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March 21, 2023, 10:54:53 AM

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Kongshavn, "Planning ahead!"

Started by ExiLe, September 05, 2008, 06:25:49 AM

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UPDATED 23'd of January!
Reserved for "possible" indexing service... ::)

For Future reference:
This map is so that you can find where we are in the larger Kongshavn area

...coming soon


A MD by ExiLe introduction

I have been thinking about doing a MD for quite some time now, but have been absent either traveling the world, working my ass off or studying. I am still studying, and working for that matter, but now that I have changed my subjects I found that doing a MD would fit into my course.

To make things clear I am now taking my masters degree in urban planning at University of Life sciences in a small town called Ås outside of Oslo. I've had this idea for about a year now to make a MD about how I plan things ahead of actually building things in-game, and how I sometimes (or very often...) tend to build on impulse. Since I'm learning more and more each day about maps, planning, construction, architecture and much more, doing some planning for fun on the side seemed like a good idea to me.

So, hopefully we will se some improvements to my planning and mapping skills over time, since I'm going to take my time with this one (I promise).

The way this MD is set up might be a bit weird, but it's the way I wanted it to be;

First off, I have already found a map, made some changes to it (we'll come back to that part) and some cities have already been laid out.
For some time now I will work on the Intro to the MD, and I will call it an intro until the whole map has been laid out, built and planned... THEN the MD will actually start.
The idea is having a large region that is already built, and start expanding and correcting problems that have been done earlier (yes, the way it is done in RL in other words).

The idea:

•   Intro: creation of the larger Kongshavn region
•   The MD "starts": Growth over the years in Kongshavn, and it's surrounding cities.
•   Finishing up...?

I have no time scheme, or schedule for this MD... in other words I have no real "goal" for this region. And that's the way I like it.

This might take some time ladies and gentlemen ;)

Following I will show you some pictures of my first thoughts about Kongshavn (most of these are close to 1 year old). Some of these thoughts will, and have been used, but the map has changed somewhat (it's larger for once). Most city and town names are fictional or might have a connection to a RL situation, and they are based on Scandinavian town naming traditions. Although, most Germanic speaking person should understand what most of the town names mean.
I also hope to create some discussion in the forums about planning, with both those of you who are professional - and hobby planners. as I was saying I started thinking and planning on this MD well over a year ago, this post will be about that time, and those pictures.

This first picture was made October last year, and was just something I threw together in PaintNET as a quick guideline for the larger Kongshavn area. Some of the ideas and names will still be used, though since the map is now bigger than before, I will not use the transportation system planned for that map.

-as you can see the only thing this map gives you is dodgy info about the general location of towns and some connecting roads. Not a very good map, but it gave me some guidance on where to put things, and names of towns (some have later been changed somewhat).

Next up is something I called Kongshavn aswell, a totally other region actually, handmade with a massive harbour/port (down in the right corner). I still think this region exists on my HDD somewhere, but it is not really something I am going to finish. The area that is quickly sketched was supposed to be the CBD and main areas of "Kongshavn".

This last picture gives you an Idea on how Kongshavn looked in its really really old days. I was thinking about making this a historic MD, but turned away from that idea pretty fast as I hate writing for an eternity about bull I come up with... XD

-the yellow lines are old roads, well ancient might be more correct. If I were to date this image of Kongshavn to "our time" I would say some time before 1200 AD.

Hope you peeps enjoyed this fresh edition of my new MD.

any thoughts and ideas (helpful or not) are gladly appreciated!

edit: I would like to thank every BAT'er, LOT'er, MOD'er out there who continues to give out amazing stuff on all the SC4 sites. You guys make this game sooo much more enjoyable, and I would specifically like to thank REBEL 13 for his map site, which still has some awesome maps (it's been around for a "while"), and of course his map that I am currently using: columbiasc or Columbia, South Carolina.
(somewhat modified to be fair though ;) )

,take care

Enjoy peeps!

