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.:The Imperial Kingdom of Royal Collanden:. Newspaper 12/6

Started by Albus of Garaway, November 08, 2008, 05:46:42 AM

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Albus of Garaway

.:The Imperial Kingdom of Royal Collanden:.

Basic Info

Capital: Geneva
Languages: Gaelic, English
Currency: Alliant
System of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Population: 5,400,000 (approx.)
Per Capita GDP: 47,000
Prime Minister: Arthur Macmillan
Monarch: Queen Ophelia XIII (To be succeeded by Princess Alison II)


May 11th, 1123: England gains control of the Collandeen land, then known as Colltinneenanstein, and begins taxation on the few farmers are merchants living in the sparsely populated area.

December 3, 1598: France begins war with the English over Colltinneenanstein. The French claim that because their current Monarch's ancestors were born there, that they deserved the land. The vicious war was fought through the harsh winter, and finally ended with a victory for France in April of the next year.

July 13, 1603: During an important visit from the Swiss people, France decides to steal goods, kill women and children, torture men, and threaten Switzerland with war all because the Swiss refused to visit on the day they were asked. With both nations outraged, they went to war, which the Swiss won when the French backed down in November of that same year. The French knew that the price of a winter war in Colltinneenanstein was far greater than the price of losing the land.

September 2, 1681: For over 75 years, Switzerland focused almost all their efforts to Colltinneenanstein. After being treated poorly by the English and later the French, the Swiss did an astoundingly excellent job of cleaning up the nation. They even decided to change its name so that the people could better forget their past. They decided to name the are Collanden.

October 27, 1682: The Collandeen people decided that it was time to be their own nation, and peacefully created a document for their Swiss rulers stating that they were to become their own independent country. Switzerland, although saddened by this, decided that it was best for the people of Collanden, especially since Collanden was getting so big that Switzerland was having a difficult time supporting it.

January 7th, 1879: Collanden officially decided to become a Constitutinal Monarchy.


Collanden is located on Colltinneenanstein Island. Other nations on the Island include Garonia, New Bernstein, and Achinania.

Garonia: Communist state
New Bernstein: Constitutional Monarchy
Achinania: Democracy (Government corrupt)


Prime Minister

           Imperial Advisers                      Imperial Representatives

Various Department Leaders



Mayor's Council

Italics: Elected by the people
Normal: Appointed by the Prime Minister

The Grand Council is the area of government that accepts or rejects laws. Council Members meet once a month  and decide which laws to throw out the window and which laws to enforce. Only Imperial Representatives can bring up laws to be debated over, and they must vote in a matter that represents what their region believes. Members of the Grand Council are Imperial Advisers, Imperial Representatives, and the Prime Minister.

I do have one teaser for you until the first update. Enjoy!



My new city is now here
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Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Great start on your MD my friend, great map. The first picture is great !! But with a bit of terraforming, that will be better  :thumbsup:
looking forward to more  ;)
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WOW!!!  I can just tell, this is going to be an AWESOME MD!  &apls


Awesome start, will definatley follow  this MD.
Love Major Diaries that have a history &hlp


Nice start with that theral historic overwiev. The effects you used on the "teaser picture" looks nice. It will be interesting to see what you have planned with your MD.

Good luck!

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Albus of Garaway

.:The Imperial Kingdom of Royal Collanden


Lilojame: Thank you! I'm actually pretty surprised at how the picture turned out...I didn't really expect it to look so nice!

Fabian93: Great! I love history too.

Jetset3: Thanks, Alex! I appreciate that.

Art128: Hey, he's here! I was hoping you'd reply. Yes, the Grand Council would look nicer without that ugly retaining wall, but the problem is that if I level the land in front of that, I get even uglier retaining walls on those gorgeous W2W buildings...Oh well, sometimes we must pick and choose.

Simpson: Thank you! Hope to see you back.

Engorn: Thanks! Sorry for the wait!

And a little teaser:



Oh my gosh! There you are! I was looking for you around the site :D

Great MD start I have to say! The newspaper is not bad, and the night shot is just gorgeus! :thumbsup: I have to say, though, that the biggest (and only IMHO) disadvantage of your pic is the building with two towers, which doesn't look right in it's sorroundings. At least for now ;)

BTW, Blue Floydshire, as the stand-alone administrative region of Great Britain, would show interest if Geneva could be its sister city ;) We are waiting for your answer ;)

Can't wait to see what are you going to do next time :thumbsup:
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Looking good, Albus! Might I ask, though, what that huge building toward the bottom-left corner is? I'd love to get my hands on it.

Keep up the outstanding work!


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The good side of playing with photoshop is that we get surprised sometimes. ;)

The newspaper that you did looks nice and was an interesting to read. The nightshot looks gorgeous.

Looking foward to see more.

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Wow that is one awesome shot!  It's such a nice city, and great job with the harbour-front!  I hope to see a lot more soon!  :)
And good luck with the SCJU application!!!  ;)


interesting start...I see a few bats that I recognize...


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Geneva looks fabulous...very nice indeed and i look forward to seeing more!

btw, the SCJU flag is the one below....that was the old one  ;) :)


this picture look splendid my friend  :thumbsup: I like the mix of big buildings, W2W and government building. nice work !
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Good start! I'm interested to see how Collanden will interact with it's neighbors. I'll keep an eye on it.


Albus of Garaway

Wow...a little too long, eh? But I strongly believe in the 'quality, not quantity' saying. It's taking such a long time to get an update out because I needed to do some major changes to Geneva to make it look right. So, on to replies!


ben_meissner: Thanks, Ben. There's already some tensions with Garonia, so stay on the lookout!

art128: Thanks! That's exactly what I tried to accomplish.

pipsher: Great! And thanks so much for the correction. I'll make sure I put that in the next addition of Her Majesty's Harold.

blade2k5: Thanks! Sorry you had to wait.

Yoder7652: Ha ha, yes. They are fantastic, by the way!

Jetset3: Alex!! Thanks, I got in! I hope Revante is going well!

Lilojame: Thanks! I'm hoping to have more papers in the future.

woodb3kmaster: That building can be found right here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1159

Sheep49: Hey, great to hear from you again! I agree about the building with the towers. That's one of the things I re-did while I was gone. Hope you enjoy the update!


Overlooking the Loch Spuaic (Lake Spire) in downtown Geneva.

The Collandeen Military Command Center, shown here as the glorious sun rises into the sky on a Monday morning.

The GR (Geneva Railroad) Line Main Terminus Bus Parking area, shown here on a dull November day.

A very foggy morning on the edge of the English River. Believe it or not, this is literally steps away from downtown. The retaining walls, created in 1893, make it seem as if the hustle and bustle has simply disappeared.[/i


The update was well worth the wait Albus of Garaway. I like how you use a mixture of pictures; one at night, a couple in day light and a foggy day. I cannot decide which one I like most though, the picture of Lake Spire or the bus parking area. Keep up the great work and keep doing what you are doing, it is working well :thumbsup:
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