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March 24, 2023, 01:37:50 AM

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Started by Muzz, July 26, 2008, 02:53:33 PM

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The Constitutional Monarchy of Calderwood

Those of you who have been here for sometime may recall my moderately successful CJ "The Constitutional Monarchy of Calderwood". As I lost interest in the game, this faded away and died peacefully in it's sleep.

After a long hiatus from both the game and the SimCity 4 community, it is with great pride and joy that I announce my return, and with it I bring my revamped, and hopefully more successful CJ, "Calderwood".

It is the tale of a modern country situated on the Atlantica-Alba landmass, fans of CarmineHilton's "Movian Empire" and Pipishere's "Royal Cytheria" will already be aware, but for those who aren't, Atlantica-Alba is a mid-sized landmass found around 150 miles off the western coast of Portugal. It conforms to the mid-atlantic ridge, and does not (contrary to some criticism) disrupt the gulf stream flow to the United Kingdom, hence making A.A both plausible and possible.

But enough of that, a short background of the country and then on with the good stuff! Calderwood is a country that occupies the central belt of the landmass. It was colonised by Celts believed to have originated from Scotland and or Wales, and therefore much of it's culture resembles that of these countries. The climate is relatively poor, despite it's latitude. The Trossich mountain range blocks much of the warmer air currents from Africa, making Calderwood a damp and usually cool place to be, exposed to the mercy of the North Atlantic Ocean.

In Calderwood, people drive on the left, the national language is English, the currency is the Echar Pound (Ep) and the current monarch is King Luke IV, and the capital city is New Haven, which is the city that these pictures feature.

Now, on with the show!

July the 25th is Union Day, a celebration of the foundation of the SCJU, the political Union of which Calderwood is a member. Here we see a parade on Kingdom Avenue taking place on the 25th of July, at approximately 11:30am.

The festivities last long into the night, and one lane of Kingdom Avenue is closed to allow revellers to stay out and party.

This building is the SCJU Embassy in Calderwood. At this time of night, it is illuminated with the SCJU logo, and fireworks are lit from the rooftop.

The SCJU Embassy towers over Kingdom Avenue, where festivities are beginning to die down at 3am.

Here we see Jacob Park, and the Park Inn. At this time of year it's hard to find hotel rooms due to the various festivals taking place in the city.

The action seems to have all but died down now...

The police are sure to be busy all night this evening.

And finally, a view of the police station with Jacob Park behind, and St. Mary's Church visible on the left.


Thank you for looking, and I would welcome and appreciate comments and/or constructive criticism, I know my city isn't perfect, and it is still under much construction.

Thanks for stopping by in Calderwood, hope to see you again soon!


This is looking great muzz, the photoshopping adds greatly too it such as the lights in the trees. Only thing is for a city I'd expect a few more people on the roads (that aren't closed of course). I could adapt some of my traffic gens (which work too well for socialist cities :P) for you?


Very nice layout of roads and buildings. Good detail also.  :thumbsup:


Very nice, I like the pictures and the impressive amount of detail you put into it.
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Nice start cant wait for more! :thumbsup:
Im back baby! Everybody do the Bendah!


Really great start there of your MD!

These pictures are looking wonderful, too! Nice city!

Looking forward to more...


When did you manage to sneak back in... :P

Welcome back Muzz, looking forward to a bright future for this MD here!  :thumbsup:
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Greetings! Thanks for all your comments!

Since I last updated I have been busy working away at my city with childlike obsession. Unfortunately, because I'm so pernickity it takes longer, but I believe the quality is higher than it would have been had I just thrown down some random buildings. So far, I've edited approximately 17 lots, and this number rises all the time as I strive to make everything fit in!

So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy this helping of New Haven, I hope you enjoy reading/looking as much as I did building it!

That bad weather I told you about...


Yoman: Thanks, nice point, hopefully you will notice more traffic on the roads this time, thanks to you.  ;)

amapper: Thanks, the finese detail is something I really try to achieve, and I pride myself on it, hopefully this time around it's just as detailled!

caspervg: Thanks, and again someone notices the detail, as said above, I really put myself out for the little details, so I'm glad it's being noticed!

pagenotfound: Thanks!

bat: Thanks, I think the city looks nice too, but just wait until I get to the districts that aren't so nice...  :P

M: Well, you know, the back door was open...  :P Good to see you again, and thanks for the comment!

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment if you liked it, and I encourage criticism (constructive or otherwise, I can take it!) and suggestions!



Yep, I sure do spy more traffic. And a nice city, looking good  :thumbsup:


Wonderful work there on that new update which is a great one!
Looking forward to more... ;)


Great work :thumbsup:  I'm not usually a fan of night shots--I don't like 'em  ;D BUT, I must admit you do a good job.  The pictures are clear and detailed.

What are those winding stairs on your embankments in your last, third-to-last, and fourth-to-last pictures?  And where are they available?


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A quick update here to remind you guys that I am still around, and I hope to update more frequently now!

The Old City Hall in the Holybank district of the city. This district conforms to the foot of Calton's Seat, a large dormant volcanic complex in the west of the city.

Despite it's dubious appearance, this gatherng is probably more than legitamate. This is a relatively safe area of the city, and it's nightlife is renowned, due to the presence of university buildings, and tourist hotspots.

This image shows a clear divide between the historic districts surrounding Kingdom Avenue (out of shot tat the top of the image), and the more recently regenerated Holybank area.

Here we see the new stadium for Calderwood's national football team, Capital Park. The stadium was completed in 2006, and a moat has been constructed around it.

Just south of the stadium is South Central Station, servicing the parts of the city located south of the River Orr.

And now two quick overview shots of the city, just to show you how much has been done, but more ro the point, how much there is yet to do...

Thanks for looking, replies much appreciated!

south park

great start on your MD , can't wait to see more !!
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Very nice city!!  ;)

I like the mix of this old bulidings an this new skyscrapers. But i don´t like this soccer-field next to the skyscrapers.

The staium is very nice, too!!  &apls

Hi, Greetings to everybody

My Metropolis Harlin:

Teublitz Fire Department


Nice start for your CJ! ;)
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It didn't disappear, it was moved to inactive MDs. ;)

Anyway, good to see you back!
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Berethor ♦ beskhu3epnm ♦ blade2k5 ♦ dedgren ♦ dmscopio ♦ Ennedi
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Look great, I love the general picture
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Good to see an SCJU nations MD springing back to life. :)

This is a beautiful city, I especially enjoyed the night shot of the stadium next to the canal. The downtown is also developing quite nicely it would seem from the region view. :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more Muzzy! ;D
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