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March 24, 2023, 02:56:22 AM

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Sterling Regional Development

Started by krbe, February 22, 2007, 07:23:51 AM

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LATEST UPDATE: 28.03 | My first city made on a Mac - and probably my last in Sterling.

The Sterling Regional Development
As the title suggest, this topic will feature the regional development of my new region. It's fresh. The only thing I've done with it, is making the N10 road through it.

I also started over again with my plugins folder. It's a lot like formatting your computer; the feeling of being born again, to start out with clean sheets. It's like the very first day of school - you have the opportunity to leave ten years later with A's only.

But the grim reality is of course that most of us have to settle with C's, at least when we're talking about school. But this time I can make my own curriculum (and set my own grades!), but I'd also very much appreciate your help and critisism.

Things to do
- Getting some help!
- A military base
- or maybe something that resembles a military base?

Page 1
The birth of a city
Where to put new cities on a blank map

First development: Withaker, a small rural town
Agriculture: History 101

Administrative centres: Ashcroft, the first in Sterling
A look at a city with small grids, and I've finally found the Street Side Mod!

Page 2
Restructuring the region: The two villages of Kilburn and Kemp
I wasn't too content with how the region turned out, so I started over again - and the first results are just in

Second attempt at rural areas: Visiting Oldenheide
The new rural town (only pictures this time), and a plea for help

Jobsville - my first city on an all new computer



The birth of a city
Or rather the conceiving of some cities. The map isn't that big, 39x46 km (the Midgard map by HabLeUrG). But, for the sake of some "photo realism", I think three urban settlements are needed. Also, the region pics are some much nicer with some buildings scattered around.

The great thing about SimCity, and this map, is that there are room for a couple of smaller cities eventually joining together, in addition to a large international airport, a military base, some fishermen's villages, rural areas and so on.

I'll start with adding urban areas in the red spots, and farms in appropriate locations in the vicinity. If the bad weather continues are the first results ready tomorrow.


Krbe, a new born MD, congratulations! I look forward to follow your updates.


Good choice of maps, nice prior planning.  This MD could go places.

Good luck!

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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nice idea to use the LOTR map.... i will look forward to see this progress..
NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....


Nice start, looking forward for some close-ups. I like your planning ;)


Great start! Fantastic region! Also looking forward for some pictures of your city! :)


Always great to see the birth a new city....  looking forward to see how it grows ()stsfd()
Check my MD:               


Snow! I promised you a picture of the snow down here.
This is in the extreme south, where a snowfall is usually 10-20 cm. and over after a couple of hours. It has now been snowing for the last two days...


OMG - looks like you're not going anywhere today....

Holland comes to a standstill with 2cm of snow, I cannot imagine what this would ever cause here... We'll probably need the UN to disstress the country  ;)
Check my MD:               


Those look like some great places to start some urban development, but you'll have to make a connection from the N10 to the urban area dot in the northwest. Either way, I'll be looking forward to seeing how this develops!



Rural Areas
History 101
I haven't been able to do much the last days due to work, applications and the occasional power outages, but when we're looking at the history of Earth (we have to think big here), we see that the first agricultural communities were formed in present-day Iraq some 500 000 years ago. Farming (or "the gathering of food" as fisheries can be equally important) has formed the basis for all cultures througout time, and even today all great cities depend on the surrounding countryside for food supplies. The second world war was fought because of the idea of Lebensraum - literally "room to live in", in which arians should cultivate the vast areas between Germany and the Ural Mountains.

Cities have later been constructed both at strategic places and by natural resources, but farmland remain the most important factor for settlement.

Sterling is a brand new region. There are no natural resources in this small region apart from the Aral station about halfway between east and west along the N10 road, so everything is up to governor Johnnie Gordon (more on him later, if the audience are interested). But in order to see some reasonably sized cities on the areas marked red in the first update, we need to construct some "support towns" for the larger urban areas.

The city of Withaker is surronded by farms - the centre consists of mostly R§-sims.


The industrial centre of Withaker - still most of the goods come from the farms.

Withaker is located in the middle on the map with the red spots, thus moving the city further down the river. The population is about 2,200, and it has a railway connection to the north (which will be extended south later). There are still large, undeveloped areas in Withaker which can support even more farmland.


First development and the first downtown area, what can I say except: waiting for more....
Seems like a good strategy to start out like this with the farmland and smaller towns.


Love the degree of planning you have put into this.....I tend to try and grow regions this way, a collection of small agricultural towns/villages  that eventually end up supporting a larger metropolis....however...I tend to not plan ahead except in very general terms...which usually leads to more chaos than I wanted.  I will be following your story with great interest.....good luck and thanks so much for sharing. :thumbsup:
Sometimes I go into my own little world....but it's ok, they know me there.


Withaker is looking good. Can't wait to see some more!


most cities star small and then progress into wonderful sprawling metropolises. youre careful planning is sure to amaze us all in the future. great job so far ;D
"It's not a design flaw, It's my signature"


wonderful pictures of your city! Great development! :thumbsup:



Administrative centres
All regions have one or more administrative centres. Their functions varies wildly: Religion, military, commerce and civic services are all functions that can be either divided between several cities, or all gathered in the same.

Ashcroft is the administrative centre for the towns in the vicinity (only Withaker is currently founded [sadly]). As many centres, Ashcroft has been a planned city: a grid with squares of 4096 sq metres with civic services in the middle, commerce around it and residential areas around all this again.

The grid is clearly visible, at this point the city had abou 8 000 inhabitants.

The large commercial lots helped grow builidngs with realistic parking spaces.

The only R$$$-sims lived in this quarter before I started developing the city.

A large, new industrial area attracted more sims,

and a brand new neighbourhood soon attracted the richest sims in the region, including govenor Johnnie Gordon.

I mustn't forget the scenic road out of town...

... or the old railway bridge.

Lastly, a pic of something seldom seen in vanilla SC4 - a riot! I had to use a mod though.


Very symmetrical stuff - I like.

The lonely road out of town strikes a chord with me - I once lived in an area with plenty of those. :)


Looking pretty good so far. Good planning, nice grid, nice even devleopment over the whole town. The riot is cool. :thumbsup:

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