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The 4 Families

Started by JoeST, September 07, 2008, 07:08:39 AM

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The weird thing about the future is anything could happen (well, according to some theories, everything will happen, you just have to choose which bits you will see).

So what would happen if someone invented (or found a way of utilising) wormholes. You may end up with a great network of planets, all with different societies and rules, languages and arts, technologies and ideologies. But then what? Would we strive to become post-physical? Would we rule over the whole Galaxy, or even the whole universe? What would happen if the great scientists (the greatest in all of human history, some would say) of the day developed timetravel? Would people want to live in the past? Would they want to see how the human race(s) cope with the future? Would they invite the people of the past to the places of the future? How would the policies and rules cope with influxes of past and future humans, used to the rules and regulations of times gone by or times to come? Would the future bring about a war between time's? who knows.....

Lets just imagine an aforementioned time where 4 couples of relative youth and good health are plucked from their respective times and plunged into a future of unforseen circumstances and only the tools and knowledge of their own pasts to build a new life out of nothing...

Actually, just ignore that... something weird just happened:

That wasn't there like 10 seconds ago when I opened the city :o


yeah nothing special yet :D, got nothing but the NAM and the cheats.dll
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An interesting read, very philosophical. I can't wait to see more  :)
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Fine to see you here my friend  ;)
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nice start, but I'm looking foward to more  ;)
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who is dis is my question? This can't be Joe lol ooooh but it is a MD by Joe!!! Now this will be exciting and very interesting to read and follow!!! I cant wait for more Joe and see what happens with the 4 families!!!

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Hmmm... my interest is piqued here. Not sure what the future will hold, but I'm anxious to see this start!

~ Dan
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The bird swooped down, wondering what on earth that blot on what used to be tree-filled landscape was. The bLot had literally appeared out of thin air seconds before. What the bird found made it squark in surprise.


   The sound of a squawking bird woke Jonathan from his slumber. He opened his eyes to find his beautiful girlfriend sleeping peacefully next to him. He decided (quite rightfully ;) ;D) not to wake her, and instead let his gaze wonder round the room.

   What surrounded Jon intrigued him; he was in a room he didn't recognise. The bed being the focal point, the room lacked much else in furniture. There was a comfy looking armchair, so he got out of bed and went over to it, to test it out. It was indeed as comfy as he had predicted. He continued to study the rooms decor. The walls were wooden, with some interesting pictures. He assumed they were artistic impressions of futuristic cities and alien worlds, for he had never seen any of these sights before. He went to the window and stared out  onto the window onto a forest. He was so startled by the sight of a bear calmly strolling by with a smaller animal in its mouth that he stepped backwards, onto a squeaky floorboard.

   "uurhuuhg" came a sound from behind him. He turned to face the bed.

   "Hey sexy"

   "Not looking like this, I'm not" commented his girlfriend, Courtney.

   How does she know that she doesn't look great he wondered, but decided not to vocalise this, instead he said "I wonder where we are, and how we got here..."

   With this, they heard movement in another room; Jon commented "damn, this house has squeaky floorboards, heh".

   His casual joke didn't humour her as much as he had hoped. She had sat bolt upright and whispered, "I'm scared. Who is in our house?".

   "Whoever said anything about it being ours? We could just as well be in a hotel." he chided.

   "Whatever, I think you should go and find out. And take this" passing him a slipper "just in case".

   Once again he wondered to himself In case of what? and how is that going to help me?. "*sigh* OK, if I am not back in 10 minutes..." and with that he gave her a peck on the cheek and made for the door.

   He walked out into what he assumed was the hall, closing the door behind him. There were 3 more doors off the area he was in, and a staircase at the end. He walked carefully down towards the stairs, listening out for sounds. Sound emanating from the door nearest the end on the wall facing their room, he paused in front of it before k knocking.


   She had woken before him, and he regretted that now. Amy was clumsy and had tripped on a seemingly unnoticeable difference between two of the floorboards, waking Casper sharply from his pleasant sheep counting. They made idle chatter until she realised something.

   "Where are we? This room isn't familiar"

    "How should I know, you got up before me!"

   *knock knock* "Excuse me, can I come in?" a voice from outside

   "Yeah, of course" Casper said suspiciously, and to Amy: "Maybe we will find out where we are."

   The newcommer entered. Amy fought down disgust quickly, the man was dark skinned and Amy was the first to admit she was racist. "Hey, I am Jon Deen. Nice to meet you." He offered a handshake.

   Casper accepted  the handshake "Hi, I am Casper Wernor and this is my wife, Amy."

   To Amy; "Charmed, to be sure" and then; "I just woke up and found that me and my partner were here, I guess it was the same for you?"

   Suddenly a scream filled the air. "Well" said Casper "I guess there are more of us. Some slightly less placid than ourselves."

   "I guess so. We were probably drugged and bought here in our sleep." commented Amy. "So, shall we go investigate?" She smiled ruefully.

   Stepping out of the door and into the corridor, Jon "Lets go, I will just go fetch my girlfriend (no doubt kicking and screaming that she isnt ready for public appearances, hehe)."


   After they had met the other 5 people (The Robbins family: Arthur and Patricia and 10 year old Daniel  in one room and 2 teenage girls, Beth and Emily Lamel that looked like sisters in the other ) they decided to go downstairs. There they discovered a full set of house essentials, including a kitchen with all you would expect and a living/dining room with a large table and a plush sofa. They then sent Casper outside to look around (he wasn't forced XD)

Yeah I know the lot changed but that was thanks to Casper who lotted me that in no time :) and sorry for the minimise icon, woops.

Just to warn you, its not all going to be narative like this, it took me over an hour to write this :D

And my grammar may be something to be desired, I apologise for that now :)

FrankU: No civilisation :D
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Nice approach. Is this going to be some kind of mixture of Civilization and SC4? That would certainly hold my attention for a while!


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Interesting enough story line so far. 
I'll have to come back for the next chapter for sure.
Robin  :thumbsup:
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Joe I have to be frank and I love your story line!!! Not many story lines I read but you gotten my imagination captive and I cant wait for more!!!!

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Very good, fun to see that I have a wife, but why did I have to go outside to look around... Good thing it wasn't me who saw the bear earlier...
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Quote from: caspervg on September 08, 2008, 12:03:59 PM
Very good, fun to see that I have a wife

...and I have a sexy girlfriend!  ;D

Great storyline so far... I'm very interested to see where this one goes.


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Great storyline! I looks like it's from a book! Keep it up  &apls
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Great to see a MD from you here, JoeST!
And wonderful start of that story! The pictures are looking nice!

Looking forward to a new update... ;)


Vry nice pics here my friend, great work   ;)
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Great work here, Joe!
I really like your story. I'm curious what will happen next! ;)

Have fun creating that one! :thumbsup:
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