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Delphi County. (The story of the Vitrellis)

Started by tragicomicus1, December 05, 2008, 10:22:08 PM

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Delphi County

The Story of the Vitrelli's

This is the story of a family that forged a new land. As a newcomer to the area of Delphi, Antonio Vitrelli found himself in a strange place. A place that was as unblemished as it was untamed.

The rail that brought him to this place would be the last one he would see for months.

He would have to live off the land. He thanked the gods for the fertile soil and plentiful water. He was a young man of nineteen, alone for the first time in his life and ready to meet the challenge.


My new city is now here
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Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


What a great start  :thumbsup:
I will look forward to see more from your story.


Update One

Building an Empire

Antonio quickly found a niche in the farming trade. Initially growing crops for sustenance he soon realized that he had surplus goods that would go to waste if he didn't sell them. Soon he was selling Corn, Wheat, and potatoes to the rest of the nation via railroad. He eventually built a beautiful Home on his land and operated his financial empire from within it's walls.

He built a second farm and Left Hank Hanson in charge

Hank and Antonio (or Tony as the locals liked to call him) had grown to be good friends. He showed Tony a lot about this culture that was so foreign to him. He looked out for Tony and made sure he didn't get taken advantage of because of his generosity or naivety. Hank ran the crop dusting operation that serviced all the farms. His daughter, Hattie was an avid photographer and loved to ride along and take aerial photos of the area. It is thanks to the Vitrelli Family Archive that we have these well preserved looks into the past.

Vitrelli Agricultural Industries employed most of the sims in a rapidly growing community and Antonio was on his way to becoming very wealthy and influential. At 25 He married Hattie Hanson, the daughter of his Right hand man. They had three sons and a daughter in as many years. Jade, Calvin, Giuseppe and Irene.

By the age of 30 he had amassed a wealth of some 30,000,000 simoleans. He had grown tired of farming and was looking to branch out into Industry. Most of his farms were self sufficient cash cows allowing him the freedom and time to pursue other ventures. He financed the Hanson Hosiery Mill as a silent partner with Hank Hanson (his son's father in law).


North Delphi has grown into a small community of about 1500 people.

The area to the Southwest will be the future location of downtown North Delphi....

Stay tuned......


Love to see MDs that are approached with this style. I was thinking that a crop duster in the early 20th century seemed out of the period but was surprised to see that crop dusters came into use after World War 1. Looking forward to see how this develops tragicomicus1 :thumbsup:
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Here's a teaser pic. I am preparing a big update for later tonight.


I like how you write, its an interesting story. And great terrain. Looking forward to see more.


Update 2

The Empire Expands

In the ensuing years Antonio's fortune grew as did his family. His four children had blessed him with eleven grandchildren (seven boys and four girls). We'll talk about them later.

With his children efficiently running the family business Antonio decided to go into semi-retirement at the age of fifty. His lifelong dream had been to own a castle. It would be easy for a man of such means to simply build one but Antonio was a bit more of an interesting guy than that. He and Hank brokered a deal to have the castle from his childhood home dismantled, shipped and rebuilt brick by brick on his own land.

He had always been a bit of a mariner at heart. In the Spring of 1947 he had the area East of downtown dredged and re-sculpted into a gorgeous marina and Yacht club. Here he spent most of his time. It was a life of leisure and luxury. Things were going far better than he had ever dreamed.

The town was booming. And to the south there were a few communities that were growing more rapidly than Upper Delphi. Jenson Beach which had started as a small beach community had attracted the burgeoning Entertainment Industry and had grown to over 500,000 Sims.

We will be spending some time in Jenson Beach in the near future. It seems Giuseppe thinks he has what it takes to be an entertainer  :satisfied:  . But in the late Fifties and early Sixties he was unaware of the temptations that would await him. His struggles will nearly be the undoing of an empire.

Stay tuned, it is going to get good......  ()flamdev()


i like your story, and i like would to know the continuation  &apls

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Just a quick post before bed time. I have a nice mosaic and an animation for you. These are from the city of Portville to the South of Upper Delphi.....

Industrial Area of Portville at night.... (it's animated so give it a sec)

Mosaic from one The South Side to the North Side of Portville....

And just for fun, hows about an animated mosaic?


You are off to an amazing start.
I like everything you have done so far.  The mosaics, animations, the special effect and photoshopping, all very well done.  I can see you gaining a good fan base very quickly if you can keep this up.
Great work here, I will be back for your next update.  &apls

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Very nice MD you are forming. ;)
I like your cities alot!  :thumbsup:




Robin I appreciate the compliment. I am kind of trying not to follow anyone's ideas and make this into a sort of epic saga in the vein of "The Godfather" without the Mafia connection (althouugh I have a bit of a mafia related side story that will unfold)

un1Keep checking in. It should be getting much more interesting

SimpsonThanks for the encouragement

ProjectAdam The cropduster thing may have been introduced a little early. But for arguments sake let's just say that Hank Hanson was a pioneer in the field. LOL

Flyinbird93 Yeah, I enjoy playing with Photoshop. There's just so much more life that can be brought to these shots with it.

