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March 21, 2023, 11:28:47 AM

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Patricius Maximus's Older Regions

Started by Patricius Maximus, September 06, 2008, 09:22:02 AM

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Patricius Maximus

Table of Contents

0 - Introduction, Southern Hills Preview
1 - A Few Interchange Samples
2 - More Partial Creations
3 - The Intera "Collector System"
4 - Insanity with Dual Highways and Maxis T's
5 - The Last Out of Southern Hills

Patricius Maximus

Patricius Maximus here. Some of you may be familiar with my two CJ's at Simtropolis, Franklin County and The Patrician Showcase. If you are, you have seen creations that many have applauded.

But that is not why I have created this MD here. The purpose of this is to show some of my older, not-so-good, and interesting creations, along with a retrospective commentary, detailing what was wrong, why it was done, and how I'd do it now.

So, without furthur introduction, here is one of my beginning regions, Southern Hills:

Looks pretty awful, doesn't it?

Just wait until you get a closer view, in the next update.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.


Hey, PM- welcome to SC4D MDing.

As far as Southern Hills not being very good, it's too early to tell, as far as I'm concerned.  I do like the river layout on the right half better than the left, and some terrain (at least a basic valley) would make sense, but it looks like a blank slate still pretty much to me.

Good luck with your idea!

D. Edgren

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Patricius Maximus


dedgren: Thanks for the welcome. Also thanks for your comments. I'm not inclined to change much in the region, as this is sort of a historical CJ of my creations. Thus I'd like to preserve them.

art128: Thanks.

Today I'd like to show you a few samples of some earlier interchanges in Southern Hills. But one paragraph before it begins...

I've read all about MD'ing here, and I must say I'm starting to enjoy it. I consider Simtropolis to be the "base" for my creations, but I'd also like to show another group of people my work, albeit older work. I hope that the creations showed here, the retrospective commentary, and comments like dedgren's will help newbies or people who know little about interchanges to improve their work to its full potential. Lastly, I think 3 CJ's of mine at the same time on one site would be a bit too much  ;).

For comparison, I'll show views of two regions; the ones currently active in my CJ's at ST.

Patian County (in the Patrician Showcase):

and Franklin County (in Franklin County):

If you look closely, you can see a difference between them and Southern Hills  "$Deal"$.

Here are two interchanges, one from the early days of the MIS and the other, well, I don't know.

One of my first interchanges with the MIS. As you can well see, it doesn't even provide complete access. Even a cloverleaf would be better than this:

If I were to rebuild the above interchange now, I'd convert it to a diamond or a volleyball.

And this one is a real puzzler, even for me. It is only a half diamond, which is unusual enough. But what about the elevation and the avenue that goes nowhere?

This is even wierder than one of those bridges to nowhere.

Now I think I'd remove the elevation, and make it into a parclo.

And there you have it. Two strange interchanges. Some more stuff will be coming in the next update.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.


Interesting stuff.

Did anyone else noticed the optical illusion when looking at the pictures of the region view.  It looks like the picture is not drawn level in my browser.  Maybe it's a Firefox 3 feature ;D


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nice picture my friend  &apls I like the first interchange  :thumbsup:
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Patricius Maximus


mbsimcity: Thanks. I thought it was interesting. I noticed some of that effect myself, and I have Internet Explorer. Must be a compression artifact.

art128: Glad you like it. Although I'd advise you not to build it in your region, it's only partial!

Update 2: More Partial Creations

Below is another partial interchange with 2 Maxis highways merging to form a dual:

And to conclude this update, a lead-in to the next one.

What would this be? A collector system from RHW v13?

Find out in the next update, when more of it is revealed.

Please post comments.


I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Hmm... Just discovered this MD and I like what I see.  Its Kinda like my archives page, but you went the extra mile and made a actual MD out of your old stuff.  Well done!

I'll be back for more goodies!



Wonderful start there of your MD at sc4d, Patricius Maximus!

These two updates are looking great and the pictures in it are wonderful, too!

Looking forward to more...


Great MD here ;)
And also very nice update and city  ;)
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

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Nice old stuff Patricius. I don't understand how Franklin County is old. Can't wait to see more, un1.


