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New Bordeaux

Started by Engorn, October 13, 2008, 09:00:01 AM

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Well, first of all, sorry for may english. I will try to improve it writing this MD, but please, be comprehensives with me, I'm trying to do my best.

New Bordeaux is located in the northwest of the American continent, in the Strait of Georgia to be precise. It limits with Canada on the north and the east, with the British Columbia province, with the Lund River at the north and Mount Atmadja at the east to be precise, whereas in the south and west the region limits with the Strait of Georgia's waters.
The region was established on 1795 (january 30) by Paul Leclercq and Antoine de Prendregast. Although nowadays is an independent region, it has an economic and administrative arrangement with Canada, so the las one has some power over New Bordeaux, but in practice the region has a big politic and economic freedom.

New Bordeaux capital city is Mosman and the city it's divided in seven districts: Balmain, Epcot, Essen, Parramatta, Rushcutters, Ryde and Shatam for a better administrative organization. Those districts are subdivided on non-official neighborhoods or zones. Those zones aren't official, so make a map of the zones is impossible because there are not true borders of the zones, but the mosmites use them to situate better themselves inside the city because each district takes a wide portion of Mosman and it is not very practical to get orientated by districts.

Balmain & Epcot: Those two districts are the most far-off the center of the city and they are basically constituted by residential zones of low density. One-family houses aligned or disarranged overrun the landscape of Balmain and Epcot. Both of them have some big zones like the Amesuri Golf Club in Epcot or the Soft Rocks Sports Area in Balmain.
Essen: It's a basically industrial district. The International Commercial Port of Essen (ICPE) is located here and nearly the 80% of the products fabricated in New Bordeaux come from this district. There are two main industrial centers in Essen. The biggest one is the Essen Bay Industrial Center, around the ICPE, and the other is the Wolf River Industrial Center, around the river of the same name.
Parramatta and Ryde: They are mainly two residential districts. They are very similar with each other and their landscape is conformed by medium density residential zones combined with some commercial nucleus. Industry is not out of those districts. The Wolf River Industrial Center arrives to Parramatta and Ryde has his own industrial zone in Homebush Bay where is located the Homebush Bay Harbour (HBH). In the border of the two districts is located the Ryde-Parramatta Golf Club. Ryde is also the host of the Paul Leclercq International Airport (PLQ). In fact, due the big size of the airport, this constitute a district itself.
Rushcutters: Here is where everything began. This is the first district of Mosman and where most of the official buildings are. The first of the two downtowns of the city, Procton Point, is located here. For year, the downtown was surrounded by a great medium density residential area, but in the last decades this zone has grown up very quickly. Most of this rise is due the reconversion of the old industrial zones into residential zones. Today Rushcutters is the district with more habitants in Mosman.
Shatam: This is the last district of Mosman to start growing up. Here are some of the most important commercial zones of the city as the downtown of Golden Apple or the Sim Metro Life Boulevard. Shatam is the most modern district in Mosman and some of the most important buildings of vanguard are located here.

Name of the city: The name of the city becomes from the name that the first settlers gave to the First Nations of the region. They called them mothmen because they eat the dun butterfly (cryssinea apophis) very common in the Rushcutters Peninsula, exclusive of the region and which today forms part of the Mosman City Hall logo.

Official name: Republic of New Bordeaux.
Capital city: Mosman. (50º 1'N, 124º 44'O)
Most populted city: Mosman. (50º 1'N, 124º 44'O) 3.061.993 hab.
Official languages: English and French.
Other languages: Arab, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Basque.
  • Government form: Arrangemented Republic.
  • Government party: CDL (Center Democratic League).
  • General Minister (33º): Daniel Azkoaga.
  • Secretary Minister: Michelle Rendbrant.
Establishment: January 30th of 1795 by Paul Leclercq y Antoine de Prendregast.
  • Declared: June 12nd of 1796.
  • Recognized: October 14th of de 1823.
  • Arrangemented: July 27th of 1871.
  • Total: 517,96 km²
  • Water %: 5,26%
  • Borders: 168 km
  • Total: 3.252.375 (2010)
  • Density: 6279,2 hab/km²
Heigth: 0 m - 2.358 msnm (Mosman: 0 m - 164 m)
Max/min temperatures:
  • Summer: -5ºC a 20ºC 
  • Winter:-15ºC a 8ºC
(06/07 data)
Sotck Exchange Composite: NeBEX².
GDP (nominal):
  • Total (2008): US$ 4.770 millions
  • Per capita: US$ 45.973 (est).
  • Total (2009): US$ 4.346 millions
  • Per capita: US$ 45.393 (est).
IDH: 0,973 Very high
Currency: Canadian dollar (C$ or CAD).
Demonym: Neobordeauxian (english), Neobordeauxien/Neobordeauxienne (french).
Time zone: Pacific (UTC-8)
Internet TLD: .nb
Calling code: +1 605
Radio code: VAA-VGZ
ISO code: 538 NBX NB


woah! what a great start! looking forward to seeing some sc4 pics
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Great start! And looking forward to more!  ;D
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Nice map, I like the location you chose.

