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Fort Carlton: A City-state

Started by c-dodolez-man, October 26, 2008, 11:57:08 AM

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Fort Carlton

   Fort Carlton started in the mid 1800's as a trading post along the James Carlton Trail, and began to prosper over the years into a thriving community of traders and entertainers. When the Industrial revolution came around, they built a sea-port on the coast, opening up for a more sophisticated trading network. Eventually, entrepreneurs came to sell, corporations came to stay, and manufacturers came to build. People built their homes, and the city grew out steadily along the river and lined the bay area, and all was well. Nearby, about 2 or 3 miles to be exact, another city began to build, farther down the river. From there, the original Fort Carton area began to slow, and nearby Hollander Valley erupted in a volley of skyscrapers and factories leaving Fort Carlton in the dust. Fort Carlton still grew though, but it will never be as prosperous as it was, and never as prosperous as Hollander Valley.

   In 1992, Fort Carlton and Hollander Valley were combined into one region, and the two cities were now under the Fort Carlton name. Things continued, and Fort Carlton's industry began to pick up. Now, only time will tell us the tail of Fort Carlton.

Table of Contents:

The City-state of Fort Carlton, Governed by John Sutton

Chapter 1: Fort Carlton and Industrial A (this page)

Chapter One: Fort Carlton and Industrial A
Fort Carlton, a bustling city of industry and residence, is growing, and we will first take you to the Port Area industrial district, Industrial Sector A.

The Industrial District borders right along with the residential neighborhoods, but a fine line between the two is drawn; PEG Artificial Trees, and a wall were erected by Mayor Veal to bring down pollution, and tame the industrial eyesore.

Bolts & Screws Inc. is one of the many factories that is near the wall, and trees were planted to make things look 'nicer'.

People have no problem living next to the Indrustrial sector, due to Mayor's efforts to make it so,

A Final zoomed out shot of Industrial Sector A, showing the port warehouses, and the factories.


Well, nice start, but I think you should put seawalls at whole lenght of indutrial area near water. I hope you';; show more  ;)
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Quote from: kbieniu7 on October 26, 2008, 12:04:03 PM
Well, nice start, but I think you should put seawalls at whole lenght of indutrial area near water. I hope you';; show more  ;)

That is what I'm planning, I'll show you guys an updated picture with seawalls. And just a teaser:

Chapter 2: Central Fort Carlton (Coming Soon)


Great start here, I especially like the idea to ring the industrial area with sight-walls. The only thing I could say is that maybe dirt roads are a little incongruous for a major industrial zone; but that's just personal opinion. Can't wait for more~! ;D
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Looks interesting. Good idea with those walls to separate the industry from homes.

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