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March 24, 2023, 03:17:00 AM

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Developing Nipigon Island - City of Nature - Is It Going To Live Its Name?

Started by un1, October 26, 2008, 11:44:38 AM

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Welcome To Developing Nipigon Island!

This is my second MD here at SC4Devotion. I hope that this will turn into being at least a Best Seller, but then again, isn't that the goal for all MD's?
I started this CJ at Simtropolis yesterday, and I decided to add it here.

So sit back and enjoy the long lasting Nipigon Island CJ!
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What this CJ is going to be is just building Nipigon Island, I am not even close to completing it and, yeah well, will I probably ever complete it.

But instead of giving you teasers until it is complete, I will tell development stories, of course I do not have many pictures this update, I think you will enjoy it.

Let's start with the first little update, only 5 pictures but at the end it gives you the Nipigon Island you love.

First we start off with the last image shown in Chain Island,

Then we add the main entrance to the town,

We add the other roads and zoning also plops,

Then I add the details,

Lets play it for a few years, and look at this,

That is how I make villages. Pretty simple, eh?

Well enjoy the Developments Nipigon Island,

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Glad to see you've finally got started with this, looking forward to more  :thumbsup:


Nice stuff you have there! The first picture is just magnificent! This minimism is really loveable ;) Seriously! Great, and SAM roads add realism. And could you tell me what's that plopped building in the middle of your town? The one with blue roof. It looks really nice! I'd love to have that :)

Anyway, nice start! I'll keep an eye for it. ;)
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I don't know why, but it's so strange for me  :P
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Pretty good. Things in your village seem a little mismatched, but it looks like a good start. Might I suggest adding some sort of trees to the park greens?

Keep It Up!



Nice start you are having there. Looking foward to see more.

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CraigKingOfIreland: Thanks! Thanks for the banners.  :thumbsup:
Sheep49: Thanks! Really? The hotel is located here.
kbieniu7: Um... Thanks. :P
c-dodolez-man:Thanks for the suggestions!
Lilojame: Thanks!

Update 1 - Developing Davenport Part 1

You could say this update is the first of many Developing Davenpost updates.
So like the last one, it goes in steps... So here it is,

First is a picture of the future city.

Well, all of my cities start with transportation.

Then I build the seawalls.

Thats when I build the retaining walls.

The last thing of this update is the utilities and the cheats.

Very boring? Isn't it?  $%Grinno$%


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Glad to see you over here. I look forward to seeing your work at both sites.  :satisfied:
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This is the most interesting update I ever seen! You dont believe me?  ???
Well... the streets look nice and seawalls also. What are your plans for doing around them?  ;)

Visit my MD Rainbow Falls or check Rainbow Falls Out of the Box or maybe check on my bats&lots visiting Lilojame´s Corner or if you wish go to Lilojame´s Candidacies.

"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray."  (Byron, 1788-1824)


Schulmanator - Thanks, and yes, I keep them updated at both sites. 
Lilojame - Thanks, I don't quite believe you but oh well  :P. I don't have plans, I just move along...

Update 2 - Developing Davenport Part 2

Just today I went over my main plans for Davenport, and I noticed there I named it "Rockford" and the town I will now name "Davenport" was "Rockford".  $%Grinno$%

So onto the update...
More steps. Same thing as before. More details.... More pictures!

So then I add more roads... Just like little roads, not quite streets.  ;)

Now for the plopables...

This is my first try at the draggable paths so the park might not look to amazing.  :thumbsup:

Now for the zoning.

Development will come soon!


Member of the AFDES Union.


Very nice update, un! I'll look forward for more... by the way, who made those nice banners for your CJ?
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Nice beginning you have here un1 :thumbsup:  I'll be dropping in again to how this progresses ;D

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Nice update here un1! Really like how you show us your before pics and show us you developing the region,like if we were playing! &apls


wishfulanthony - Thanks. :) CraigKingOfIreland made those banners for me.
blade2k5 - Thanks and welcome! See you soon. ;)
flyingbird93 - Thanks. :)
bluesinijed - Thanks, welcome! ;D

After a long wait it is here, Update three.

Update 3 - Developing Davenport Part 3

Last developing Davenport update until the Tour of Davenport.
Not many pictures but you get to see it complete. :)
Next update will include a mosiac or video, I'm not sure.  $%Grinno$%

Onto the pictures, first the development.

Completion of the city...

A nightshot,

My first major photoshopped image,

Teaser of a new city,

I hoped you liked it.


Member of the AFDES Union.


Not bad at all... very nice, although I suggest staying away from edge shots because they ruin the illusion when there's a massive dropoff in people's yards. I think some houses need a little relotting because some of the yards are very sparse. Other than those two, you off to a great start! :thumbsup:


Nice development, but I think you should try a street mod, I'm missing trees in your residentials zones

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great update, i really like that waterfront image.  what sea walls are you using?  your trees look great too, really seclude your small towns :)


sim-al2 - I was thinking about that. I wonder why SimGoober didn't lot them...  &Thk/(
wouanagaine - I have a street mod. The tree's only show up when they are next to a civic lot... I guess I need to change them.  &mmm
firebird93 - Thanks! There are two seawalls in this city. May you tell me what picture the ones you want are in?

Update 4 - Tour Of Davenport Island
Comes with a mosiac!

First comes the mosiac of Davenport, not Davenport Island.

Who ever wondered what's on the other side of

that bridge?
This update will show you the rural area's of the Davenport Island. ;D

Once directly on the island, a side road appears, to a town you will soon see,

After that it is direct wilderness for quite a while...

Then another side road appears,

Soon after that, you reach the most southern point of Nipigon Island, Davenport Point,

Going up on the picture view (the right side is north so it would be west) you see that road that met us when we first arrived, Southern Settlement,

Going more eastern you meet this settle ment at the most Northern area of the island, North Davenport Island,

That is all, no clue on what the next update is going to be. Probably on the 10th of December...


Member of the AFDES Union.