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March 21, 2023, 11:27:49 AM

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The Grand Duchy of Genevra

Started by Dark_Jedi06, October 05, 2008, 10:49:16 AM

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Keep yourself appraised of Genevran history, politics and current events by visiting the Grand Duchy's page on the SCJU Wiki.

       Welcome to my latest MD, the Grand Duchy of Genevra; a Western European nation situated around the western periphery of Lake Léman and bordered by France and Switzerland. Genevra is a member-state of the SimCity Journal Union. The Grand Duchy occupies territory formerly under the domain of the French regions of Rhône-Alpes and Franche-Comté and the entirety of the Swiss canton of Geneva. Culturally, Genevra has existed since the early 1400's as the small kingdom of Bassléman, but has fallen under foreign influences for much of its history, including France during the Napoleonic Era and Switzerland in the ensuing aftermath. Formal independence would not be gained until the turmoil of World War II when an alliance with Nazi Germany would allow the reinstatement of the clandestine Genevran monarchy and a severing with the Swiss Confederation. Since then, Genevra has maintained a careful and tenuous relationship with the rest of western Europe. Post-war alliances and alignment during the Cold War helped to alleviate tensions around a common enemy and bring much of Europe to the fore in recognizing Genevra as a legitimate state. Relations with Switzerland, however, have always been volatile, as is often seen in modern political encounters. Efforts have been made to heal the rift and it is often noted that it is a clash of governments, and not of the people.
  • Full Name: The Grand Duchy of Genevra~
  • Conventional Name: Genevra~
  • Motto: In the name of the King, go forth for God & country.~
  • Government: Constitutional Grand Duchy~

    • Grand Duke Bertram Marolf
    • Chancellor Leutrim Wetter
  • Economic Orientation: Corporatism~
  • Official Languages: French, Romansh, German, English~
  • State Religion: Roman Catholic~
  • Currency: The Unio (formerly the Aur Franc)~
  • Capital: Geneva ad Rhône (commonly Geneva)~
  • Largest Cities: Geneva, Cologny, Corsier~
  • Gross Domestic Product: $32.8 billion~

    • Per capita: $73,559
  • Population: 445,895~

    • 986/km²
  • Area: 564 km²~

...this space to be filled soon...


Absolutely fab teaser DJ  &apls. I look forward to reading and seeing more  ;)


Hii DJ x

What a fantastic intro! The Banner, Map, Flag, Coat of Arms, ... It's all perfect!
I'm sure you'll do a great job with this CJ. Hope you'll stick with it this time ;)

xo xo Carmine


Wow the picture is perfect and so réalstic
How did you make the rain, with photoshop?  :)
My new city is now here
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Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Looks so amazing, DJ I can't wait for the first update!!  &apls &apls

Emperor Stormont

Looking fantastic Jedi, looking forward to what Genevra has to showcase :)

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Great start, but did I mention I hate teasers? Especially good ones :P


Evvvvvvil tease very very evil teaser indeed and I cant wait to see more here Dark_Jedi!!!

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Great start there of your MD, Dark_Jedi06! And the region is looking wonderful, too! Also nice teaser!!! :thumbsup:


very nice start there   :thumbsup:  great picture and flag  :thumbsup:
good choice of map  :thumbsup:
looking faward to more  ;)
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Great start on this MD, Dark_Jedi06! I especially love the map :thumbsup:
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War Kittens !?


Great start  &apls &apls. A lot of rain , but next time i will bring an umbrella  ;D Looking forward



"Fortune smiles upon our first effort." [Virgil 70BC-19BC]

We begin in downtown Geneva. Old buildings of French influence still stand from the Napoleonic and later eras, however skyscrapers have begun to appear in recent years as Genevra has begun to assume an international economic role. Strict preservation of historical sites is maintained and large commercial offices have only been built were buildings damaged by war used to stand. This accounts for the sparse Genevan skyline. In this first picture we also see the Colonna Sauveur (map point 1), the reddish monument which is dedicated to all Catholic saints. The tall glass structure nearby (map point 2) is the headquarters of the Royal Monetary Exchange.

The elevated rail line is the final leg of the regional route connecting the southern towns of Carouge, Genevois and Veyrier with the capital. It descends to street level before converging on the Geneva terminus.

One of the largest skyscrapers in Geneva, the tall white structure (map point 4) is the World Finance Building. Much like Switzerland, Genevra has become a major player in international banking and finance, building a reputation for discreet privacy and maximum security.

The Funtàna Grecca (map point 5) is a Genevan landmark and national treasure. The fountain, of the Greek god Eros, was crafted from solid gold and was a gift from the King of Prussia after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. Genevra had greatly supported the Prussians during the Napoleonic Wars in the hopes of staving off Austrian dominance, only to fall victim later to the Swiss Confederation instead.

Another view of the Funtàna Grecca as well as the tallest building in Geneva. The green-capped skyscraper (map point 3) is the national headquarters of Precision Mécanique, the makers of not only fine Genevan watches (the rival of which are the famous Swiss watches) but of delicate machinery largely exported to neighboring countries.

A night shot of Geneva's commercial center.

pipishere-I've always wanted to be the type to tease. $%Grinno$%

CarmineHilton-Whatever do you mean?  &cry2 I guess I don't have the best
track record, but so far I'm thoroughly enjoying Genevra so I think this may be the one.
Custom-lotting everything is fun. :satisfied:

SImpson-The rain is easy enough in Photoshop, if you're interested I'll throw up
a link to a tutorial or whip one together myself... ;)

Amerikaner-It's here, it's finally here! ;D
Emperor Stormont-There's a lot to showcase, too much in fact! So much to do and so little time... :-\

Yoman-Oh really? Well now I know how to piss off Owen... $%Grinno$%

Pat-I'm really starting to enjoy this novel teaser concept. What's next? A strip-tease? :P
No, I'll spare you all that. ???

bat-I can do nothing but agree with you that it is looking very nice. Thank you, bat. :)

art128-The map is an actual creation of the Lake Leman/Geneva canton, now that is
a good choice. ::)

Sheep49-The whole map is like 10x10 large tiles, so I'm sure I won't be loving it as I
labor to construct a lot for each, single square. :D

Zaphod-Many, many, many, etc. custom LOTs...almost everything I show will be
completely custom LOTted, I like the results it brings. A completely unique city. :satisfied:

kimcar-I promise to keep actual presentation pictures away from such heavy editing,
however when I'm teasing I don't want to give it all away. ;D

Just as a side note, can someone with a 1024x768 monitor take a screenshot of both the initial and first update and shoot them to me in a PM? I have a widescreen monitor so I want to make sure that it looks right on the average, smaller screen. Setting my resolution to 1024x768 makes it stretched and distorted so I can't really get a feel for it. Thanks! :)
...this space to be filled soon...


Wow fantastic update
This is absolutly splendid, your city is so réalistic
And also yes I'm very interested in a tutorial  ::)
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Beautiful new pictures of your really superb city!
Fantastic work there, too!  :thumbsup:


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*Eyes fall out*

Hate you, bitch!! :p


Excellent work here, the lack of teasers is great :P I see that you have taken the "LE Everything" approach like emilin, squidi, and myself (all inspired by Badsim of course). I love looking at their MDs and now yours because you can look at all the little detail in every single lot. My favorite photos from this update are the ones with the elevated rail line, reminds me very much of the one that goes through Berlin. ICE-3 Looks nice on it also :P Shame that you have to capture the images while only part of the train is showing otherwise it would be missing the tail cabcar. And now for an MD/CJ cliche, looking forward to more.


Your work is awesome.  &apls Keep it going, many props on sidewalks makes city better.  ;)
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