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Table of Contents - Pages 301-350

Started by dedgren, December 26, 2008, 01:42:56 PM

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Table of Contents - Pages 301-350


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Each of the page numbers and individual posts is hotlinked, and clicking on one of these will take you there in a new window.  Since 3RR pages tend to be pic heavy, you should give your browser a little bit of time to load them and settle down at the top of the post.  Once there, you can resize the new window to your liking.  3RR's current page is noted by the emergency flasher pic.

After each page number, I have noted the dates of the first and last comment on the page.  After each post heading, I have noted the date the post was originally made.  If a content update has been made to a post, the word "MORE!" will appear highlighted in yellow followed by the date of the update.

The members who've commented on a particular page are listed, with folks who left more than one comment on the page noted with "(x2)," "(x3)" and so on.  "First timers" appear in red.

<a name="toc301to3100">___________________________________</a>

Table of Contents - Page 301 through 310 12-20-08 - 12-31-08

   Page 301 12-20-08 - 12-21-08

      You won't just be getting the STR... 12-21-08

Commenters include: Tarkus, metarvo (x2), Toichus Maximus, thundercrack83, sithlrd98 (x3), deathtopumpkins, gardenwong, Warrior (x2), CaptCity, Earth quake, kalanc69, io_bg (x2), burgsabre87, bwatterud and dedgren.

   Page 302 12-21-08 – 12-22-08

      Game rail will never be the same again! 12-22-08

      I'm a spinning-plate kind of guy... 12-22-08

      If you're having trouble with your NAM directory, help is here. 12-22-08

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins, nerdly_dood, sithlrd98 (x4), Gaston, metarvo, bwatterud, dedgren (x3), BigSlark, Pat, gardenwong, sim-al2 (x2), Toichus Maximus, un1, debutterfly.

   Page 303 12-22-08 – 12-24-08

      Recent STR beta test update fixed... 12-22-08

      Our last night in Texas and the last rail puzzle piece for a long time to come... 12-23-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), abcvs, bighead99, klanc69, Glazert, burgsabre87 (x2), thundercrack83, sithlrd98, vester, allan_kuan1992 (x2), bwatterud, frdrcklim, FrankU, mrtnrln, bat, metarvo and vendetta007.mike.

   Page 304 12-24-08 - 12-25-08

      3RR is close to hitting some record-breaking numbers... 12-24-08

      Merry Christmas from 3RR 12-25-08

Commenters include: gardenwong, j-dub, thundercrack83, Elecktra (x2), dedgren (x2), allan_kuan1992, sithlrd98, Tarkus (x2), Toichus Maximus, threestooges, girlfromverona (x3), metarvo (x2), Jmouse and wes.janson.

   Page 305 12-25-08

      Who said we can't build model railroads? 12-25-08

Commenters include: Dino007, TheTeaCat, BigSlark, PhilsCafe, deathtopumpkins, mrtnrln, Haljackey, Warrior, sithlrd98, metarvo, burgsabre87, dedgren, Andreas, girlfromverona, art128, un1, Gaston, nerdly_dood, Silur and north country dude. 

   Page 306 12-25-08 - 12-26-08

       (Content from this creator has proven to be dangerous for large developed cities. Use it at your own risk. jeronij has released some new pine trees - what do you think...) 12-25-08

      3RR New Year's Page View Predictions table so far... 12-26-08

Commenters include: nerdly_dood, bakerton, RustyXL, dedgren (x2), Andreas, north country dude, sithlrd98, frdrcklim, deathtopumpkins (x2), threestooges, Darmok, Pat, Alfred.Jones, un1, allan_kuan1992, girlfromverona, Warrior and bat.

   Page 307 12-26-08 - 12-28-08

      A white Christmas in Wasilla... 12-26-08

      One last FARR piece finished... 12-27-08

      Uh-oh...Feature creep! 12-27-08

      Let's push the envelope a little further. 12-28-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x4), thundercrack83, dsrwhat316, Pat, Jmouse, burgsabre87, Warrior, bat, Korot, Pozzessed, nerdly_dood, metarvo, deathtopumpkins (x2), frefrcklim, Haljackey and threestooges. 

