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Started by threestooges, December 24, 2008, 03:13:48 PM

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Ah, there you are. I was told I'd be expecting company. Welcome to Greenacre, well, at least to my little corner of it. I'm just getting started here myself so bear with me. I'm the new regional liason for the executive branch of the government here. I worked with the old liason for a few years, hopefully I picked up some tricks.

At any rate, since you're here, let me show you this:


We ran a few of these not too long ago, sort of a promotional thing for tourists, but they've been quite popular with the locals around the region too. You're welcome to keep that one if you'd like, who knows, might be worth something one of these days (right... heh heh).

So, as I was saying, I'm the regional liason. Though each of the cities and districts have their own representatives to our legislative branch, I work on behalf of the executive and the cabinet to keep an eye on the local matters of the region, see if there's anything that needs to be done, anything that they need, and just kind of serve as the eyes and ears for them. The job requires a fair bit of travel, but what can I say? It's fun.

Oh, that reminds me. I just got back from Fergus Coast, a little town on the northern part of the island... actually, if you look at the map just below the two airplanes in the top center, you can see the harbor and the town itself. They're getting ready for their annual Christmas parade, which is actually coinciding with the Festival of Lights parade for Chanukah. From the sound of it, they're going to combine them somehow. It sounds pretty neat. At any rate, they have the harbor festooned with lights. I picked up a postcard or two while I was there. This one shows it pretty well.


I'll probably be heading back there sometime if you'd like to tag along. Perhaps on the... one moment, let me check my calendar here. Oh oh, I have a meeting here shortly, and that phone conference after that, and I have to head out to the Mustang Harbor Naval Base, and then meet with the architectural committee... sorry to dash off, but I hope I'll see you around again.

Oh dear, and the transit department too. What have I gotten myself into?

Seems like I've gotten myself into plenty, with hopefully more to come. As of the 30th update, I've started keeping track of them all here. Clicking on a link will take you to that post.

[head]Update Number[/head]
[head]Update Topic[/head]
[row][data]Update 1[/data][data]Introduction and Christmas greeting[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 2[/data][data]Farmland of the Valley: Apple Valley, Miller's Creek, Nutty Mouse Ranch & Cattle Yard[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 2.5[/data][data]Mosaic: North Shore of Crater Lake[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 3[/data][data]Crater Lake, GVRR Memorial Site, Apple Valley[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 3.5[/data][data]Teaser: Former Federal Facilities[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 4[/data][data]Westport Canals[/data][/row]
30 days,
30 pics..:
in theory.
Let's call it
Update 5:[/data][data]1: Westport Canal Map; 2: Shelter Island; 3: Brooke's Bay Ferry Port; 4: Upper Fergus Coast; 5: Mustang Harbor; 6: Shelter Island Marina, and response to Robin; 7: Bridges over Firehouse Creek; 8: Duck Creek and surrounding farms; 9: Covered Bridge; 10: Apple Farm; 11: South Coast Community College; 12: Hackenbush Campground; 13: Driftwood Building; 14: City of Independence; 15: Rufus T. Firefly Memorial Station; 16: South Coast; 17: Lunch in the park - Shelter Island; 18: Western Pass housing development; 19: Southern Shelter Island; 20: Independence development; 21: Westport Wind Power; 22: S. Quentin Quale Park; 23: Mustang Harbor - Captain Jeffery T. Spaulding Wharf; 24: Greenacre Promotional Video[/data]
[row][data]Update 6 pt1[/data][data]Sierra Camp Regional Park Teaser[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 6 pt2[/data][data]Sierra Camp Regional Park Teaser 2[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 6 pt3[/data][data]Sierra Camp Regional Park: The actual update[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 7[/data][data]The new Government Center[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 7.5[/data][data]Fergus Coast Lumber Mill Teaser pt1[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 7.55[/data][data]Fergus Coast Lumber Mill Teaser pt2[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 8[/data][data]Robin's challenge #1[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 9[/data][data]A preview to redevelopment on the islands; Topley Bay to be specific[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 10[/data][data]Topley Bay redevelopment begins with the aquarium[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 11[/data][data]Topley Bay redevelopment continues with residentials and a marina[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 12[/data][data]Redevelopment composite mosaic[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 13[/data][data]Topley Bay redevelopment continued[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 14[/data][data]Greenacre Naval Base[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 15[/data][data]Terraforming near the lumber mill: making sharp cliff edges look better[/data][/row]
[row][data]OSITM 2
Call it
Update 16::[/data][data]1: Traffic Map;
2:Traffic Volumes and the Railroads of Greenacre
3: A picture challenge
4: Firefighter Creek and the town of Patrick
5: A tutorial on mosaics with emphasis on cleaning up the seams
6: The conclusion of the week: post totals and more[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 17[/data][data]Capitol Corridor Light Rail[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 17.5[/data][data]A Christmas picture[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 18[/data][data]Shelter Island: east[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 19[/data][data]Snow Cloud Ski Area[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 20[/data][data]Easter view of Snow Cloud[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 21[/data][data]Snow Cloud in the spring[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 22[/data][data]Cliffton University[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 22.5[/data][data]Random rails: a teaser[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 23[/data][data]Going golfing near Snow Cloud[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 25[/data][data]Fergus Junction renovations (and yes, I can't number, update 24 has apparently been skipped. In the spirit of Monty Python, those responsible for the numbering of the updates have been sacked.[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 26[/data][data]Fergus Junction renovations continued[/data][/row]
[row][data]OSITM 3
[/data][data]Update 26: Air Force Base, yes a second "Update 26" Those responsible for sacking the update numberers have been sacked. On the plus side, we're now back into the proper numbering sequence.
Update 27: Greenacre International
Update 28: An STR Tunnel Teaser
Update 29: STR tunnels now revealed
Update 30: An analysis of airports[/data][/row]
[row][data]Update 30 pt.2 (no, I can't number apparently)[/data][data]Industrial redevelopment progress in the north. A step-by-step redevelopment.[/data][/row]


