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The Source- 2/9: I'm Back! + A Teaser (of course...)

Started by dsrwhat316, August 04, 2008, 02:57:40 PM

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Welcome one and all to my second Mayor Diary! After the unexpected success of my previous MD, the Republic of Bevelle, coupled with the death of my hard drive, I bring to you The Source. Everything you see here will be custom tailored to my needs. I do plan to release a few of my lots in the future, time permitting. With everything being custom, the city building will be slow, which always has been my style. Updates will come once a week, with teaser shots here and there.

I'll only have three pics to start things off right now. The city is not detailed enough to showcase yet, but I'll add a few more pics over the next couple of days. I hope this turns out even better than Bevelle was in terms of both readership and quality. Only time will tell if this is the true Source....

Stay tuned...

~ Dan
Custom Lotting at its Finest:

Last updated: 2/9- I'm Back! +  A Teaser (of course...)


Dan, you've done a mighty fine job with your city! i really like that park! right next to the river, very nice!
Wha??? Where am I? Oh, that's right! I'm here!


Good to see you back Dan. Nice start and good to see the new riverbank lots in use. I'm still experimenting with them, so I'll be watching for some guidence.




I see your still enjoying that sidewalk mod, and there's some nice custom lotting there  :thumbsup:
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Fantastic start there of your new MD!

And the first pictures are looking great!

Looking forward to more... ;)


Cool! I like the building in the second picture, on the right. I like how you've begun so far. :thumbsup:



Nice to see that some people here have remembered me  :P! No replies tonight; getting kinda late for me. I'll do replies when I update this Sunday. But I bring gifts tonight:

~ Dan
Custom Lotting at its Finest:

Last updated: 2/9- I'm Back! +  A Teaser (of course...)


Hey Dan, good to see you back.

your cities are looking nice, as always :)

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


I wonder what the building with the road going through it is? It has text but I can't read it. ???

I really like what I see!  ;)

I wonder where all the cars are? I see plenty of peeps but few cars.


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I like the picture of the river walk. The use of the brick paving stone adds interest. The manicured pine trees, the fountain, and the river walls all work together. It makes for a serene scene. Like an ocean of calm in the middle of a bustling city.
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very nice financial district. i also like that building that has the road running through it in the river walk picture. great job!
Wha??? Where am I? Oh, that's right! I'm here!


That financial district is looking wonderful, the other picture is also fantastic!
Great teasers! Looking forward to more... ;) :)


Dan looking so very good here, I so love the river walk area!!!  To ansewer your question there Sim-al2 it looks as it says "The HSBC Center"

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jjune4991: Thanks, my friend! There should be plenty more parks and plazas along the river in this update...
tooheys: Thanks, Dave. I, too, have just begun to use Mas71's awesome river pieces. Nice to see you again!
caspervg: Yep, I need to have some kind of trademark for my cities, so that'll do. Glad you like all the custom lots; thanks for commenting!
bat: I'm glad you're here to support my new MD! Thanks for your kind comments!
sim-al2: Thanks, man; I'm glad these first few pics are to your liking!
JoeST: Thanks for the welcome and your support!
sim-al2: As Pat has mentioned, that building is One HSBC Center found on the STEX. The lot was redone by masterplanman, with a slight modification by me after downloading. As for the cars, the game clock has not been started yet, which means no development has grown. There won't be any vehicles on the roads for awhile, but there will be!
Simpson: Thanks, my friend!
jmyers2043: That's exactly what I was going for; somewhat of an oasis in a sea of urban chaos (well, no chaos yet since I haven't actually "started" the city as mentioned above). Hope to see you again, and please call me Dan  :thumbsup:
bat: Thanks, friend! I hope you enjoy the update...
Pat: Good to see you again, Pat! I'm glad you like the riverwalks, because that'll be a main focal point in this city.

Update 1- Clean Cut
Here we go with the first update! If you didn't read this from the comments section, the reason why you won't see any cars on the roads is because the game clock hasn't been started yet for Tyne. Maybe in a week I'll be ready to actually "start" this city, so for now, you'll see my plopping efforts...

Apologies for the lack of new material in this update; I promise you'll see more in the next update. Until then...

~ Dan
Custom Lotting at its Finest:

Last updated: 2/9- I'm Back! +  A Teaser (of course...)


What your update lacks in profusion is far and away made up for in quality, my friend.  The Source looks very much like a keeper.

Good luck!

D. Edgren

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Ryan B.

Dan, you're off to a great start here.  Good luck in the future - I'll be watching!

I also look forward to getting some of the stuff you release.


You are the greatest lotter ever!!!  Great job and i am waiting for the next update!!


Really great pictures there! And wonderful work on the canal!
The Source is looking beautiful, Dan! :thumbsup:


Amazing city planning, a great selection of BATs to form this wonderful MD.
I love how you use the sandstone pedestrian plaza underneath every building to match with the pathways by the roads :)
Keep up the scintillating work Dan!

Alex :thumbsup:
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