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Mind Scape

Started by rooker1, February 27, 2007, 07:25:45 PM

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Welcome to Mind Scape.
This is place where I will show my MD, work in LE, RL pics, contests and other interesting things that I am working on.  Sit back and enjoy your stay.

I figure I should start a Mayor's Diary, seeing how I comment enough times in everyone else's.

So, the map I am using is hand made by none other than ME.  Nothing special and quite frankly it may change totally from what it looks like now to what it may look like when it's done.

I am going for a realistic look so I do use lots of cheats (what ever it takes)  Only the looks matters to me.  I use lots of different bats from BSC, Simgoober, JBsimio, jestarr, Blam, Peg, Jeronij, you name it I may actually have it.  Well over 2gig in my plugin folder.  I do have the NAM, Block ALL Maxis Buildings By DuskTrooper, Industry Quadrupler V2.1 by toroca, Super Demand Ordinance by Buggi  and many others.

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who has made this game much, much better than the day I bought it.  It's simple amazing what some of you can do.  This year I may actually try myself at making something.  Only time will tell though, I do have one boy now and another on the way.
Call me Robin, please.


And without further wasting time here are some pics,















I hope everyone enjoys these pictures and I will be back soon for another update. ;D

Call me Robin, please.


i enjoyed those pictures alot. thanks for sharing :)
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Where did your get the train yard and the garbage yard lots?



That looks fantastic, rooker!

I love the industry, the port, the power plant... pretty much everything I see.  And I have to echo joelevan, where did you pic up that automobile junkyard?

Keep up the great work!
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That is really good, Rooker. I like your industry - unique and realistic.  :thumbsup:


This is very well made, great realistic industrial areas.


Wow ... good taste for indusries ! Is that car junkyard your own stuff ...? :thumbsup:

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Nice good dirty looking industry  :P Very well laid out. Looking forward for more. ;)


Woww ! The industrial place is very nice and impressive  &apls


Very promising! I love industrial sites, and you have built a really good one. Very high level of detail too. :thumbsup:

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Good morning everyone.

Cali, thanks for the visit, glad you liked it and welcome to my mind, how ever deranged it my be.

joelevan and meinhosen, Welcome here and thanks for the comments.  The junkyard is made by North country dude, an amazing batter and lot maker.  I suggest everyone download everything of his.  I think he is the train yard/junkyard god.  Anyways you can find his stuff here, http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?page=1&keyword=north%20country&type=all.

Flipside, thanks for the ver nice comments, unique and realistic......that's my aim.  Welcome and enjoy your stay.

kwakelaar, Welcome here, I'm glad you like it.  I only have about a third of a large square done so far and this took me forever.  Build, destroy, move over one square, no,....don't like that either.

Badsim, I don't know what to say, you're here.  You have one of the best MD's I have ever seen.  So much detail.  I will be learning how to use the LE very soonWelcome to my MD. Any suggestions on how I could make this better?
The junkyard, mine, I wish I could make something only half as good as that.  No, as I said above, it's made by the amazing North country dude.

Rayden, Welcome here.  I really like industrial areas and ghetto neighbourhoods, so that's mostly what you will get from me. I'll post some more pics in a couple of days and I hope to see you again.

Antoine, Welcome to my place, glad you like it.  Impressive....thanks.  Trying to go big in the industrial.  Just as in real life (at least where I live, Toronto, Ontario) I will be making the industrial area along my highways, so there will be alot.  My map is 3x3 large squares with at least two highways through each one.  I hope to see you here again soon.

emilin, I love industrial areas, people need to work some where.  Thanks for the very nice comments.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  And please don't hesitate to say what's good or what you may not like.
Bye for now.

Call me Robin, please.


Hey Rooker,

It's quite a different start than I am used to.
Expecting to see some cities in develpment the first pics I see are.... waste port and plant. Smelly!

Nice those industrial pics. I see a lot of Evergreen containers there, I just made an order to them in RL for 13 containers LOL.

The petroleum port is very well done. I like the tubing and the storage tanks. Good work. That last pic with the three fuming pipes. Hellish!  ()flamdev()

Would it be foolish of me to ask where that great refinery is coming from?



Wonderful start! Great pictures! Your industrial area is looking beautiful! :thumbsup:


Quote from: rooker1 on February 28, 2007, 04:44:26 AM
Rayden, Welcome here.  I really like industrial areas and ghetto neighbourhoods, so that's mostly what you will get from me. I'll post some more pics in a couple of days and I hope to see you again.

Oh, you will, for sure, right after you make the next update ;)


it's ok ...i spend alot of time in my own deranged mind....that i thought... ;D"hey, Lets go spend some time in other deranged minds"
"It's not a design flaw, It's my signature"


Great start. I like industrial areas too. I'm looking forward for more.


Hey Robin,
Now that's what I call I good start.... who am I kidding, it's not good.... it's GREAT!!!  &apls
Love that first picture with the recycling centers and the garbage pier! 
And the rest is VERY well done, the rough and dirty ambiance is all over the place! Loving it!

Again great start my friend... cant wait for the next one!

Regards to you and family


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Most of the time the industrial zone are so mix-up that they not great to see , but your's is very well done and i enjoy every pics. &apls &apls  Very good start my friend . Keep it up  :thumbsup:


Quote from: rooker1 on February 28, 2007, 04:44:26 AM

Badsim ...  Any suggestions on how I could make this better?

Not really if you don't use LE so far ... glad to hear you have the intention to learn : you have an eye for details , complexity (pipelines) an coherence so I'm sure you would excel with LE . When this time will come , I'll be there if you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me ... ;)

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