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The 3RR Exchange (3RREX)

Started by dedgren, September 03, 2008, 11:34:09 AM

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Welcome to the 3RR Exchange- a place where you can come to download on a one-stop shopping basis all of the specific content, BATs, LOts, Ploppables and MODs, that we've created for use in Three Rivers Region.

This is a work in progress as of 081114.  I plan to organize it better and add some detail about each download.  For now, enjoy!

3RR-TS Ploppable Windmill (version 2) [download linkie]

Center pivot irrigation fields [download linkie]

Fields [download linkie]

jeronij ploppable water rapids and waterfall [download linkie]

c.p./cycledogg seasonal tree lots [download linkie]

3RR-TS Ploppable Telephone Poles [download linkie]

3RR Ploppable Seasonal Trees [download linkie]].  This has as dependencies Brian's (c.p./cycledogg) BSC prop set [linkie] and ArkenbergeJoe's SFBT birch tree set [linkie].  These have been updated on 2/17/09 to fix "brown box" problems in several of the plops- notably the summer birches.

3RR Mossy Limestone Rock Mod [download linkie]].  No dependencies, readme included.

3RR Gray Granite Rock Mod [download linkie]].  No dependencies, readme included.

3RR-ALN Ploppable Fences [download linkie]].  These are chrisadams3997's RRP fences run through the 3RR Plopperizerâ„¢.  The RRP fences are a dependency and can be downloaded here [download linkie].  A Readme is included.

3RR-ALN Ortho Ploppable Culvert (game water) [download linkie].  This is chrisadams3997's orthogonal rural culvert with a twist- the business end can be plopped in game water.  The RRP culverts are a dependency and can be downloaded here [download linkie].

D. Edgren

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