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LoreenyLienns -4 regions MD (Update 04 - 20.3.07)

Started by Naryanna, March 07, 2007, 03:35:39 AM

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Because the sad end of Ethernia  I decided to start anew and this time to bring it to end (at least I hope 2).

I am still building up first small city/village so at this time I can offer just a little teaser...

Click on picture and don't forget to turn on your speaker. (about 3 min long slide-show with music)

And some bonus pictures:

Thank you very much for visiting!


Terrific start . :thumbsup:
Is that music from your country ? It sounds celtic ...

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Yeah. This is cool. Very unique terraforming style, and it looks really really good. :thumbsup:

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Sorry about your HD- that's happened (or is going to happen) to all of us sooner or later.

So, another very interesting start.  Lots of work is apparent here, and your incorporation of good ideas that surfaced in Ethernia really adds to what you've done.

Speaking of Ethernia, I'll move it today to the "Completed MDs" thread based on you indicating that it is closed.  Folks will still be able to look at it and leave comments, but it cannot be further updated.  If for some reason you'd ever like to re-start Ethernia, let me know.

Good luck with LoreenyLienns!

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Time for update (one more and this is on the track). But before that... some replaying shall be done:

BadSim: Hi! Sadly the music is not from my country but I love it anyway. Well, the band is Blind Guardian and the song is named Past and Future Secret. I do have some other songs from them that sound celtic also thow. More about the band you can learn HERE. And tnx for comment. Hope to see you here again.

emilin: Hi! Thank you very much! Hope you shall visit LL again.

Hi! Yes I know and tnx. Well, at least I have a brand new shiny one now.  ()stsfd() Thank you very much for your comment. As for Ethernia: thank you very much for moving it. Hope to see you here again.

And here we are... the Update 01 of LorennyLiens and Update 01 of Greenwelt Creek... At this point I would like to point out that the only cheat mod that I am aware of using it is Auto Protect Coffers for a case of mischiefment but hopefully I will not have to use it. Other mods and stuff are: the new NAM (sadly they removed those pavements for commercial zones ), Meadowshire Terrain mod, Pegs Limerock for rock texture, Pegs Hawaiian water mod. That is more or less everything. Then there is a bunch of bat/lot stuff from Peg, BSC, HK and so on and on. Anyhow, my plugin folder is 2.43Gb big. I will also create some bats/lots that I will use and if they will be of any good I will made them available to others; and some that I have already made.
When the region of Greenwelt Creek will be a more terraformed and populated I will probably start a story (If I will have the time of doing so). Anyhow... that would be it... now to the "fun" part..

Click first two images. There are 2 Slide-shows (about 2 min long) and don't forget to turn on the speakers

I know it is not much... but at this point this is all I have done since my last post here. These two villages are occupying 2 small city blocks, one for each. I should say, that in this cj you will find villages, cities and metropolises in time.

I will not show you whole Greenwelt Creek region at this point because it is just a large flat land, but I will show you progress on it in every update.

The Automap:

Keep in mind that those light green lines are beautifications and not avenues. At this time there is no such roads but they shall come in region a bit later.

And the Region view as it looks at this very moment:

That would be all for today. Next update shall be probably posted tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed. Thank you very much for visiting.


I very much enjoyed your slideshows.  It is a very nice start.  Sorry to hear about your HD.  I like Celtic or Keltic, yeah, tell that to them in Boston!, music.

BTW, I love the artwork.
Carolina Tar Heels... National Champs again!


Thank you very much, petercintn. I like them very much to and I do have some more of celtic/keltic sounded music to put in slide-shows. Hope you shall visit again!

After a long night of work I can present you with the second update.

In todays update I will show you Persepona Lake, a touristic spot of Greenwelt Creek.

So lets start with little Slide-Show. Click on Postcard and don't forget to turn on your speakers (about 2 min long slide-show):

Hopefully you liked it. And now some bonus pictures from Persepona Lake that were not in slide-show.

This ruins are from the era of EarthSea. This small country castle is all that remained from that time and was the only thing that survived the earthquakes and other disasters. The land of EarthSea was completely terraformed and it is no longer recognizable. Some say that all that is just a myth and that EarthSea have never existed, but others are certain that Grenweelt Creek is a large part of former EarthSea region. Who do you think is right?

