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June 10, 2023, 04:04:06 AM

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Hampton Roads - Ort's Island

Started by Norn, October 20, 2008, 05:11:17 PM

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Hello Everyone. Welcome to my MD Hampton Roads.

I've always wanted to start my own MD and well, I finally got around my block and got to work. Hampton Roads is the result of it. While my region is still far from finished some parts of it is. The (most) completed part is called Ort's Island and is located to the north west and is as the name suggest an island.

What I is going to do is to create a story driven MD that will take you, the audience, through my entire Region. This story/MD is going to be told in a second person (At least that's what I think it's called.) perspective. Now I bid you all welcome to;

Ort's Island
(Placeholder for nice header)

Even as you're trying to catch your breath, you realise that you were extremely lucky. Catching the last ferry and narrowly avoiding getting wet! You know that had you  made a bet on those horses you would be a little richer now. However you have no time to ponder about past mistakes, since there is a huge wall of water coming towards the small ferry! jumping into the interior and shutting the hatch behind you, you here how the wave crashes against the ship. Even though you both know how to swim, and that the ferry services in the Hampton Roads region are amongst the best in the country. You still can't help to feel a little fear... After all, this both is a tiny one.

Looking out of the small windows you see something that you could've lived without. Amongst the rocks and harsh coasts of Ort's Island your eye catches the Lone Sailor Lighthouse, its almost exactly as you remember it from all those years! Except... that there is a half sunken ship crashed at the rocks beneath the lighthouse... The ghastly image is actually quite foreboding, and would be even without the lighthouse casting some light over it...

Still looking out of the window you see in the distance the small fishermans village in the bay. As you smell the air around you, to try to remember the distinct smell from the boats moored at the docks, you almost faints... Someone has definitely laid a really bad one... You ponder the fact that it does smell fishy after all.

After some time, and after some (failed) attempts at purify your airspace, you look out of the windows again. You smile as you realise that those lights are from the marina at Fisherman's Cove... The main port of Ort's Island. Your smile grows even bigger when you laments the fact that as you can see the lights from the marina, your horrible trip through a storm ridden sea is almost at an end!

The rain continues to batter at you even as you make landfall on Your Island. You smile when you realise that the very nice car parked in the parking lot is for you! Your Uncle truly appreciate you! Hurrying towards the car through the rain, you open the car door, and literally throws yourself inside the heated interior of the car.

"I assume that you're your Uncles Nephew?" The driver ask
"The one and only." Your answer seams to satisfy the driver and he ignites the car and starts driving through the town.

After driving for a moment or two, a flash from the lightning storm that you thought had passed lights up the sky. Looking out through the car windows you realise that the car is right next to the cemetery... You unwillingly remember the fact that there is more people dead then alive on this Island...

"Are you alright, sir?" The driver asks you
"Yes, yes I'm fine... Just an unwanted memory." You replie, your mind elsewhere

You lets out a relived sigh when you see your Uncle old mansion in the distance.

"Finally!" You say.
"Welcome home, sir." The driver replies. You raise your eyebrows at him, questioningly
"What do you mean..." You start, but the driver is already out and is carrying your bags towards the front door.
"That was quick." You say to yourself.

As you start your trek towards the doors of the mansion, you spot an old friend of yours. William "Bill" Jones, the mansions all-knowing, always ready butler.
"Welcome home, my young friend!" He say
You smile and replies "Thank you, my very old friend!"
"Hmpf!" He starts "I shall have you know that I'm just three decades older than... Oh, wait... Alright! I'm old. Happy?"
"I will be, if you let me inside the house! The rain is freezing!"
"Of course. It's good to see you again!"
"Likewise, likewise my old friend."

Together you both continues your trek towards the front door. And to the answer of your question; 'Why did my uncle want to see me?'
And the answer to that question, except for your uncle, only the high waters know...

So... What do you think? ()what() Comments? Tips? Pro's and Con's?
Stay Tuned for the next episode of Hampton Roads


it's a good start and I'm actually wondering what's going to happen next. I'm impressed with the quality of your writings and the story looks promising. I also really like the setting of the story, an island, a big thunderstorm...and all! interesting!

Keep up that excellent work.


Great start! I must ask, though, is this MD based on the Hampton Roads region of southeastern Virginia? (Norfolk/Virginia Beach etc. area)
My days here are numbered. It's been great and I've had a lot of fun, but I've moved on to bigger and better things.
Glory be unto the modder and unto the fun and unto the city game!


creepy, but awesome

I would suggest for the rain effect trying to make it a bit finer rather than have visible pixels, try to shrink the layer with the raindrops so that it is small lines instead.

War Kittens !?

south park

beautiful start on the MD but the effect is too hard !! ;)
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Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


great start on your MD Norn  :thumbsup: As I said in "show us your", very great picture  :thumbsup:
looking forward to more ;)
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You are off to a very nice start. 
But I would like to suggest that you change your pics from png to jpg as it loads much faster.
Also some of your effects could use some more pratice, but that's what makes this game and showcasing it so much fun.  Practicing and learning new things from the community.
I look forward to what you have for us next?
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


I like but the effect are not very good. ()sad()
What network do you use to do this?
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Hampton Roads

Thanks everyone for the replies, and pointers. Just so you all know, I'm still a novice on the effect side but I hope that with your help I can improve.
After the replies is a teaser, the next chapter is most likely going to be ready very soon. (Soon=Before Friday) If everything goes as planed  &Thk/(

LP_Green: Thanks for the comments, I'm glad that you like the story. ;D About the Island & thunderstorm... Well it's almost mandatory when visiting an Island there must be some sort of storm, thunderstorm or something likewise.  :thumbsup:
nerdly_dood: Thanks, and yes. This story is going to be based around the Hampton Roads region, however slightly modified to fit in with the story.
Zaphod: Thanks, the creepiness is just momentarily. But it will most likely come in waves. Also thanks for the suggestion about the rain effect, I'll try that. But as I said above I'm still a novice on it, so have patience with me ;)
south park: Thanks. I'll work on the effect, they are still a little tricky.
Simpson: Thanks :)
art128: Thanks, hope you'll like the rest it.  :)
rooker1: Thanks. Also I followed your suggestion and changed the next picture to jpg. Hope you'll like the next chapter. ;)
sciurus54: Thanks, as above, I'm still a novice on the effects, so give it some time. Hopefully I'll improve  :) Also, can you further explain what you mean about the network? I'm not sure I understand %confuso

Anyhow; the teaser
Hampton Roads - Teaser

Meet The Maria Helena, currently trapped in the storm that plagued the last chapter. She will play a small role in the story in a few chapters


Norn, this looks pretty sweet, i wonder what it looks like withouit the rain ;) . but still cool.
        a pretty cool idea to do it as a story



great picture  :thumbsup: but I don't want to stay in the boat  $%Grinno$%
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Not bad pic! :thumbsup:
And i would mean a software! ;)
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Great work there on your start of this MD! Nice pictures, too! ;)

And looking forward to more chapters...