there here.
NAM Team Member | 3RR Collaborater | Virgin Shores

Earth quake

Great Start and Welcome to MD deathtopumpkins, your region is really splendid.  :thumbsup:


I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Nice start there!

And great two pictures of that nice region!

Looking forward to more...



Earth quake: Thanks! Glad you like it.

art128: Thanks!

bat: Thanks! More has arrived...

First, an overview of -borrowing a term from 3RR- quad 1 (the SE corner).

The small amount of water in the center is Greta's Springs.

And a few hundred feet off shore is Dorito Island.

In quad 2, here are Cutler's Bend

Bald Peak

and Harper's Creek (not labeled on map)

A couple things of note:

  • I acquired a terrain mod shortly after taking these shots, so their appearance will be slightly different in future updates.
  • I was planning on showing each quad in this format, but instead I will show off a new one when it is introduced into the MD.
  • The development begins in quad 1 next update
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south park

cairo and tropicalia (my cities) on tsc:

Earth quake

Great update, go on your excellent work. :thumbsup:


south park: Thanks. I like it here.

Earth quake: Thanks! More's coming right now.


The first sims have arrived in Virgin Shores! After the abandonment of the old city, a small group of sims set out across the great ocean in a commandeered ferry boat. After sailing for many days, they sighted land on the horizon, and eventually reached shore by a small stream. They anchored offshore, and a smaller group of sims went ashore in the lifeboat from the ferry, to check out the immediate area, and set to work building a dock so that the ferry could safely land and they could retrieve their cars (not that it would do much good, as they old had small amounts of gasoline).

Over the next few years, they built a small settlement which included some little cottages, two fields, and a small shop to repair and refuel their vehicles and farm equipment, all along a dirt track along the stream leading away from the ferry dock.
NAM Team Member | 3RR Collaborater | Virgin Shores


Some nice more pictures of that nature and landscape!

And the small update 2 is great! Two nice pictures.


Thanks bat! There'll be more as we go.


One day, in January of year 3, a sim was digging in his backyard, when he hit something mushy. He pushed down a little farther, and a gooey black substance started oozing up out of the ground.
he cried, and people came running. In a few weeks, the settlers had constructed a large well in the sim's former backyard, and there was much rejoicing.

Soon after a boat left the ferry dock for other parts of the simworld bearing news of this discovery, new sims started arriving by the dozens, and the town's population soon hit 130. This prompted them to start cultivating another field, and building more houses. The man was even able to buy out his neighbor and build himself a bigger house on a larger lot in front of the well. The entire town was expanding rapidly.

To get the crude oil out, and bring supplies in, the town held a meeting and voted to build a small freight pier on the northern side of the ferry dock, as well as expand it to add a boat ramp.

The seaport, by the way, is Pegasus's new Pier One, which is a modular pier that you plop right in the water. The lots will be available to the general public soon.

There is currently a shortage of labor for the pier and the farms, so stay tuned to see where this goes next.
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nice shot  :thumbsup: i like the promenade  ;)
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Great images there! And really good work there on that area of your city! :thumbsup:


Interesting. I like the ferry building that you have there... And: OMG, they found OIL. That brings a promissing future for the Virigin Shores. I better bay some remote cheap land there and get my share of it when the village becomes a booming metropolis!
Check my MD:               


Quick Replies:

art128: They're from Peg's Marina set.

bat: Thanks!

sebes: You can buy land. I don't believe we've gotten to that point here yet, but I do announce in a few updates that you can buy and develop land. Just look in some of the pictures here and tell me where.
NAM Team Member | 3RR Collaborater | Virgin Shores