The campping ground and hill trails are very popular vacation spot for middle and low class people. They are peaceful, providing water front, lovely camping site, pool for younger children, night shows in amphitheater, beautiful view over Persepona Lake and a monument that is situated on top  of the hill to the lost ages of Forsaken Lands.

The most sweet and delicious apples of Greenwelt Creek comes from Persepona Lake. Family Elrinia has a long tradition in farming. This apples are hard to buy and are expensive but it is said that with every bite you gain some of universal knowledge and is proven that eating them can extend your life.

Some very famous people got married here. It is also said that under this chapel are secret corridors with a chamber where the most special artifact from Nevermore , The Unholy Grail, is hold and protected by strange things because it is very dangerous and it would posse a great threat if it would get in wrong hands for it posses the abilities to release The Raven from his unearthly slumber...

The Persepona Stables, home of the finest horses! This breed is a very special one for it is said that their grand-grand-grand-grand-....-grand father is actually a unicorn Seltirimel. May it be true or not, the fact is that they are the fastest and most intelligent from all Greenwelt Creek horses...

And here is automap and look of Greenwelt Creek at this very moment:

I hope you liked the update. Thank you for visiting and hope that you shall do that again.

*****... and with this update, this cj is on track...*****


I am working on medium size city block at this moment. What I want to achieve on it? This time a city, first one in Greenwelt Creek, for previous were just villages and touristic spot. I also terradoremed 2 small city blocks that are intended just for farmers. You shall see that later. But for now the thing I am working on...

Thank you for visiting.


More stunning imagary. &apls

I do like that you showed us the transit maps too.

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Thank you ver much, emilin! Hope to see you here again!  :)

I guess it is time for an update...

First I would like to show you 2 farming areas in Greenwelt Creek. They are nothing special, but they are there. So, please click on the link  and don't forget to turn on your speakers (about 3 min long slide-show).

And now we shall move to Mount Layanndra... The city situated there is constantly fighting its battle for survival. Yes, the summers there are lovely for the shade of mountain provides the so much needed coolness... but when winter comes... you are better somewhere else. Not to mention the transitions from winter to spring when the snow is slowly melting. Considering all that its a very dangerous place and that is the reason that this city is very small. Younger population is migration to other more pleasant cities and Mount Layanndra is destined to become a vacation spot in the future.

So lets check how it looks. Please click on the link and don't forget to turn on your speaker. (about 3 min long slide-show)

As always, I offer you some bonus pictures that are not included in slide-show:

And for the end, a picture of automap and regions view:

Thank you very much for visiting. I hope you liked the update.


Wonderful MD! Great slideshows and great regionoverviews! :thumbsup:


Hi bat! Thank you soooo much for commenting! I apreciate it much! And I do hope you shall visit LL again!

No update today, just a small teaser picture:


Awsome pictures Naryanna !

I like the regionoverview ! And very great presentation !  :thumbsup:

Shadow Assassin

Out of curiousity, did you just move those city tiles you created to a new region? :P

Also, this is a wonderful job you've done on your cities. It's very quiet and tranquil - even in the inner city.
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kekus74: Hi! Thank you very much! I do hope you will visit LL again!
Shadow Assassin : Hi! I moved them to new region because I had some strange problems in previous one.  ;D Thank you very much for commenting! Hope to see you here again!
bat: Hi! Thank you very much! I do hope you shall visit LL again!

In this update I shall not present you with new cities. Instead I want to show you some train pictures and present to you The Greenwelt Creek Zoo. The Slide-shows are about 3 min long.

Greenwelt Creek is slowly growing and developing.

As always I give you some bonus pictures that are not included in the Slide-shows:

Before I depart I give you also the Transportation map and Regional View of Greenwelt Creek as it is today:

I hope you liked the update. In next one, you shall see a city on medium city-block. Thank you very much for visiting!


Naryanna talk about kickin some butt here omg im sooooooooo drolling and i think i need a new keyboard.
not only are you a great city planner but a darn good editor also wow,  keep up the hard work see you
soon - pat

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i dont think ive ever paid a visit before but im glad i did now. thats a lot to take in for the first page and im  ()stsfd() i had enough time to go through it. im assuming you terraform and develop as you go? woooow. thats impressive and the results are awe inspiring. i really like the feel of it. hope to see more. see you around