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March 21, 2023, 09:46:55 AM

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Republic of Paranor Island

Started by CraigKingOfIreland, July 26, 2008, 03:34:59 PM

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It's easy to get lost in this CJ, as it has undergone a lot of changes over its lifespan. The first few updates really do not reflect what it is like at all, so I recommend any newcomers start at the ed (:

The Kingdom of Paranor Island is a small country off the west coast of Wales and east coast of Ireland, in the Irish Sea. It is one of the world's oldest and most powerful monarchies. The current king of Paranor Island is His Majesty King Alfred IV of the House of Leah. Paranor's powerful enjoyed great prosperity through the Colonial Age and the country still has territories in the Atlantic and the Caribbean. During World War II the Kingdom was invaded by the German war machine and suffered extensive damage from Luftwaffe air raids. Because of this there are many more modern buildings in the country's oldest cities. The capital city of Paranor is Leah, named for the Royal Family. The city lies beneath a dormant, believed extinct volcano called Mt. Argo, which when last erupted two thousand years ago killed six hundred people.

More will follow soon, thanks for reading,



Nice terrain and trees. Got a regional shot?


Welcome to sc4devotion!

And wonderful start of your MD. Nice work on that area there in that nice picture.

Looking forward to more from your region... ;)



CAUTION: City Under Construction

So I thought for my first update I would show some pics around Paranor that are currently under construction (that being most of it)


Firstly, this is a plan (and somewhat reality) of the islands main region at the very south. Red is street level Metro (GLR) and blue is underground Metro. Black is InterCity rail and brown in suburban commuter rail. Finally light blue is motorway.

Killeshan is my attempt at a proper skyscraper city without going to the ridiculous extremes I went to in Normandy.

Leah, my nation's capital isn't quite the way I want it yet even though it is the oldest and most worked on city in my region. For that reason I'm not going to show much of it and none of the really good areas.

Melcena is my first real small town so be nice.

And finally, Illian, my latest city. I have good expectations for this city and hope they're not misplaced

Thanks for the comments and sorry amapper, no region shots for a while  :P

Time to see what important things are in the news today in Paranor Island.


Craig- you had me at the bold graphics and the map.  Whoa, fella- slow down.  Give your readers, many of whom, like me, are probably just a bit bowled over from taking it all in, a chance to give you a little feedback.

All in all, KoPI looks like great stuff- You have a fine start, and stuff like the newspaper would indicate lots of ideas, as well.  I'm still looking, though, for my free Dylan CD- maybe it fell out on the floor when I opened my laptop.

Good luck!

D. Edgren

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Sorry dedgren, I know it's fast but these are all the updates I have on Simtropolis so far and I want to copy them all over  &mmm

Although the King has complete  discretionary power in all matters, Paranor Island does have a parliament. It was created by the king to facilitate the political needs of running a country. While technically wielding no power, Parliament runs the country on behalf of the King, taking care of day to day matters. The system of government is modeled on Paranor's neighbour, the Republic of Ireland, with a proportional representation system. Parliament is made up of two hundread members, five from each constituency and elections are held every five years. After elections are held, Parlaiment appoints an An Chéad Aire (Prime Minister) who in turn appoints government ministers. Leah is the capital of the Kingdom and all government departments are are located here. Leah is also a economic, cultural, and educational centre and the city has a very long history.

Don't worry, this is ABSOLUTELY the last one for a while


Some nice new updates there! The map of the region is looking wonderful! Also the development is looking nice!
Nice work on these updates!!

Looking forward to more...



Ha ha, not even a chance for anybody to reply  :D Off topic to the last update but I just doodled this in photoshop

EDIT: I've merged all your double-posts. Since advancement through the MDs is based on post count, double-posting is not permitted. Please see the MD Rules. I understand you're trying to post your content from ST, but we're not going anywhere, so there's no rush. Thanks. - Dustin (thundercrack83)


Great start!  I love your use of the diagonal paths!  I was drawn to those and the GLR right away!

Check out Abelfarei!




You know what this is one of the most enthusiastic CJ's I've seen. This is coming from one of your fellow COFR members. Keep up the great work. I enjoyed reading it.

Will premiere in January 2009
Otherwise, look up "City of Hypertrophy" on Simtropolis


Two nice new posts there! Looking forward to more... ;)



The Simlympic Torch Relay is a huge event taking place in over 20 CJs/MDs all around the SC4 world. The Torch Relay will be at a different city each day for 27 days, climaxing with the beginning of the August Simlympics on August 24th. To follow the relay please click here and for more information on the Simlympics, or to sign up to compete, please click here

The Simlympic Torch Relay has now come to Paranor Island and the it's capital city, Leah

Here is a map of the route the torch will be taking with major landmarks along the way

The event has been widely covered by the national media as it is a much needed happy occasion for the country's citizens

Many of the city's major roads were closed off for the route, but not many people have been angered by the fact. Here is the torch as it passes by Parliament building

The torch passed by many important sporting areas of the city, including the University of Leah

Thousands of people lined the city's streets for the event with great enthusiasm. Here is a huge number of people gathered at Guinness Stadium minutes before the torch passes


Nice pictures there of that event! Looks fantastic! :thumbsup:


Indeed very nice pictures going on.

Will premiere in January 2009
Otherwise, look up "City of Hypertrophy" on Simtropolis



Here is Leah International Airport, located in the southern Leah suburb of Arendia. The terminal building is several years old and is due for rebuilding once Terminal 2 constructed.

Here also is a diagram of the terminal layout

Thanks for comments :)

Emperor Stormont

Always nice to see the Irish language being used   ;)

Looking very good so far, seem to be developing your skills and it shows. Look forward to seeing you develop yet further :)

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I've been inspired by similar things by other people (by which of course I mean I stole their idea) doing this kind of thing
If you would like an embassy in Paranor Island please leave a comment with your country name, link to your CJ and your flag

Thank you to those of you who have commented (and those who have read)


Methinks it's been long enough for a double post  &mmm. Here's a couple of updates rolled into one

Short teaser from what I'm working on in Illian...Oh, and don't worry I'm not blocking anything interesting on the white part just areas I haven't done yet :)

The coronation of Crown Prince Donaill is taking place this evening in Leah. The event, as is tradition, took place at Parliament Building at dusk.

No crowds were allowed to form around the building for security reasons. After the recent republican terrorist attack, police decided that any people lurking around Parliament before, during and after the ceremony, would be told to leave the area.

Afterwards, fireworks were set off all around the country to celebrate the coronation of King Donaill II.

Here is the upgrade of Leah International Airport which I showed recently :)

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Looks really good, especially that teaser!  I like how you used the road network along with the palaces and included diagonal and orthogonal areas together!

Check out Abelfarei!