There are lots of good terrain modds available for Pacific Northwestern terrian, so this one will look very realistic when it's done
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Nice map and also nice start of MD
My new city is now here
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Wow ! great maps  &apls looking foward to more picure  :thumbsup:
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That's interesting :D I'm waiting for more


Well, thanks for your comments.  :)

The history of Mosman, and in consequence the history of New Bordeaux, is plenty of chronological gaps and the only well known date is the foundation date. Also, the telling of the happenings is not very accurate due the many versions of them, each one related from the point of view of the author. However, this one is the most accurate version possible, made taking those passages that were most probable to be veritable.

Last years of the 18th century. France is near to shake and burst into a revolution that will change the order all over the world. Some time before the French Revolution, the history of New Bordeaux began in Versailles, in the court of the king Louis XVI.
Two men, Paul Leclercq, count of Gascony, and Antoine de Prendregast, duke of Dijon. Instead their titles, their position in the court of the King of France and their reputation was questionable. In the last years, some events and misfortunes get their families to the ruin by the pass of the time along all the 17th century, so, when the titles arrived to Leclercq and Prendregast, they were mere shadows of what once they have been. Nothing more is known about those two persons before the beginning of their journey. In the court they were not very well received by those nobles whose families had keep their fortunes, and it looks like this was reciprocal. The historical lines start here to be confusing. Some people say that Louis XVI send those two men to a journey to find the Fountain of Youth for the king, and with this the honor will be restored on their families and maybe the fortunes too. The other historical line, and the most probably, say that this journey was a punishment from the king to the count and duke because they laughed of the idea of finding the Fountain of Youth.
However, mission or punishment, Prendregast and Leclercq, weighed anchor on board of the Saint Marie, on the command of 122 men and women.
Not very much is known about the years that they were sailing the oceans. Only we know that Leclercq, who takes the control of the mission, wrote a diary during their journey but it due the notes on the diary of Prendregast, seems to get lost during the first years of Mosman and it has never been found again.
Instead the limited pieces of information, we know that Leclercq and Prendregast pass few years on board of the Saint Marie sailing and searching for the Fountain of Youth, or at least stepping land to get new sailors, food and supplies.
Seven years later and probably tired of a useless search, they were in the (now called) Strait of Georgia, somewhere to the norwest of what today is the city of Vancouver, exploring a bay today known as Parramatta Bay. Is here where the memories of Prendregast appears. Leclercq has a mild illness and he was retired to his cabin. During his illness Prendregast took control of the expedition. It was January of the year 1795.

After taking control of the situation I ordered to the sailors to take the ship inside this narrow and deep bay. The helmsman, Ignacio Azkoaga, a young Basque and the only one that remains from the original expedition, obeyed immediately and we get inside another water tongue. It makes a week that we are exploring this bay and I am steel surprised of the great number of butterflies that there are, and more the estrange natives that eat them. The Scottish sailors that we get the last month call them "mothmen".
We, both of us, Leclercq and me, are bored of this journey. We are going to build a settlement somewhere along the bay.

So, that show us that Prendregast and Leclercq had thrown away the idea of find the Fountain of Youth. At the moment, in France, the French Revolution was in her highest moment. The expedition of Leclercq and Prendregast was forgotten time ago and nobody reminds of them.
The place selected by Predregast is what we know today as Darlin Harbour (Darling Harbour at the beginning, but the G of the end was lost and win a extra U with the time). There, the first settlers built a palisade and houses. Some archaeological remains of the palisade were found some years ago. With the pass of the time this settlement grew up and became to what today is Mosman.

Today, Darlin Harbour is a combination of street theater, subway exchange and the ferry terminal for all the Mosmites that live in Ryde or Parramatta and whose have their works on the downtown. In the 19th century all the harbor were cargo docks. Today those have been replaced with pier for leisure boats and the harbor has many attractions as the Darlin Harbour Market, expensive shops, museums or the aquarium.
From his foundation to the end of the 18th century, during the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Darlin Harbour was like his first years. It was on 1906 when a fire destroyed the biggest part of the harbor and only a few buildings get save. Maybe the biggest loss was the ship were Leclercq and Prendregast arrived to the region, the Saint Marie. After the fire, the Regional Goverment built a reply of the ship and now it can be visited as a museum of the journey of Leclercq and Prendregast.

This steam boat is the "Pride of Mosman" and is the first ship that in times, offered the commercial line between Mosman and Vancouver, route that it needed four days to complete (to go and get back). Today this route it's done in less than half a day and the Pride of Mosman like the reply of the Saint Marie became a museum too.

The Darlin Harbour Market is one of the few survivors of the fire in 1906 and one of the older witness of the development of the city. The market started being once a month but with the development of the city it became to be once a week, then twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Today, due the tourism, the market is open all the days of the week, within Sundays, day to rest for the merchants. There, Mosmites or visitors can find anything, from food to carpets, wools, kitchen accesories or decorative objects.

