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Started by Naryanna, February 23, 2007, 11:33:03 PM

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EDIT: I listened to advices and considerably remade slide-shows. Please take time and look at thema again. Thank you.

Hi all!

I decided to do a cj here. Why? Because I find the community lovely and site nice.

At this point I am simply opening the Ethernia cj, so some info about the land should be given...

Well, Ethernia is a land somewhere in the space. It is simply hanging there, waters spiling over the edges... you could easly say it is a fathasy land but I assure you it is more than that. But I dont want to spoil surprises, so I will leave it at that.

If you wonder and ponder where are the pics I strongly sugest you click on 3 links provided and note that music is included in slideshows so I sugest you turn on your speakers volume to enjoy (hopefully) the presentation in whole.
ETHERNIA (Slide-show is aprox.  2.10 minutes long)

THE WATERFALL (Slide-show is aprox. 1.40 minutes long)

THE CAMPING GROUNDS (Slide-show is aprox. 2.30 minutes long)

I shall present you the regional picture in the update.

Thank you very much for visiting and I hope you enjoyed!


Hi Naryanna-

I just watched all three slideshows.  You've done a lot of work and your terrain is something.  That is a magnificent waterfall in the second and third shows.

A couple of suggestions:

1.  You probably should put a static pic or two on you first post to whet the reader's appetite for the goodies in your shows.  Right now it's text only, and you lose some folks right there.

2.  Let the viewer know a little bit about what to expect in each show- number of pics, length it runs and so on.  Once the first one started I didn't know if I was in for a 30 second or 30 minute experience.

3.  The slides in the show are small and a little hard to see, especially for folks like me who use a seeing-eye dog to look at the monitor and tell me what's going on.  I figure that's probably a hosting limitation, but you need to remember that the most beautiful pic doesn't get you anywhere if folks can't properly see it.

I'll be watching to see where you take this- you've got a really nifty looking vision of what an MD might be.

Good luck.


D. Edgren

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Thank you very much dedgren! I will most certanly take your words to heart.  ;) Well, this was the first time that I used slide-show acctualy and even wasnt sure if it would work. I shall repair both 3 until the evening (its 9 in morning here, was up all night and that stuff  ;D).  Hope to see you in Ethernia again.  :)


This kind of theme is maybe not really my cup of tea, but this is very original work and you have put a lot of effort into presenting this to us. That is why I still find this quite interesting. I will surely stop by from time to time to see what else you are planning with Ethernia


wonderful slideshows! your waterfall looks fantastic! great job! :thumbsup:


The slideshows look great, but David (dedgren) did bring up a few points that might help you out a bit. I'll be looking forward to seeing some more!


Beautiful pictures as usual Narya ;) keep em comin!


The first slideshow it's brilliant, the other two are ok, but lack quality in what concerns the image (too fuzzy and small). Try not to compress the image too much, keep compression of the swf file between the 40 and 60 and don't constrain the image proportions when resizing.  ;) :thumbsup:


wow good presentation !!i like very much the screens  :thumbsup:


 &apls Wow ! What a job you done. Very good presentation and wonderfull pics too. I enjoy everyone. Keep going  :thumbsup:


kwakelaar : Thank you very much.  :) Well, I started like this, but to what it shall bring we will see.  ;)

bat: Thank you very!  :)

thundercrack83 : Thank you! I will most certanly try to make it better.  ;)

Archangel: Tnx, sweety! :)

Rayden: Thank you very much!  :) Yes, I noticed decreased quality but couldnt pin-point why that happend. Tnx for revealing that mistery to me!  :)

Antonie: Thank you very much! :)

kimcar: Thank you! I will sure continue. :)

I thought I will have it repaired by now, but one of my sons had his 6th birthday and celebrations did last longer than I thought it will and then I had to do my part of work in another project. Anyhow, I will work on reparing the slideshows and they should be re-uploaded sometime tonight (10 in evening here).

EDIT: Slide-shows had been remade and posted again. Update shall be done tomorrow. Thank you for visiting!



Hi again!

This update shall be a bit different, I give you the choice of watching the slideshow and enjoy the pictures with music or you may simply go ahead and see the pictures posted. Or you may acctualy look at the slide-show and after that look at pictures posted for beter view since sadly the size of slide-shows is limited and quality of pics is with that decreased. Last picture in this post is not included in slide-show. I hope you will enjoy this update as I enjoyed playing in Ethernia region and creating it.

If you wish to see slide-show then click this ---->  Ethernia - Update 01 (about 3 minutes long slide-show with music)  <- posted wrong slide-show, uploading now, repaired in 5 minutes please let me know is you heard music or not, thank you

Pictures of Noeea

Before I show you region picture as it visible today  would like to explain some things about the region itself.

I already said that the region hangs somewhere in the space with waters spiling over its edges (yes, not realistic). It is a big region filled with small, medium and large city blocks but it has empty spaces in-betwen them. The small city blocks shall be used for connecting cities and villages to each other with highway, sometimes railroads etc. The medium city blocks shall be filled with little towns and villages, on big one there shall be big cities with highrises (hopefuly, if they will grow). All that I showed till now is located on two small city blocks. I am building a connection between one medium and one large city block so that they shall be connected before I acctualy start to work on them. I need to finish one small city block until I move to the first block where the village/city shall be.
Since at this point it is not much to see in the region I will just show you the part where I worked. As time passes I will show you more and more of the region until finally one day everything shall be done and you will see it as whole.

So, here is the last picture of todays update, the picture of regional view as it looks today (vithout city blocks where no work was done):

I hope you enjoyed and find something of your liking. Every comment is more than welcome. Thank you very much for your visit!


 &apls Your pics are only amazing. Very interesting CJ . Keep it up  :thumbsup: Oh yah , i heard the music


Nice update, and the music, I loved it :thumbsup:


I heard the music and great animation! wonderful update! :thumbsup:


Outstanding update! You have a very creative style of playing! Keep up the good work!


Hi all! I have a ad news.. This cj is closed. I so much hate this...  :'(

The reason: My HD died and everything went away.

But I will start the new one, called LoreenyLienns so please, if you liked this one the visit that one because it shall be much better.

Thank you very much for all nice comment, advices and support that you have given me!