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March 21, 2023, 10:47:57 AM

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Started by Fabian93, November 19, 2008, 11:29:19 AM

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my name is Fabian and I'm from Germany.
In this MD I will show you Laon.
Why Laon?
Well when I started with a new region I didn't know how to call it - so i called it Laon, because that was how Lohne (my hometown) was called over 1000 years ago  &idea, when it was first mentioned (it was in 980 to be exact!). However it has nothing, really nothing to do with my hometown (maybe I might recreate some real places of Lohne though).
Everything you see has been in work in the Lot Editor at least once. This MD is my first try at the Lot Editor, but I'm happy with it and I try to improve my skills with every update.

Here's a first teaserpicture:

Click on the picture for a full sized image (1024 x 768).

Hope you enjoy my MD :)

Stay tuned,


Fabian, I'm a big fan of custom Lotting MDs and I'm sure, your MD will turn out to be a very good one as well.

The first picture is pretty good (nice choice of buildings!). Though, just for my personal taste I think the use of porkies chains is a tad too extensive... and maybe using streets along with the roads as well might spruce it up even more. But that's really just my personal taste, most important always is, what you like  ;) And don't put yourself to much under pressure when it comes to updating... RL's always first.  :)


This is a nice teaser, Fabian.  I look forward to seeing your next update, as well as your lots.  I do plan to follow Laon.  :thumbsup:
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Excellent start from the gate, this is a great picture! I think your editing of the picture enhanced it so I would say keep up with the touch ups of the pictures. As for school, friends, homework and other things, put those second on the priorities and SC4 #1 ;D I am just kidding, whenever you have the chance to do more know that I will be anxiously waiting.
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This is looking very good, nice start of md ;)
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas



praiodan: Thanks for being the first poster in my MD. Yes, maybe you are even right. The use of PK's chains is pretty extensive so far, but since your post I've already been working on that. I'll now try to have a higher variety.
metarvo: Thanks alot!
projectadam: Glad to hear you liked my editing in contrast and lightning. Thanks!
Simpson: Thank you :)!


Update #1

Today I will mainly show you pictures at night and a Lot I am working on as I'm writing. I still need to find out how to make a good update, but I hope you like the way I do it  ;).
Again: You can click on the pictures for a higher resolution. (1024x768)

And here's the Lot I am working on (actually i quit the LE while updating - took me about an hour or more to upload these images  &mmm) It will be the Foreign Ministry of Laon  :)

I hope you enjoyed this update, and I'm looking forward to many comments!  &hlp


Well, all cities made with LE looks good. It is and I hope it'll be still the same :P
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


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excellent work on the LE my friend, really great city  &apls
looking forward for sure !
Arthur  :thumbsup:
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Thank you kbieniu7, papab2000, art128:) I'm glad you all like it.


Update #2

Today I have 2 pictures and 1 request for you. Not many pictures.. huh? BUT I have a cool mosaic for you, which is worth to look at in my opinion. You decide yourself  ;). To be honest: I know that there's a great tutorial for mosaics by ilikehotdogsalot if I remember right.. however... I don't have Photoshop, so I did it with GIMP, and there I don't know how to save a mosaic in several small pics - so I had to save it as one large pic. Please give it some time to load...
And yep, I know the last update was just 2 days ago, but I just had to post this mosaic, since I'm pretty proud of it and it seems, that I won't have much time this week for SC4.

Click on it: (1024x3000)

The Government of Laon is proud to present you the flag (pretty simple though) of Laon:

It was inspired by the flag of Lohne:

Now to the request  :D :
Could somebody please make the flag of Laon as prop for the Maxis Lot Editor, so that I can place it on my government buildings  :)?? If you can do that, or know somebody who could do that, please write it in this thread or write me a P.M.

I hope you like the flag and the mosaic,
Fabian  ()stsfd()


A great start to your MD! You have done an admirable job with your LE work.  :satisfied:
See the all-new National Capital Region!:

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Very nice start!!  ;)

I like this city, and I want to see more.  :thumbsup:

Greetings, michl
Hi, Greetings to everybody

My Metropolis Harlin:

Teublitz Fire Department


Great start of your MD there!
And wonderful pictures of your nice city! Nice LE-work!
And also nice night shots... :thumbsup:



Schulmanator: Wow! Thanks for these words. Glad you enjoy it!
michl: Thank you! You will see more, and I hope you look in this MD from time to time  :)
bat: Hehe, you posted your reply as I was writing a new update  ;D - It's always great to hear such words, as I've already said  :) - Thanks.