...coming soon


Exile you have a good start here and I love that Map and I cant wait to see more of Kongshavn!!!

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 &apls thanks pat, my first reply in this MD. At least someone showed some interest  :D

Anyhooo... Here is a small picture (small because of the res., duh!) dedicated to you pat.
It is a small area of the FIRST city I clicked "play" on. In other words, there are many more to come!

,take care


-I added some extra pictures of the same area as the firs, to give you a better impression of the towns. The town we are looking at is one of the larger in the Follduland region.

-oh and the town centre in the last picture is NOT supposed to be a beautiful place ;)

+ just wanted to add an image of the same are, just with Gizmos Night mod. Me LIKES!

...coming soon

Patricius Maximus

Kongshavn looks great. I'll be sure to check back. Your residential areas look good. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll have a good MD.


Interesting concept.  I'll be interested in seeing your progress.

By the way, the pictures are really nice.


SC4 - Large Airport Builder project


This MD is a nice one. I like it. ;)

I like your pictures, they look excellent.

I'll follow this one, it seems like it can give me some inspirations. ;D
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ahhh shucks thanks Exile for the honor and its my pleasure to have made the first offical post!!!  Loved the homes and business, btw speaking of which where did you get those homes in the 3rd pic to the left?

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PM: Thanks! I like to vary in my residential layout (well and in any other actually), and I am not a big fan of a huge grid net.

mbsimcity: wow, so you really read the whole lot? Impressive  :D , well thank you, and I hope to make the best of it!

Sheep49: Thank you for that man! I hope it might be at least something a bit different if not much compared to other MDs... Which is very hard as there are soooo many!

Pat: ah, but you deserve it! And I am guessing you meant these homes?

They are Prepo's (pretty old BATs but very well made!).
You can get these functionalist babies here:

,take care

...coming soon


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yuppers those are the ones I meant and thank you for the link there Exile!!!  :thumbsup: 

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Looks very Scandinavian with the fancy villas and the ugly prefabed apartment buildings.  :thumbsup: Kjempe flott  ;D


very nice...great pictures of the residential areas. I look forward to more.


Awesome! Nice to see an MD with a norwegian theme.  :thumbsup:



art128: Hi man, thanks for the comment. It is a bit of a slow start, but thats how I like it. Don't want to rush into things you know!

Pat: No probs! Hope you enjoy the BATs!

metasmurf: jätte mysigt inte hur!? XD, anyways thanks mate, more to follow!

Yoder7652: Thanks! can't wait to get on with this MD, even though it will require loooots of time...

Mulefisk: Hei der muldyr-fisken! The theme of this MD is kind of Norwegian, but then again I like to use so many other styles aswell, it more or less ends up being a "germanic" theme... anyhoo, hope seeing you around here more!

Talking about my MD, looks like I am having some problems with my Commercial areas. The only growables who seem to, eh grow, are albert heijn by oppie, rzeczna4 by a polish BATer, and some few others... Need to find out whats the problem before I can show more of those areas.

Here is a picture of another RES area, that I just made 10 min ago! :D

EDIT: ...hmmm well problem might be fixed, I'll have to test somewhat more. Anyway here is a picture of the same town, just one block up ;)

,take care
...coming soon


I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Fine update here  :thumbsup:
Your city is looking very good  :)
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas



hi guys, just thought I should tell you I am currently having problems with my internet connection in my student apartment here at UMB.
The Tech guys will hopefully solve this problem ASAP, but I guess you never know with IT ppl  $%Grinno$%

Anyhow, I'll be playing some SC while im offline, hopefully I'll have a nice update ready when my PC is "networked" again ;)

oh, and I really enjoy your replies, thanks to everyone who find this MD just slightly interesting...  &apls

see you around!

,take care
...coming soon


great last update there Exile and I hope them nasty IT folks get the net working again for ya's... till then see you next time....

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Nice residental area! I really like it. ;)
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