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March 21, 2023, 11:21:28 AM

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~ HonG KonG ~

Started by kelis, July 17, 2008, 07:45:09 AM

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Hong Kong , officially the Hong kong administrative Region, is one of the two speciaL
administrative regions of the People's Republic of China, the other Being Macau. The territory lies
on the eastern side of the Pearl River Delta, bordering Guangdong province in the north and facing
the South China Sea in the east, west and south. Beginning as trading port in the 19th century,
Hong Kong has developed into a leading financial centre •

• Hong Kong was a dependent territory of the Unitad Kingdom from 1842 until the transfer
of its sovereignty to the People's Republic of China in 1997. The sino-British Joint Declaration
and the Basic Law of Hong Kong Stipulate that Hong Kong operate with a high degree of
autonomy until at least 2047, Fifty years after the transfer. Under the policy of  "one country
two systems", the central People's Government is responsible for the territory's defence and
foreign affairs, while the Government of Hong Kong is responsible for its own legal system,
police force, monetary system, customs policy, immigration policy, and delegates to
international organisations and events. Together with London, New York City, Tokyo, etc..
Hong Kong is also Listed as an alpha world city by the globalization and world cities
study group and Network [GaWC] •

Administrative division of Hong Kong

|| Geography ||

• The Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong is located in the northeast side of the delta of Pearl River,
and covers an area of 1102 sq km, divided between a mainland and more than two hundred islands and islets.
75% of this area consists of nature reserves, while its seven million inhabitants reside in the remaining 25% •

The territory of Hong Kong can be divided into three distinct parts:

* The island of Hong Kong (acquired by the UK in 1842)
* The mainland of Kowloon south of Boundary Street (acquired by the UK in 1860,
along with former Stonecutters Island, today united the continent).
* New Territories, including the island of Lantau (leased for a period of 99 years in 1899).

• For most of the twentieth century, the New Territories, very mountainous, very little remained inhabited,
partly due to the uncertainty is cernía on its future status. Once it became known that the UK would return
to China throughout Hong Kong, and not just the portion leased to which it was forced, the population
began to grow in the New Territories. Currently a little over 50% of the total population of Hong Kong
lies in the New Territorie •

| | Demography | |

• In 2005, the population of Hong Kong exceeds seven million inhabitants, which the
becomes the fourth largest metropolitan area in China. Its density
population reaches 6200 inhabitants per square kilometre •

Kowloon has historically have been the demerit of the urban core with the highest density
population of the planet, reaching in 1991 the figure of 40426 inhabitants per sq km with 1,900,000 inhabitants and 47 sq km.

• Hong Kong has a fertility rate of 0.94 children per woman, one of the lowest in the world,
and well below the 2.1 children per woman required to maintain the level of population.
Despite this, the population continues to rise because of immigration from mainland China •

| | Architecture | |

• From rocky and mountainous nature, the physical limits imposed its own terrain make the
Real buildable area of Hong Kong in general is scarce. The economic boom of the years
70 fired population growth and the need to create new infrastructures. Traditionally,
the urgency to meet these needs has been considered a priority regarding the preservation of
historical and architectural legacy of the city. That is why Hong Kong is a city that reinvents itself
itself. His profile is always evolving •

• Today, the island of Hong Kong has become one of the world capital of modern architecture.
After New York City, Hong Kong is the world's second largest city with the largest number of skyscrapers.
Most of these skyscrapers are concentrated around the central district, specifically in the areas
Central, Admiralty and Wan Chai, and along the coastline of the bay from the port of Victoria in direction
Causeway Bay. Four of the 15 highest skyscraper in the world are in Hong Kong •


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This looks very promising.  I like what you have so far.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Wow!  This looks interesting kelis!  I can't wait to see an in-game picture!


this look very interessing  &apls
looking foward to see more :thumbsup:

I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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• HonG KonG •


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Nice very nice here and I will be following Hong Kong for sure!!!  :thumbsup:

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It's very nice ! Congratulation, i'm waiting the following  :thumbsup: ;)


wow  :o
it's splendid  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: and realistic  &apls
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Wow...... :o .........super work on that mosaic.
Where did you get that low, very wide building from?
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


This is without a doubt one of the better, if not the one of the best interpretations of HK Ive seen for Sc4, great job  :thumbsup:


~ Lippo Centre - Hong Kong ~

• The Lippo Centre is a pair of twin office towers in Hong Kong, previously known as the Bond Center
The buildings are located at 89 Queensway, in Admiralty on Hong Kong Island. They were taken over
by the Lippo Group after the collapse of the Bond Corporation. The height of the taller tower is 186m •

• The buildings, completed in 1987, were dubbed "The Koala Tree" because they resemble koalas
clutching a tree. The buildings were designed by American architect Paul Rudolph, who strove to relieve
the traditional severity of skyscraper walls by designing clusters of obtruding windows •

• Hong Kong artist Gerard D'Henderson, who designed the walls in the Hong Kong
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, enriched the lobby with dramatic bas-relief murals •

• Lippo Centre is featured in the Golden City track in Burnout 3 •

~ Greetings and Thanks for the comments ||

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That looks awesome kelis :thumbsup:

I have always enjoyed Hong Kong. It is a beautiful city. It looks even better on sc4 :P

Looking forward to more ;)

Sim City 4 Devotion


it's simply amazing  :o  &apls incerdible  &apls :thumbsup:
the second mosaic look very real  &apls
looking foward to your next update
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Very nice, and great creativity in using the airport terminals as bases for highrises  :thumbsup:
You're off to an impressive start!
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A very interesting start indeed.... Excellent city building skills shown!

I like very much that you give some more background on the city and the buildings. Please continue like this, and I'll be tuning in each time  :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


Wow, two super updates in one day.  Your city building skills are very good, your city looks fantastic. 
I would ove to see a higher overall view of the are just to see how everything was put together.
Will you soon be showing us your residential areas?  For a city this large, there must be alot of residents.
Are you using the CAM in this city.  Ripplejet would love to hear you say yes, I'm sure. 
Great work, I look forward to what you have to show us next.
Robin  &apls
Call me Robin, please.


Outstanding creation you have made, with such a variety of buildings and transportation. I like the use of the airport terminals, they look fantastic.


~ HSBC BuiLdinG ~

~ Bank oF China Tower & Cheung Kong Center ~

~ Legislative Council Building ~

~  Buildings in Hong Kong ~

~ Marriott Hong Kong, One Pacific Place, Conrad Hong Kong & Island Shangri ~

- I hope you like this little visit Hong Kong ||

                                                                                     || Benelux Team || Windows on the World || My Photos on Flickr || Kelis BNL Projects ||


 :o :o

It's very excellent ! Congratulations for this very beautiful city !!


it's amazing  :o absoluty beautiful  &apls &apls

I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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