The Darlin Harbour Castle was built during the conflict between New Bordeauxians and Bristish, to defend the harbor. The castle never get used as a defensive building because British never attacked from the north, they did it always from the south. However the tower of the castle was used the first years as sit of the government. Before it was converted to prison a it was used for that just to 1910. From that year to 1986 the tower was empty without any use, when, after a year of works, the "Museum of Mosmite lure" was opened. The walls and the gardens can be visited to get some beautiful views of the Parramatta Bay and the harbor.

The little Church of St. Augustine gaze the Darlin Harbour nearly from the foundation of the city. The church is another of the survivors of the fire o 1906, maybe due to its elevated position. The inside of the church, like the outside, is simple and cold without any decoration. The most eye-catching is the red color of the church and this fact is also the most mysterious. Nobody knows why the color of the church is red.

The aquarium was built in circa 1980 and it has more than 200 of different species. A lot of Mosmites and tourist come to spend a morning or a evening watching fishes, sea horses, dolphins, sharks and all the sea fauna that is host here.

This auditory located on the heart of the harbor provides amusement to the Mosmites most of the days of the year. Here, every year is performed the International Folk Festival of Mosman or other many events.


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south park

beautiful update and nice start !! :)
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Well, I'm back.

Rushcutters is in a few words, the heart of Mosman. In this district we can find places like Darlin Harbour, Procton Point, Industrial Mile, The Moodyville's Treatment Square, Bicentennial Park or the Fountain of Youth Park, all of that consequence of being the first district of the city.
After the settlement of the first settlers in Darlin Harbour the city grew up inland to places that today we know as West Rushcutters and Procton Point. On this way, there's nothing unusual about that with the pass of the centuries the place that became the downtown was Procton Point. Soon this area of Rushcutters became the neuralgic center of the city and then, the City Hall was placed here as the first rail station of the region, some gubernatorial buildings and a large list of skyscrapers.

Today most of the mosmites ignore the reasons that carried to the founders of the city to those cold coasts instead the Fountain of Youth Park (also known as the Centennial Park), commemorative of the first century of the city. The fountain of the park symbolizes the Fountain of Youth that Leclercq and Prendregast were searching for the French king, fountain that they never found. The fountain and the park were unveiled on 1895 january 30th with a big celebration in all the city.
Crossing the avenue we can find the Founders Park. However today most people consider this park part of the Fountain of Youth Park. In the park there is a statue of Leclercq and Prendregast, founders of the city, onto one of the masts of the Saint Marie. Near the park is located the Mosman City Hall (left side of the image), a big mass of the beginning of the 20th century, which facade was restored for the second centenary of the city.

In the border of Procton Point we can find the MCB Arena (Mosman City Bank Arena), site of the NHL Mosman Wizards but also can host concerts, boxing fights, sumo or any other kind of event. The MCB Arena is next to the Moodyville's Treatment Square. The square was built to commemorate the treatment in which the British government accepted that New Bordeaux was an independent region.
Crossing the Museum Drive, one of the greatest avenues in Mosman, we can find the most important museums in Mosman: the Museum of Natural History of Mosman and the Fine Arts Museum.

The last years of the 19th century and the three first decades of the 20th century were of great prosperity for the city. Procton Point, the first downtown of the city grew up around the Fountain of Youth Park when the architectural style of the Chicago's School arrived to the west coast, becoming a great place to host new enterprises. Just to the crack of 1929. After the Great Depression, instead the fast recovery, the city didn't grew up a lot because those enterprises that get recovered or the new ones, took the places of those that disappeared with the downturn. Until the 70's, the skyline of Procton Point didn't change, and in this decade only two buildings were built in the downtown. After those two buildings the place stayed intact until 1987 when the construction of new skyscrapers was started instead the complaints of the citizens whose didn't like the changes that the city was undergoing.


Just Had a good chance to read over your md :thumbsup:
Impressive very impressive. &apls &apls

You are off to a good start here, keep it up and you'll have a winner  :thumbsup:

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Great maps, Engorn, you've made a fine start on your region. The harbour is very impressive, and you've included some really nice shots of the parks and other points of interest. I like your use of the various walls, too. The development of New Bordeaux is certainly worth watching.


Earth quake

Wow, just splendid Engorn.  :thumbsup:

I like the CBD, simply but really realistic.  &apls

Ps: Tiens bienvenue sur Sc4 devotion.  :thumbsup:


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Nice, but here is too maxis $$$ skyscrapers for me :P
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 :) Oh, thanks for everyone. Earth Quake... ¿What's a CBD? ???


CBD is another word for the central part of city with high-rises and skyscarpers. I think it is the same as downtown.

Anyway, great MD! In the second picture, though, there is the attack of repeated building! Arrghh! Do something with that :D But the mosaic is really magnificent! I wouldn't be angry if I've made one that looks like yours. ;) BTW, have you tried lotting? Because you might be pretty good at that, 'cause you care about every detail ;)

Keep up the good work! &apls

EDIT: Yep, it's 'Central Buisness District', at least that's what my English teacher told me ;)
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the last update is really great  :thumbsup:
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