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March 24, 2023, 01:55:47 AM

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Halifax,Nebraska-Update 2-Construction of Becon Hill

Started by GreekMan, October 26, 2008, 04:47:59 PM

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Hello and welcome to my first MD, Halifax. (You can view this MD over at ST under the same name)Halifax is located in the state of Nebraska if you didn't know. The city is located between Lincoln(state capital) and Omaha.(the largest city in the state)  In the summer time the temperatures can get into the 90s. But in the winter season, you will find the metropolis to be very cold (low to mid 50s), so bring a jacket or bring a lot.  As a matter of fact the city can get a a lot of snow. Snow can get to be 3-4 feet in some parts of the city. So enough of the into and let's see some city building!


Update 1-  Welcome to Sports City, USA!

Welcome to the heart of downtown. The heart of downtown is known as the Finacial District, due to it's many important buildings. The tall white building is called the TG Bank Center and it's the tallest building in the city. Surrounding the TG Bank Center are other important banks (Bank of Nebraska)  and important firms (Thompson and Sons).

We'll start in the center of city life as we head downtown to the Civic Center. The Civic Center is home to many important city offices. One of the most important is the City Hall. The City Hall had built in three stages as you can see. There is a main City Hall, a City Hall North and a City Hall South. The tall and big blue building (to the left of City Hall) is occupied by the County Administration. The city has it's own Stock Exchange but it dosen't compare to New York's.

Next to the Civic Center is the headquarters for the Halifax Herald. The Herald is Nebraska's oldest newspaper.

A few blocks south is the beloved Nationals Park which is home to the Halifax Nationals. Baseball is taken seriously in the city and it's very common to see fans waving flags and banners and screaming after important games. Nationals Park was built in 2004. The Nationals are current awaiting to be submitted into the Sim City League Baseball or SLB. The red building to the top of the picture is the headquarters for all the city teams. So you will find the offices of Bears (football), Nationals (baseball), Senators (hockey), Lakers (basketball) and Halifax United (soccer). In addition to the offices, (on the the higher levels of the building) are the team stores(on the street level) which are always packed with fan buying sports related items.

Nationals Park is located in the Gaslamp Quarter. The Gaslamp District has become a hot bed in which thousnds of young people come down and eat and/or drink.  A lot of people come to the Gaslamp,  Friday and Saturday nights. There are hundreds of sports bars and resturants in this district filled with fans supporting their teams. Parking can be a challenge sometimes....

Also located in the Gaslamp is Memorial Square. This square commemorates those who have fallen in America's past conflicts.

The Shopping District has grown in popularity over the years. You will find a lot of people on a Saturday morning looking for fruits and vegtables. The most popular area is the Chinese market which is packed will people.

Located west of downtown is the newly built Convention Center. It can hold up to 5,000 people at a time. Located next door is Kaiser Permenate's midwest headquarters.

Basketball and hockey are popular sports in the city too. The city cheers on the Halifax Lakers(basketball team) and Halifax Senators (hockey team). The arena can hold 21,000 screaming fans. Both are waiting to be subbmited into SCBL (Sim City Basketball League) and the Simtropolis Hockey League(STHL). As a matter o' fact the city is called Titletown to so many people because the city teams have won 20 champions all together. Halifax is quickly replacing Boston as Titletown, USA!

You can't have a large city without a central police headquarters. Built in 1924 , Halifax approved the construction for Halifax's Finest. The Police Headquarters is usually packed will police officers, 3,000 to be exact.

Opera is sometimes popular in the city. It's mosty popular to the rich who usually go when they get the chance. The Opera House was built in 1912 by local city buissnessmen.

And finally here is a overview of Downtown Halifax and the surrounding areas!

Well I hope you enjoyed this update. Stay tuned for more updates!  :thumbsup:
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Rebuilding America's Finest City!
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Great start, GreekMan! Your downtown really looks and feels like the real thing. I'm sure it will look even better when there are more suburbs surrounding it. My only word of advice is to suggest not putting freeway interchanges so close together; even in downtown cores, ramps are rarely less than 1/4-mile apart.

Keep up the great work!

Feel brand new. Be inspired.
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Recreation: San Diego County
Rebuilding America's Finest City!
Visit my MD today!


I know how you feel. Sometimes I want to say the same thing in the Nyhaven thread. It seems that, as we are at a smaller community here, our threads don't get as much attention as they do at ST... I guess we can only be patient and wait for the replies that do come.

Feel brand new. Be inspired.
Nuclear City - 5/8


Hey man, no need to be rude... &sly

Still, great MD so far, looking forward to an update!
If you're bored with the PEG police car I have made a few police car mods, the link is in my sig: otherwise, i have made a police van to match the peg one.
My days here are numbered. It's been great and I've had a lot of fun, but I've moved on to bigger and better things.
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well, here comes a post, and be patient, the rest will come. i like what youve shown so far. its a great downtown, with a good variety of buildings and no huge skyscraper jungle. im wondering if the glr extends up into that neighbourhood? might be a good way for the sims to get downtown.  the parking between the smaller buildings add realism too. good work so far.


Look sorry about what I said. It was kind of frustrating and i though none cared ....

woodb3kmaster -Thanks! Oh, well I though that's how onramps  are in downtown areas. I space them out in the suburbs.Yeah you are right about the replies.....
nerdly_dood-Thanks and sorry about being rude.I really need to download a new cop car modd for your batch.
jmdude1 -Yeah I kind of was not patient.Dumb thing I did. Thanks and I plan on destroying the GLR in a later update!
Update 2-The Construction of Becon Hill

Welcome to the newest neighborhood in the city, Becon Hill! Becon Hill is located to the south of downtown Halifax. The monument was given to the city by the French government after they gave Liberty City I-I mean New York City, the Statue of Liberty. The monument provides a panoramic view of downtown Halifax.

Streets needed to be put down in order for the construction of homes. The roads and avenues will have commercial buildings.

Here is an overview of Becon Hill that houses 12,000 residents.

The Gaslamp Quarter has been completed and it's right next to Becon Hill. Don't you love the Gaslamp?

This neighborhood will be called Cambridge and it will house many students to the University of Nebraska at Halifax or UNH. (You will see more of this area in the next update!)

And finally here is a shot of a unkown area that has not been built. This might be a immigrant neighborhood of some sort.(Maybe a GreekTown)

Recreation: San Diego County
Rebuilding America's Finest City!
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