   Page 308 12-28-08

      The rural roads are done! 12-28-08

      A complete new set of updates for the STR/FAR/FARR/Rural Roads/Switches for beta testers. 12-28-08

Commenters include: allan_kuan1992, girlfromverona (x2), bat, sciurus54, sithlrd98, metarvo (x2), metasmurf, Bishop Hawke, JoeST, dsrwhat316, dedgren (x2), Pat, bakerton, Geronimo, burgsabre87, Jmouse and RustyXL.

   Page 309 12-28-08 - 12-31-08

      The FARR DR switch... 12-31-08

Commenters include: thundercrack83 (x2), beutelschlurf (x2), io_bg, Pat, bat, allan_kuan1992, sciurus54, north country dude, choco, CalibanX, deathtopumpkins, Tarkus, Livin in Sim, gardenwong, frdrcklim, dedgren, mrtnrln and N1_2888.

   Page 310 12-31-08

Commenters include: JoeST, bat, thundercrack83, TheTeaCat, VeTram, deathtopumpkins, Shiftred, calibanX (x2), homefryes, Copperalis, jestarr, magee_b, Darmok, Gaston, SpilltMilk, Korot, metarvo, burgsabre and stewart_garden.

Table of Contents - Page 311 through 320 12-31-08 - 1-18-09

   Page 311 12-31-08 - 1-1-09

      And the winner is... 1-1-09

Commenters include: Pat, Sithlrd98, Pozzessed, Warrior, owlsinger, Olasz, Elektra, girlfromverona, bakerton, buetelschlurf, frdrcklim (x2), thundercrack83, deathtopumpkins, Jmouse, threestooges, dedgren, BigSlark,  Andreas and Lmac.

   Page 312 1-1-09 - 1-2-09

      Alaska's New Year's Day weather 1-1-09

Commenters include: kitsune, mrtnrln, deathtopumpkins, dedgren, ScottFTL, Toichus Maximus, SpilltMilk, Bishop Hawke, metarvo, catty, Allan_kuan1992, Pat, j-dub (x2), Lmac, Swamper77, Lmac, Geronimo, Glazert and threestooges.

   Page 313 1-2-09 - 1-6-09

      Dual-rail upgrades available on the 3RREX 1-5-09

Commenters include: allan_kuan1992 (x3), Albus of Garaway, girlfromverona, LEO, MassHelper, abcvs, rooker1, dedgren, BourneID, deathtopumpkins (x2), Swamper77, bwatterud, thundercrack83, bat, FrankU, Pat and debutterfly.

   Page 314 1-6-09 - 1-9-09

      Adjusted dual-rail upgrades available on the 3RREX now 1-6-09

      More progress on dragable rail – stay tuned...1-8-09

Commenters include: burgsabre87, dedgren (x2), Pat (x2), roooker1, bat, Andreas (x2), deathtopumpkins, thundercrack83 (x2), rusummer1, io_bg, allan_kuan1992, Alfred.Jones, BigSlark, Swamper77 (x2) and frdrcklim.

   Page 315 1-9-09 - 1-10-09

      No more dxd dual rail puzzle piece... 1-9-09

      Looking back at trends in 2008... 1-10-09

      Bit of a coding problem with our latest idea... 1-10-09

Commenters include: JoeST (x2), metarvo, deathtopumpkins (x2), Andreas, Pat (x2), dedgren (x3), wes.janson, buddybud, Geronimo, Albus of Garaway, Big Slark, CaptCity (x2) and burgsabre87 (x2).

   Page 316 1-10-09 - 1-13-09

      It's quiz time again... 1-11-09

      FAR/FARR goodies available for a limited time only... 1-12-09

      Rural Roads to be released as a NAM plugin... 1-13-09

Commenters include: bbuddybud, frdrcklim, girlfromverona (x3), metarvo, dedgren (x3), sim-al2, Earth quake, Albus of Garaway, RickD, j-dub (x2), deathtopumpkins, jpj_starfleet (x2), thundercrack83 and metasmurf.

   Page 317 1-13-09 - 1-14-09

      Rural Roads are back on the menu! 1-13-09

      It's one of those days when you just don't know what might happen... 1-14-09

      It's SimCity 4's sixth birthday! 1-14-09

Commenters include: sithlrd98, dedgren (x3), threestooges, thundercrack83, JoeST, burgsabre87, Pat (x2), kant01, stingstingsting, LEO, debutterfly, Haljackey, Gaston, metarvo, buckbeach, darraghf and bakerton.