Alright, a Matt MD!  That looks like a fascinating region there, and Fergus Coast looks like a very nice little town.  I'm looking forward to seeing what this transit department has in store, too. ;)

This is a fantastic start--I'm looking forward to more Greenacre! :thumbsup:

-Alex (Tarkus)


Greenacre is the place to be
Island living is the life for me
Land spreading out, so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just give me those harbor sides

Sorry threestooges, I could not resist referring to one of the classics ::) Things look to be off to a great start and I am sure I will be coming back. Would not mind being on one of those flights coming into the island to get away from this -4F here. Happy Holidays :)
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Whoa! It's only a little bit after midnight here in Pennsylvania, and I'm already getting a Christmas present!

Welcome to the wonderful world of MDing, Matt! Your first update is just wonderful, I love the way that you have it set up--the regional liaison idea is one of the most clever and original ways of taking to an MD that I've seen in quite some time, my friend!

I will be looking forward to following along here in Greenacre!

Oh, and by the way...Merry Christmas!



Matt wow!!! What can I say a christmas gift indeed!!! Awesome Start and I soooooo cant wait to see more!!!

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Well Matt, you kind of sneaked in under the radar! ::) That's a fantastic map you've chosen - it just fairly screams extreme diversity and interesting multi-level development. Looks like there's room for everything from farms along lazy country roads to cloud scrapers with a stunning view of the water. And you've started out with a great-looking harbour.

Best of luck with Greenacre! I know you'll do well with your MD just as you've done exceptionally well with so many other undertakings around here! And don't worry, I'll let you get a couple of updates behind you before I start nagging about traffic data, etc.! ;D

Enjoy your Christmas Day holiday
then get back to work!


Hey Matt,

Great to see Greenacre turn into a published reality.  I've been hoping and waiting for a threestooges MD and you deliver it for Christmas, nice touch.

As Joan says, the region looks very diverse and an interesting canves to work with - I am sure that we're in for some treats along the way.

Fergus Coast is looking really pretty there - a great little spot to spend the Christmas holidays.

Good luck with Greenacre, I'll do my best to pop in on a regular basis.

All the best



Welcome to the MD-section, Matt!
And wonderful start there of your new MD Greenacre!
The overview pictures is nice! And great development on that island!
Fantastic Christmas picture there!
And I hope your Christmas was great...
Looking forward to more...


Well, well, well.. How could I miss it?

Although I've seen both pictures in prerelease, I still stand in awe of the beauty of the region view and the Christmas card.

