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August 16, 2022, 08:37:08 PM

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The Source- 2/9: I'm Back! + A Teaser (of course...)

Started by dsrwhat316, August 04, 2008, 02:57:40 PM

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Tomas Neto

Really fantastic, great work!!! Very nice suburb!!!  :thumbsup:

Welcome to the Classics!!!


Really great suburban work, Dan. Everything's looking good here!


P.S. Welcome to the Classics!



OSITM Part 6- A Special Treat!
Thanks to everyone to help put me into the Classics (when my OSITM run is over)! Hope everyone had a nice holiday! Now after unwrapping all your presents, I bring to you a present of my own! Just click on the pic below for the full-size shot!

If I'm not able to put up another post here, I'll take the time now to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

~ Dan
Custom Lotting at its Finest:

Last updated: 2/9- I'm Back! +  A Teaser (of course...)


Wow, that's a great present! Love all the lotting you've done! :thumbsup: &apls
Visit my MD, The region of Pirgos!
Last updated: 28 November



Congratulations on reaching classics!  That's a great looking high detailed shot you put together there!  Looking forward to seeing what you've got coming in the new year!

Tomas Neto

Very cool update!!! Very nice!!! Happy new year!!!  :thumbsup:


Great pic to finish the month with Dan  :thumbsup:

Looking forward to see what you come up with in the year to come.




Congratulations on your well deserved place among the Classics.
The station is looking wonderful, a lot of detail and great use of different ground- and overlay textures.


Nice pictures there on December 09 there!
And congrats for moving to the CLASSICS!
Lookking forward to more...


Well, I think it's time to ring in the New Year with a teaser! I've begun serious work in the ghettos of FH, such as downloading appropriate buildings and re-lotting them. Here's what I have so far:

I'll be adding more shops to the other side of the avenue soon enough. More to come...

~ Dan
Custom Lotting at its Finest:

Last updated: 2/9- I'm Back! +  A Teaser (of course...)


wow, this is amazing! You must have ALOT of free time
I couldnt think of anything to put here, so i put this :D



Dsrwhat316, I think I found something, I can't make any guarantees, but it seems Bhladys big dig lots can be modified without a ramp so the building file is a tiny invisible box that can fit on 1x1 tile. With some custom lotting, this may your chance to have a working road lot for traffic to actually move under the bridge. Also, don't know if you use Road Top Mass Transit Lots, but maybe that can be altered allowing traffic to switch and actually use it, since those sets of lots include a subway on top of road, so the traffic has to switch there. You know the texture can be changed on that and you do not have no giant building on that lot to worry about. However, judging by your recent interesting photography, especially your last teaser, I do not know how you exactly implemented your landscape all together, and do not want to risk destroying what you already created with your under bridge scenes.

EDIT: further testing demonstrates Road Top Mass transit subway under road lots allows traffic to convert underneath the road to subway, and back from subway to road on the opposite side. This is the only public way to get your roads to work crossing Maxis bridges overhead, without using underpass lots. Use this knowledge to your advantage Dsrwhat !


Very nice start on the ghettos, looking forward to more.  :thumbsup:


Great LE work as always, can't wait for the full update! :thumbsup:
Visit my MD, The region of Pirgos!
Last updated: 28 November


I'm Back!
Sorry for the lengthy delay, RL has kicked back in for the new year. Between my return back to work after my injuries and a faulty plugins folder which prevented me from launching the Lot Editor there's been virtually no time for SC4. But now that everything is back on track, I was able to add to the downtown core of FH:

Later on...

~ Dan
Custom Lotting at its Finest:

Last updated: 2/9- I'm Back! +  A Teaser (of course...)