Update #3

Oh well... hm not many replies in my MD - what's wrong? Maybe I do something wrong with my presentation, or is the city just not your style? Hope to see some new faces here!  :thumbsup:
Well, now to update 3 - i had 2 tests this week (2 hours Biologie and Art). Finally the week is almost over (friday is left though). So i have some time to show you some updates  :-\
Ok here we go!  ;)

Again: You can click on the pictures for a higher resolution. (1024x768)

Same picture later that day... :)

You see: there's free place (4x4)... what should I place there? I thought of a little plaza with a fountain, but I'm not sure.. any tips?

From another perpective...

On the right there's a street divider - I thought it looks cool to park the cars in 45°.... people props that I placed somehow disappeared.. hmm

German Embassy (people props are back - cool!):

On the top left: Sony Center; on the top right: The Parliament of Laon (at sunset) and a bit of the free 4x4 place.. what to place there  ()what()

Ok that's it for today.
I hope you enjoyed update #3 and I'm looking forward to your comments,


Very nice pictures.  You idea for a park in the empty 4x4 sounds pretty good.  ;)

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Looks really good!

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with your presentation, I think its very good indeed!  :thumbsup:

Fantastic pictures and nice work with the lot editor as well!  :)


Wow! This MD is looking really amazing! I can't believe I haven't popped by here before! Very good presentation and amazing layout!  ;D

Keep up the good work!  :thumbsup:
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rooker1:  Thanks, well to the 4x4 plaza... I build one, but I thought it doesn't match there, so instead I'll lot the Pudong Tower by... I think... torremajor. You'll see that in the next update.  :)
Geronimo: Thank you. Glad you like the presentation, I still think it could be better though.  &mmm
M4346: Thanks. It's awesome to hear that you find this MD "amazing".  :)

I'm very honored by all your kind words. Thanks alot!!  &apls


Update #4

Uh... another update. I guess my MD is the only one with already 4 updates in 11 days. But I'm still in the rules with that I hope.
Well, what will you see in this update?
You will see the region around the Foreign Ministry of Laon here. You remember when I posted a screenshot of it in Update #1? Well it's finally ready, BUT I wasn't able to make them transitable  :'( :'( .. Why that? The SC4Tool said: Error - Couldn't read that file or something like that. Maybe somebody knows?
Anyway - I'll first show you the lots, then the lots placed together in game and then a before-after shot.
Enjoy it.. or not.  ()stsfd()

Again: You can click on the in-game-pictures for a higher resolution. (1024x768)

Lot1: The little seaport for the rich people of Laon..  ;D

Lot2: First part of the "park" (don't know another word for it), where people can relax and eat.

Lot3: The other side of the canal, it belongs to the Multimediashop (people can relax and eat here to). :)

Lot4: Multimediashop - MainLot...

Lot5: The beginning of the other side (Multimediashop): Entrance from the underground.

Lot6: A tower, which I couldn't make transit enabled.  :'(

Lot7: The last part, near the Foreignministry... (I wasn't able to transit enable this, too.  &mmm ()sad())

Ok, that was the Lot-documentary.  :D.
Now... how does it look in the game?
It looks like this: (now you can click on them for 1024x768  ;))

I thought it looks cool..   ;D

.. but I still don't know, why you sometimes see the people-props... and sometimes not..  ()what()

Ok, that were the in-game pictures... now a before-after look on that "region". Excuse the grid on the first one, it was just for planning purposes  :). You can click on these for 1024x768, too.



I think I got alot of work done in this update. Took me some time to finish this. I'll hopefully see you in the next update (#5 already) for more "lotting-adventures"  &Thk/(.
Oh and... The Government of Laon wants YOU to build your embassy in Laon. Please write me a P.M if you want to build an embassy  :).

EDIT: I will not work on something new in the next updates, instead I will relot every Lot that has been placed in my city so far - more details could be added, and that's what I'm going to do!

Hope to see some replies and I hope even more, that you enjoyed this,
Fabian  $%#Ninj2


Beautiful work  ;)

But this smal harbour is blocking the canal, so boats cannot go trough it :P
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Hi Fabian
And a great looking MD you have started, lots of detail and you are making an effort to make something special.
Nice to see your work in the LE as well.
The people props have certain cycle of showing up, you just have to wait for the right moment to make your pictures.