And a general thanks to all that have replied that I may have left out. Keep reading.....



Hey all,
I haven't updated in a while due to a death in the family. I haven't abandoned this MD so fear not. Just had a bad, crazy, hectic week. I have the next couple of days off so expect a major updated Friday or so....
Thanks for reading.


sorry to hear the loss, all my wishes and take your time

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Update Four

The Bad Seed

Hey all,
First of all, thanks to wouanagaine and Orange_o_ for their sentiments. It is much appreciated.

Now on with the story......

Guillermo Vitrelli set out for Jenson Beach in search of fame and fortune. Well, fame anyway, as he was already heir to the Vitrelli fortune. He had dreams of being a singer/songwriter like his idol, Jeff Buckley. (Yeah this is a shameless plug for my personal idol, the late great Jeff Buckley).

Things were going pretty well. His years of guitar and vocal lessons were proving to be an assett. He was quite talented. He managed to put together a pretty good band and started gigging regularly in the trendy downtown Jenson Beach area of Hale Park....

He worked part time as a bartender to try to keep himself honest, though he didn't really need the money. But as his father used to say "Idle hands are the Devil's playthings". But boredom quickly got the best of him. He started going out after work on an increasingly regular basis. He began hanging around people he normally wouldn't have been in the same room with because he felt the need to fit in with the musician crowd. Most musicians in the area hadn't been given the opportunities he had. But he viewed them as his peers and he wanted to be accepted by them. But it wasn't as easy as that. Most of the hip crowd took him into their circle as a meal ticket. They had taken to calling him "Princess" behind his back. The guys in his band were becoming increasingly erratic and doing things he promised himself he would never do. But, as they say, promises are made to be broken. Soon he was doing all those things and more.
His father began to get concerned when he stopped returning calls and letters. It wasn't like Guillermo to ignore his family. Antonio decided to go to Jenson Beach and find out what his boy was up to. When he arrived at Guillermo's apartment he found a locked door and a "For Rent" sign. He began asking around to see if anyone knew where Guillermo might be. After several days of coming up empty he found his son in the last place he ever expected to find any member of the Vitrelli clan. He was face down in a gutter outside the mission in the worst part of town. He was broke and broken. His band had kicked him out. He had been taken advantage of by everyone he thought was his friend. He had been beaten, robbed and thrown out of his home.
His quest for fame had led him down a very dark path. His naivety had become his biggest liability. It seemed that the old axiom held some truth. There can be no real art without pain and suffering. His attempts at writing and performing his music had been met with chilly reception. He was viewed by serious musicians as a bit of a prima donna and wasn't taken seriously.
He had turned to drinking and worse to kill the pain of watching his life's dreams remain only that, dreams. He had squandered all of his trust fund and sold everything but his old Martin acoustic guitar, a birthday gift from his father. His story, it would seem, was over. His father put him on a plane to the east coast to go to rehab. It was futile. For the next ten years Guillermo was in and out of rehab centers all over the country. His father sank a good part of his fortune trying to save him. In the end he finally washed his hands of him and cut him loose from the family.
The last anyone heard of Guillermo he was playing the southern bar circuit for a few bucks a night. His story is the saddest chapter of the Vitrelli family story. But who knows? There might be redemption for Guillermo. No soul is lost forever, right?

SO... Enough about the bad seed. At least for now. We probably haven't heard the last of old Guillermo.

Now for some pics......

A region transportation shot.....

The outskirts of Jenson Beach....

Town Center of Portville....

Guillermo's apartment building in the days before he lost it all...

Jenson Beach International Airport...

Nicer neighborhood in Jenson Beach....

I will try to show more points of interest in the next update. I really wanted to tell this story today for some reason. I know the pics in this updated are a bit disjointed and unrelated to the story. But, hey, It's my story right. Hope it didn't get too dark for you.

Stay tuned......



I updated a week or so ago and there were NO REPLIES??? I guess maybe it was a little dark. Or maybe it just slipped through the cracks. Anyway I have some more to show you today.
First is a region shot with established cities labeled.....

We will be looking around the towns of Hanson, Highland and Portville. No story today. No time.

Water treatment reservoirs in Hanson...

A wider shot...

An overview of Hanson...

Hanson Village...

Educational complex in Hanson...

Carnival in Hanson...

The outskirts of town at night...

Industrial port in Portville....

The Edge of Portville's Commercail District...

Highland was my first attempt at building a GLR network. I finally caught a tram in action here....

Here is where the GLR meets the subway...

The suburbs...

One of the many Real Estate holdings of the VItrelli's... Wheatfield Arms.

Thanks for stopping by. I will try to get back to the story in the next update. I have a ton of screenshots to process and upload to photobucket. So the next update will be massive.