I hope your meetings with the Agriculture Committee and the Transit Department will be good, and I'm looking forward to more!
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Very nice! I like what I see thus far.  :thumbsup:
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I just knew that you would do an MD one day, Matt!  :)  It looks like you've put together a nice region, and the Christmas picture is a good way to get this started.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this MD develops in 2009.
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dandan 777

Wow cant wait until I actualy see the town.  :P


Hey Matt,

It's about time that you jumped into the MD section.  And with great pictures like this, I think you are off to an amazing start.
I always find it interesting to see the maps that people work off of.  This island looks great and the great thing about islands is that the end is in sight, especially when it's a small one.
I can't wai to see some more close ups.
Robin  :thumbsup:
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-Alex: Yes, the transit department has been in meetings for some time now. I have a feeling some new projects will be on the way sometime soon if they haven't already been approved. I know there is a street resurfacing project that has been underway, but more about that later. Thanks for being the first to comment, and I hope to see you enjoy this update too.

-projectadam: A classic indeed, and thanks for the song. I was wondering when someone would bring that up. The region was actually named after a seldom used legal term but I think it fits it aside from that. You might want to look into a stay down in South Coast (we'll get there one of these times).

-Dustin: Merry Christmas Dustin. Hope all is well with you. Glad you like the regional liason idea, I hope to have some fun with it. I should also say, happy New Year too.

-Pat: Thanks Pat. Your wait won't be much longer (as long as it takes you to scroll down a bit). Merry Christmas to you, and Happy New Year.

-Joan: Thanks for the welcome Joan, and thanks for all the advice you gave me for getting this thing going. I actually made the map myself and just wanted to make a few different areas to work with. It's worked well so far, and there still more to go. As for traffic data, well, I suppose I could have them pull some numbers up for you, but we'll see how long that takes, have to submit the forms to the right departments and, oh, I won't bore you with the details. Hope your Christmas was good, and I hope you have a Happy New Year.

-Paul: Hope you'll enjoy. I suppose it really made its first debut in West End's golf torunament, though it may be a while before we see Greenacre's golf facilities, the regional liason tends to be kept pretty busy, though we may get out to the links one day if you brought your clubs. The folks in Fergus Coast do put on a good show for the season, and the parade was a hit. I'll see you next time you swing by, and thanks for the advice earlier on for making one of these things.

-bat: Thank you very much. My Christmas went well, and I hope yours did too. If you're looking forward to more, look no further than just down the page a bit. See you next time.

-Casper: Thanks for your thoughts on the pics, and I'm glad you've enjoyed it this far. The meeting with the Agricultural Committee went well, as you will see below.

-Schulmanator: Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

-metarvo: It's something I've been intending to do for a while, and finally got thing going after some advice from a few people and all. Glad you enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops too.

-dandan: We probably won't see the town area of Fergus Cost for a bit, but we will see a few towns in the coming updates.

-Robin: Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the advice you've given me for this thing to help get it going. Some more closeups should be on the way. The end may be in sight, but I think a telescope might be necessary. I have a few plans, and hopefully it'll be going for a little while. But I know what you mean, it's good to know what I have to work with too.

Hey, you again. Good to see you. Hope your Christmas and New Years and all that went well. It was fortunately a pretty quiet one around here, everyone going home to their families and all. But now we're back in the swing of things. Since you're here, you might be interested in this. I know I ducked out of here for that meeting with the transit department, but they've been busy, especially down in the valley.


(Clicking on this pic should bring it up in full size resolution 1400x800. Our general route today is highlighted in red.)

You see, when the areas around the island first developed, it was ridiculously expensive to import certain goods, and cement was one of them, which made normal street construction a bit of an issue until they realized the abundance of clay and other materials suitable for brick making. I know, I'm probably boring you a bit with this (imagine a three hour meeting) but long story short, most streets in the area were paved with red brick. It looked pretty good, but it has been a bit of a pain to maintain. Bricks began loosening from rain and wear, puncturing tires, bit of a mess. Recently though, the transit department has received funds to improve select streets in the valley to test the improvment.

I'm heading down there now to check it out. Care to come along for the ride? I'll give you a tour, it's a nice day for a ride in the country. We'll stop off in Apple Valley first on the southwest side of the valley (and probably make our way back here too). It started as little more than a few houses near the local station. Note the brick streets.


It has since grown with the scale of farming in the valley, and even started to take on a little life of it's own, though it still sticks close to the old station


One of the more recent developments here has been on the Jacobson farm. Land value is going up around here and Farmer J or Jay (as he's known around town) thought he could pick up some spare change and sold some lots himself. Here's a shot of his land before:


Followed by it's current form. Those little areas may looked blocked off by the new houses, but Jay kept easement rights and every season, like clockwork, he's out the tending the fields


We'll swing back by here later on, but for now we need to get out to Miller's Creek and see how the roads are coming along out there. According to the DOT, they just finishing up laying the last of them. Should be a smooth ride along the way.