Not very good?  I have no idea what you're talking about, Patricius, when you say that these pictures are not very good. :D  You are right, though.  It's not good.  It's great!
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Here are some rural power lines.

Patricius Maximus


art128: Glad you do.

haljackey: Thanks for dropping in. Actually, I got the inspiration to do this from your archives. I had trouble thinking where it belonged -- the Other Projects forum here, an update of the Showcase, a CJ at ST -- finally I just decided to put it here, and this MD is right at home.

bat: Thanks for the encouragement. Also, I'm glad you like the pictures.

Simpson: Thanks.

un1: Well, Franklin County is the farthest thing from old. I posted a picture of it to compare with Southern Hills. I'm glad you decided to drop in.

metarvo: Good or not good is mainly relative. Relative to some CJ's I've seen, it's pretty good. Relative to my newer work, it's not so good. Naturally, this is the prespective I have. However, I thank you for your comments.

Before the update, a few more words from the author (me). As you can well imagine, I enjoy making all of my projects, but this one is enjoyable in a different sense. I find it good and therapeutic to post these kinds of comments about my earlier work -- it is funny to see what I was doing, and what I was thinking. In some of the pictures (like some in Update 2), I think now I must have lost my mind for a while. If I did, I quickly regained my mental integrity. This update will be on the Intera Collector System -- well, if you can call it a collector system -- umm.. not really  &Thk/(.

Update 3: The Intera Collector System (if you can call it that)

The Intera Collector System is a section of highway in Southern Hills that goes through Intera, a city tile. It is somewhat of a stretch to call it a collector-express system, because the express lanes have interchanges on them, and the collectors don't have any! Just at-grade intersections.

So, here it is:

As you can see, the RHW has an old texture to it -- from v13. Here is it's genesis, south of Intera:

Apologies for the grid.

The reason that the above textures are current is because it was upgraded to v20 after it's creation. But that is not the case northbound.

The following will be some samples of it furthur north.

Here is a rather awkward interchange. The so-called express lanes have the bigger interchange, and the 'collectors' wind around and make a half-diamond:

This is one of those moments where I must have been insane. Still, I had to start somewhere.

After passing through a few more roads, the highway makes it's way north, in a compact fashion:

North of here, the collectors diverge once again from the freeway.

That is all for now.

As always, I promise more insanity, and more older creations.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.


Great new update
Your city looks very fine and also good highway  :)
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


great work on these update my friend  &apls :thumbsup:
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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One of the most important aspects of creating is evaluation. No, I don't mean sth like from the monkey to the man. ;) I mean looking back at your work, and see the good things in it, and bad things in it. To be honest, you are the first MD author I've seen, that actually is doing somthing like this. I'm very happy to see it. ;D

I love this MD. Just love it. Not because the cities are beautiful, or the transport system is great. Just 'cause I like seeing author's critical opinion at his own works.

Big, happy smile for you, Patricus Maximus.


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Great pictures of the highways there in that third nice update! :thumbsup:

Patricius Maximus


Simpson: Thanks.

art128: Thanks again. I have worked on them a lot (about a year ago  :D)

Sheep49: Well, I'd say it's evaluation and evolution. Sometimes my regions and CJ's act like organisms  ???. I'm glad you approve of this showcase, and it is interesting to be a pioneer in CJ/MD's.

Update 4: Insanity with Dual Highways and Maxis T's

After a 35 day hiatus, this Showcase is back -- and far from dead. I've had a period of tiredness for the past few weeks, and 2 other priorities at ST. But I'm now back.

In my building of Southern Hills, I must have gone insane again -- this time with duals. Must've had Mightygoose Mania  $%Grinno$%. This is a cloverleaf for a dual highway, and it's only partial!

If I were to rebuild this thing, it'd be something like Haljackey did with this interchange:

And over here is an unusual, incomplete Maxis T setup:

Bizzare  ::).

And, as promised, another Maxis T setup, which is functional, but really a waste of space:


Lastly, this is not a dual highway, but I think it belongs here -- a sunken cloverleaf with raw cliffs:


That's all for this update!

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.