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Evain Region ***RHW SHOWCASE***

Started by 05greene, December 03, 2008, 11:22:04 AM

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Hi welcome to my First Mayor Diary

THis is my first on but this is my current cj which i have done a couple updates on which i will show later.
i have moved to here because the speed at which it took simtropolis to load on my computer took the mick :thumbsdown: and this is much more reliabe ;D

I hope you Enjoy this and I will Bring over My First update Of Verbra


Table Of Contents

Page 1 Verbra And Sandy Airport
***NEW Page 2 RHW Showcase ***



The Evain Region Is built using all Large city Squares
and i use all of the obivious modds which include NAM,CAM,Radical Ordiance ,Road top mass tranist
If u like something you see in this MD and just tell me and i will try find a link for You.

The first city i will be showing is Verbra;
will put some stats up later
but first Heres the update of my Airport.

Verbra internatal airport is the 5th largest in the Region carring many passengers and freight all accross the reigion.

THis is an Over View Of the Airport

And many Regional Jets Fly From this Airport Aswell

Virgin Anlantic Have There own terminal .

This is many of the main gates that have many different airliners.


A nice airport you have there. The 4th picture would be my favorite one.
Looking forward to see more.

Have fun,
Karin ()borg()

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Very nice start, but I think I see two planes that seem to be trapped between those buildings.  ::)

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


What's this, a new MD?  It looks like you have put a great amount of effort into that airport, 05greene.  :thumbsup:  It's better than any airport I could throw together, that's for sure.  Robin is right, though.  Assuming you're facing north in the first pic, there really are two planes that are blocked in near the southeastern corner of the airport.  Don't let that discourage you, though.  I know you will do a good job with Evain Region, 05greene.  I look forward to the next update.
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Thank you to every one that has veied this major dairy.

Metarvo. Thank you, I know i just realised that i kinda rushed this airport and i did not use the realistic run ways just the pre-fab ones.I have just Downloaded it and all my other airports can only get bigger and better. :D

rooker1. Thank you. Ive notieced

Lilojame. Thanks i personally like that one aswell. i also love night shots you will be seeing many more of them

Flyinbird. Cheers .making airport is time consuming and i had many game crashed im (clumsy with Nam pieces and stations ;D). btu When you get it right you fell go about it.


I am now showing the downtown of Verbra the skyline is full of skyscrapers and most of the shots are a night so enjoy.

As Seen In the banner above

A day shot of the eastern part of my cbd close to the airport

This is the Lighthouse Tower and the mellenium Tower At night.
Ps I also Know that there are som Udi markers so PLEASE DONT TELL ME

The Verba Athletices Staduim


i think im missing files from ea's website that i cant get anymore which makes nothing show up.  great update though!  thats a dense downtown for sure!  cant wait for more :)


Fantastic Airport here, great work on it  :thumbsup:
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas



Simpson. thank you hope you keep looking round

Flyinbird. have u installed the update ep1 if you have not go get and then download the BAT update for it showes the nightligthin on cutom buildings.

Update 2

This is now the residental and industrial areas  this wll be the last upadate of verba and i will be moving on to the next city which is sandy with the advice from other people the airport is much bigger and lookes much better , but i hope you liked verba.

on of the many tall residental buildings.

THats it for verbra i hoped you liked it. the next update will be of sandy and this features a much larger airport



Flyinbird. which airport pack did you download? and yeah stay looking that airport was rushed badley.

This is the end of the city Verbra i hopeds you liked viewing it and next will the new city of sandy.

THis is now my next city sharing it borders with my previous city verbra this city has the 3rd largest airport in my region there is still room for the airport to expand if i wish to. i have also taken the advice from people and downloaded more plane packs and the realistic runways and markings set.
i will put and overview shot of the airport up but i couldn't do it at the time as it crashed when i zoomed out :angrymore:.so i will leave u with a couple teaser shots of terminal 1 which is the smallest.

And a finaly shot the last before my game chrashed  :( keep looking and i will get more shots up very soon

Shot of a BA plane

View up to the Main Entrance of this terminal with signs showing what airlines are flying from there

The tunnel entrance to this terminal for passengers.

Thankyou For viewing keep looking and many more shots will be up very soon


Great update. 
I love the airport and I don't see any planes trapped.  ::)  ;)
The airport packs are really good looking, almost makes me want to make an airport, but my menus are already very full.  ()stsfd()

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Nice airport! I was wondering, what is that roundabout filler you have with an parking lot and bus stop? where can I get it  ::)


Now you Guy are lucky updates in a day lol.

Quick Replies.

Robin(rooker1)-Thank you lol. keep lookin the next update is hugeeeeeee

Gammro-Thank you and yes i do have a link for what you are looking for Just Click This

Now its time for the next update which is Treminal one And Two i love this airport. and i took me about a week to complete this airport, with many game crashes which did not help. but i finnal made it and view my achivement.

Here is an overview of the airport.
With Terminal 1 in the top Left Corner. T2 Below It, T3 Below T2 And Termainal 4 the biggest on your screen.

As You can see there is 4 large runways which i have made longer to hold larger aircrafts. There is still room for expansion of the airport.

Here is a shot of T1 and T2. theres are smaller terminals Which cater for the richer high class passengers.

An other view of the Entrance to T1

T2 Entrance which is similar to T3

Virgin Alantic at T2

Singapore Airlines at T2

Thats is for this part of the update keep watching for the next terminals of this larger airport.

-Elliot Aka 05greene


Very nice work on the update, the airport is coming along great.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


That airport has improved very much from the first time I saw it.  It seems like you have truly mastered airport design.  Great job!

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Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
Want more? Try here.  For even more electrical goodies, look here.
Here are some rural power lines.


Robin- Im Glad Your liking it

Metarvo- Yeah this airpot took me time to build but it was woth it im just waiting to find some new things for my airport. Thanks

Now For my next update i will be showing More pics of Termainal 1 and 2

This is a shot of T2

This is a shot of T3
Thay way i built these termainal with all tunnel entrances so i could build more airport without roads being to close

And here are some jets

Now i dont have any more pics of T1/T2 but illl will leave you with this teaser of the biggest terminall at the momment Termainal 4

Thank you for viewing this update and hope fully i will get some more pics of the termials

05greene AKA- Elliot


For The moment im going to put this mayor diary on hold
for a bit just untill some new things come out
and i get some new Airport this but please check out my previous updates
my new thing im working on is a how new terminal for my airport with some new
packs that i have downloaded expanding thiis airport much much more and heres just one more picture.

Enjoy ;D