The GVRR (Greenacre Valley Railroad) is the principle freight hauler and a familiar sight around here. Actually, we got lucky that this was one of their shorter trains. Some of these things can go for a while. Not a problem if you like trains though, and the GVRR does have its share of trainspotters.


This town (Miller's Creek) took off as one of the centers for milling and processing crops (hence the name). Some of the industries up the hill have been there for many years now, and they don't show any signs of slowing down.


The eastern part of the valley is know for its cattle, fruit (principally apples), and it wine. The precipitation from the large lake gets trapped up against the hills and makes sure this area is well watered. Right up here is the local showgrounds. It was started back in 1929 by the Nutty Mouse Ranch. I'm not really sure where the name came from, but they have been a major player in the region for some time now. It's remained a family owned farm as it has been passed down through the generations.

Here's one of their older advertisments:


You can see it off to your right up here. One of their cattle farms is to our left across the street. The area has even developed a bit with a few small shops selling local wares and a small restaurant. It's become a bit of a draw with tourists out for a country drive. There's talk of locating a weekend farmers market here too, or perhaps a country fair. Not sure what lies in store, most of the land is privately owned, so we'll likely see what they end up doing.


Over here is one of the other cattle companies the area is known for. I'm continually surprised at the lack of fences around here, but the ranchers never liked them much and the cattle seem content to stick around on their own. Sure there might be the odd cow (or stampede) running about somewhere, but they are rare and damage is paid for by the owners.


Our last stop here for now is one of the premier wineries of the valley. They have a few small fields scattered around the area, but pressing, bottling, and tasting (of course) are handled here. For those of you who don't have a taste for wine, they have a pub with a fine selection. Whether or not you take part in a tasting, the restaurant here is excellent. It's a bit pricey, but you can find a bottle from their reserve, a good steak, and freshly baked apple pie, showcasing the products this part of the valley is known for.


That does it for this half of the tour. I was hoping to get around the valley in one go, but it seems we'll need to save the rest for next time.


Hey Matt, you're doing a great job here! I really like knowing what part of the map I'm looking at - and I love that map!

Good start on the update - you've done a wonderful job on the farms. The close-ups look really good - lots of interesting details. Your transport system - what there is of it visible at this point - looks practical and realistic. I like the way the road and railroad run parallel then turn off different directions as they approach the village.

Absolutely love the Nutty Mouse Ranch ad and, of course, the ranch itself. I seem to recall seeing something on one of those "Weird Stories" sites about a mouse invasion in a bunch of houses. They finally left, but there was a crazy one that wanted to stick around. The story goes that it became a pet and entertained its owners by batting peanuts around inside its cage.

I really do like your farms/ranches,
and the night shots are always favorites. I have but one small suggestion - consider numbering your photos! One easy way is to use the number of the update followed by a decimal. If the fifth update has 12 photos, they might be numbered 5.01 through 5.12. Makes it easier for us to comment on specific pix.


Thanks, I'll be in touch soon.


Hi Matt,

Ahhhh, rural bliss in Greenacre!

That tour of the farm belt was very nice and relaxing.  And your way of developing the storyline is very nice - I think you have me hooked as a regular visitor.

I like the way your farms have the tree "buffers" between them - i think this loks much more realistic plus has the added benefit of making the region view look better.  And that Nutty Mouse Ranch is a great story and also a great lot - I don't recall seeing it before.

It's interesting that your farms adopt a very strict square/grid formation - I suspect that's a matter of where you live - as it just doesn't happen here - I'd be interested to hear about that.

I like the way you've built small town/large village housing in amongst the farms - they look good.

And my favourite shot is the very last one - something about the way that street leads up to the two farm houses.  And the greenhouse farm also looks great.  My only suggestion is to look at the SAM and maybe making that street a dirt one - just a thought.

Well, a great update there Matt - I am sure Greenacre is going to go from strength to strength.


I love how you photoshopped the region view to look like an island. Really cool!!!!   &apls

Albus of Garaway

This is wonderful! I love how you put it in the perspective of a citizen living on the island. Each farm, house, business, and railroad seems to have it's own little details, and you're able to zoom in on little things, and give us a whole story on them. I love that! :)


What a great start there Matt, I really like the region view my friend. &apls
the layout of the farms is good too my friend,
Can't wait the next update !

Arthur. :thumbsup:
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Hey Matt another fantastic update here from you WoW!!!! I think Joan has given some wonderful advice there for sure, and I know for one I cant wait for more of Greenacre!!!

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