   Page 318 1-14-09 - 1-15-09

      We wish Matt (threestooges) a Happy Birthday! 1-15-09

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins, Albus of Garaway, Shiftred, burgsabre87, girlfromverona (x2), Gaston, allan_kuan1992, j-dub, sithlrd98, Haljackey, metarvo, Pat, dedgren, threestooges, FrankU, frdrcklim, debutterfly, jestarr and bob56.

   Page 319 1-16-09 - 1-17-09

      I just really hate the grid. 1-17-09

Commenters include: rhizome21 (x2), metarvo (x2), BigSlark, debutterfly, thundercrack83, Glazert, Albus of Garaway, mayorfabz, bwatterud, Andreas, dedgren, CaraBuitre, Jmouse, Warrior, darraghf, JoeST, girlfromverona and frdrcklim.

   Page 320 1-17-09 - 1-18-09

      We've officially entered uncharted territory... 1-17-09

Commenters include: Albus of Garaway (x2), Lmac, sithlrd98, deathtopumpkins (x2), Pat (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), TheTeaCat, Swamper77, bob56, dedgren, BigSlark, girlfromverona, owlsinger, threestooges, BarbyW and Simpson.

Table of Contents - Page 321 through 330 1-18-09 - 1-31-09

   Page 321 1-18-09 - 1-19-09

      A gorgeous sunset this evening. 1-18-09

      Tonight I fell in love all over again (with RHW)! 1-19-09

      We've got a texture match figured out... 1-19-09

Commenters include: frdrcklim, Lmac, Albus of Garaway, sithlrd98 (x2), dedgren (x3), Heblem, burgsabre87, thundercrack83, simoncrie, girlfromverona, deathtopumpkins (x2), Pat, GMT, Olasz, citycapitalizer and projectadam.

   Page 322 1-19-09 - 1-20-09

      Here's the 90-degree dirt road wide-radius curve... 1-20-09

      Drawing, cutting, pasting... 1-20-09

Commenters include: Pat (x2), Haljackey, Albus of Garaway, metarvo, dsrwhat316,  dedgren (x2), deathtopumpkins, BigSlark, CaptCity, thundercrack83 (x2), girlfromverona, JoeST, io_bg, FrankU, TheTeaCat, Pozzessed and mrtnrln.

   Page 323 1-20-09 - 1-22-09

      A twin-track wide-curve switch – in 30 seconds! 1-21-09

      The most recent addition to the Rural Roads NAM plugin – 2x2 and 4x4 curves... 1-22-09

Commenters include: Lollo, Toichus Maximus, BarbyW, Dark_Jedi06, Albus of Garaway, Darmok, burgsabre87, dedgren (x2), JoeST, wouanagaine, threestooges, Rayden, FrankU, beutelschlurf, Haljackey, CaptCity, metasmurf Pat and io_bg.

   Page 324 1-22-09 - 1-23-09

      A dirt-road RR crossing – maybe... 1-22-09

Commenters include: mayorfabz, catty, Badsim, sithlrd98 (x2), jmyers2043, girlfromverona, matarvo, burgsabre87 (x2), buckbeach, bat, BigSlark, dedgren, io_bg, homefryes, Bishop Hawke, smoncrie (x2), and FrankU.

   Page 325 1-23-09 - 1-24-09

      The Best. Rock. Texture. Ever.; Wide Radius Curves Euro - download it here... 1-23-09

      Working on the To-Do list today 1-24-09

Commenters include: JoeST, TheTeaCat, dedgren (x2), sithlrd98 (x2), deathtopumpkins, smoncrie, frdrcklim, art128, darraghf, JoeST, Warrior, kbieniu7, Albus of Garaway, bat, Gaston (x2), Pat and metarvo.

   Page 326 1-24-09 - 1-25-09

      Can you guess...?1-25-09

      The RAM Team's dual rail retexturing project is showing its first fruit. 1-25-09

Commenters include: burgsabre87, threestooges, bwatterud, girlfromverona, pvarcoe, metarvo, thundercrack83, dedgren (x2), Alfred.Jones, Korot, Pat, Albus of Garaway, choco, bat, deathtopumpkins, io_bg, JoeST, Warrior and gardenwong.

