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Xion, Empire of Dreams

Started by mmorales2, October 28, 2008, 04:44:51 PM

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Hi everyone, this is my first MD, Xion, Empire of Dreams. Xion is a Island nation located between Iceland and Faroe Island. It is a nation composed of three large Islands and smaller Islands surrounding them. It is a nation that has been isolated from the rest of the world since 1568. The Islands were found by accident. A group of English colony ships were heading to the new world with the Queens permission to start a colony under the English empire, but sadly the ships were caught up in a terrible North Atlantic storm and the ships were thrown off course. The ships were taken north east and discovered the group of Islands that was soon named Xion after the leader of the colony ships heading to the new world,  Agustus Xion III. The Island was discovered in 1560.
   The sea around Xion is a constantly dangerous and perilous journey, with very strong waves and shallow waters. 95% of Xion's coast line is surrounded in shallow waters and there are many sharp boulders that line the shallow waters. It was a miracle that the English colony ships did not get shipwrecked, in fact the colonists believed that Xion was meant to be found because it was the will of God. The attempts to travel to Xion from Great Britain to Xion was a perilous and dangerous one, and only after eight years of traveling back and forth from Xion to Great Britain, with the destruction of 250 ships, getting ship wrecked by the storms, sea, and the dangerous coast line, the British empire stopped all travel to Xion, condemning it as a dangerous and costly expense to the empire and it not being worthy of the empire. So, with that, Xion, in the year of August 10, 1568, became an independent nation from the British Empire. This made the colonist furious and knew they were on there own. They no longer called themselves British, but Xionites. For the next few hundreds of years, Xion would be totally isolated from the world, it's location would not even be on any world map. Xion would for the next few hundreds of years become a civilization of there own, creating beautiful cities and making technologies surpassed that of modern day technologies. There will be many shipwrecks over Xion's history, bringing new peoples, new ideas and influences from all over the world that would shape Xion's culture, it's people, and the cause of several wars.

Xion National Flag

Here is a little treat of what is to come. I hope you enjoy and will update again soon. ;D


Wow! :thumbsup: I love the flag, the banner, and of course the SC4 shots! ;D I don't think I could manage this great photoshopping, yours is awesome. :-[


You are off to a great start, I can't wait to see more.

PS, your picture size is fine.

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Fantastic start there of your MD!

And looking forward to more.............. ;)


Interesting Mayor Diary, you've certainly caught my attention. I wouldn't want to drive on the slopes to that church/cathedral/government building, tho.
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south park

great start mmorales and very nice flag , hope to see more !! :)
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Hello everyone. I am pleased to present to you another update of my MD. But first I would like to say thank you all for your nice comments.

I would like to introduce you to one of my cities, Jamaza Bay. Jamaza Bay (Named after a plant that grows wild over the landscape. You would know it as a Jasmine plant) was one of the first cities established during the early days of Xion's colonization of the Islands. The city is influenced in Mediterranean styled buildings. The influence came from an British born man named Carl Mathan, who had Venetian heritage. He had traveled to Venice and loved the architecture. He adopted this style into his own architectural skills. When he heard of colony ships heading to the new world, he knew he had to go and knew that the new world needed the Venetian architecture touch.  Little did he know he would never make it to the new world. He did though love Xion and never left the land and decided he would have to give Xion a Venetian touch.

The Historical Carl Mathan Mansion. Still stands to this day and is still occupied by the Mathan family.

To this date, Jamaza Bay still carries its historical Mediterranean style all over the city. The city is known in Xion for its advances in medical technologies and major arts and architectural schools. The majority of Xion's best architects studied at the Jamaza Academy and Xion Architect Institute. Jamaza Bay to foreigners is nicknamed "The Second Venice" or "Little Venice."

Night Picture of Jamaza Bay. Isn't  It Beautiful.

Not all of Jamaza Bay is a city composed of many smaller landmasses in the bay that have been developed over time. In the year of 2004, Jamaza Bay had a serious fire in its Merchant District that devastated that part of the city. It is recorded that 1000 people were killed in the fire. The fire spread so quickly and was so intense; people were not able to escape the fire in time.

The official report says a bakery was the cause of the fire.

The fire raged on. The estimated death toll was 1000.

The city did recover and rebuilding of the Merchant District began immediately. The Merchant District is no longer a Mediterranean style, but a area clad in glassy skyscrapers that dominate the sky line. There is a memorial that was built for those who died and a reminder of that horrible day that has been dubbed, "The Great Fire of '04".

Old meets new.

City at Night. A glassy skyline.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed and more will be on the way. Oh, don't forget to rate and thanks. ;D


Adorable!  :thumbsup: Looking foward to see more.

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south park

great update  ,your night view is just splendid !! :thumbsup:
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southpark:  Thanks for your nice comments. Promise more is on the way. :thumbsup:

sciurus:  You think this looks great? Wait until you see more. :D

Lilojame:  Thanks for your comment. I am glad you enjoy it. ;D

Well, I don't have any updates at the moment, but I promise you more will come.


Awesome!  I love how you relotted those buildings of Mika's...  they're great!!

Check out Abelfarei!


I love how those people just drive by the fire. :D

Nice Phot editing effects and a nice city. :thumbsup:
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Awesome update.  The fire through the city is a nice effect.

I would urge you to change your pictures to jpg instead of png as they would load much faster.  ;)

Robin  :thumbsup:
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I love the contrast between old and modern.
C'est dans les ténèbres que l'on voit la lumière...et dans la lumière que l'on voit les ténèbres...



that were some very good pictures and i love scene pics like the ones with the fire!
good that not the whole city burned down.

great start :thumbsup:



Ok.  I've been wowed here :o  I'm liking this MD a lot.  Fantastic start &apls

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Very nice, but you should change your pictures to .jpg format because the pngs take a really long time to load.


       Welcome everyone to another update of Xion, Empire of Dreams. Today I will be taking you to a historical city of Xion, Queens Bay. Queens Bay is located on a small cliff island that is in the mouth of the Queens River that leads out to the Atlantic Ocean. Queens Bay was established in the year of June 5, 1545. Queens Bay was originally a fort city with a castle, barracks, stables, cannon foundries, gun powder workshops, homes for soldiers, and more. It was a city known back in the early days of Xion's history as a war producing city. Today though, it is now a city of timber- tudor homes and businesses. It is a city known in Xion for its wonderful chocolates, castle of Voxono III, and beautiful European design.

The bridge is the only one that leads and leaves Queens Bay. It is the original bridge in Queens Bay since 1545. It is the oldest and still in use bridge in Xion.

Some Beautiful homes.


Modern Library meets history.

Park surrounded by beauty. European BEAUTY. ;D

Voxono III Castle.

Downtown view.

Botanical Gardens. The oldest in Xion. Established in 1898.

iamgoingtoeatyou -   Thank you. I have made this update with smaller pics, But I am very new to this and I have no idea what .jpg means. LOL. :D
squidi                 -   I am glad to hear this. I hope you liked this update. :thumbsup:
XoX                   -   Me too. I have a Paris theme city that I will be bringing out with some modern taste.
rooker1              -   Like I said to iamgoingtoeatyou, I don't know what jpg or png means. Any info on this will be great. Thanks.
NASCAR_Guy       -   I use to live in California and there would be huge fires going on and people would pull over on the freeways and take pictures and leave. You won't belive
                             people do. LOL. So, I consider it the norm.  :D :thumbsup:
CabraBuitre         -   Thanks. More is to come.


.jpg is a file format, when you save it in photoshop or paint, it asks you what type of filee to save it as, instead of saving it in .png, save it in .jpg, it'll load much faster.