   Page 327 1-25-09 - current

      Dual-track ortho-to-diagonal switch... 1-26-09

      Halfway finished retexturing the default dual rail trackage. 1-27-09

Commenters include: j-dub, dedgren (x2), Alfred.Jones, bat (x2), frdrcklim, Albus of Garaway, metarvo, sithlrd98, Pat, thundercrack83, girlfromverona, FrankU, RickD (x2), niktest, Battlecat, Swamper77 and io_bg

   Page 328 1-27-09 - 1—29-09

      More dual-rail retexturing coming down the pike... 1-27-09

      The beta set of retextured dual-rail textures is available here... 1-29-09

      What else might the RAM team be working on? A discussion of wide-radius rail curves... 1-29-09

      Remember that one last thing that was holding up the final STR beta... 1-29-09

Commenters include: RickD (x2), Swamper77, Andreas, dedgren (x4), BigSlark, girlfromverona (x2), Pat, thundercrack83, Battlecat, Haljackey, metarvo, inspecter, jmdude1, threestooges and deathtopumpkins.

   Page 329 1-29-09 - 1-30-09

      Take me home... country roads... 1-30-09

      How many words is one pic worth? 1--09

Commenters include: inspecter (x4), burgsabre87, jmdude1, CaptCity (x3), Swamper77, shoreman905, Andreas, dedgren (x2), metarvo, choco, debutterfly, threestooges, sim-al2 and JoeST.

   Page 330 1-30-09 - 1-31-09

      What the...? 1-30-09

      I missed a texture, but a new beta link is here... 1-30-09

      Texture-fix link available here. 1-30-09

      A little bonus to send out with the STR beta; When will 3RR hit 250,000 views? 1-31-09

Commenters include: dedgren (x4), JoeST, Warrior, choco, inspecter (x3), girlfromverona, CaptCity (x2), Tarkus, BigSlark (x2), deathtopumpkins, sithlrd98, burgsabre87 and Gaston.

Table of Contents - Page 331 through 340 1-31-09 - 2-18-09

   Page 331 1-31-09 - 2-1-09

Commenters include: Pat, burgsabre87, Battlecat (x2), CaptCity (x4), girlfromverona, jpj_starfleet, Warrior (x3), BarbarossaS, Korot, Andreas (x2), metarvo, niktest and mayorfabz.

   Page 332 2-1-09 - 2-3-09

      Fixing forgotten rail textures as we go along... 2-2-09

Commenters include: CaptCity (x2), jpj_starfleet, burgsabre87 (x2), dedgren, Pat (x2), niktest (x3), Warrior, thundercrack83, Haljackey, Albus of Garaway, girlfromverona, metarvo, jacqulina, io_bg and LE0.

   Page 333 2-3-09 - 2-7-09

      Seasonal plopable trees – download them here... 2-4-09

      Wishing Darmok's Anduin Valley Revisited a happy fourth birthday... 2-4-09

Commenters include: TheTeaCat, threestooges (x2), jpj_starfleet, JoeST, dedgren (x2), FrankU, Andreas, sithlrd98, deathtopumpkins, Darmok, Kokopelli, Livin in Sim, inspecter, Battlecat, bat, thundercrack83, Pozzessed and BigSlark.

   Page 334 2-7-09 - 2-8-09

      Don't try this at home... 2-8-09

      Retextured dual rails available here... 2-8-09

Commenters include: Heblem, frdrcklin (x2), dedgren (x2), Alfred.Jones, girlfromverona, buddybud, thundercrack83, Ennedi, inspecter, TheTeaCat, bat, Geronimo, metarvo, burgsabre87, deathtopumpkins (x2), owlsinger and Pat.

   Page 335 2-8-09 - 2-09-09

      STR Beta download link here... 2-9-09

      We answer questions and post a DTR Beta Upgrade... 2-9-09

Commenters include: frdrcklim, inspecter, girlfromverona, Pat, sithlrd98 (x2), CaptCity, niktest (x2), Orange_o_, dedgren (x2), thundercrack83, threestooges, Alfred.Jones, ebina, FrankU, Dark_Jedi06, mitch and meinhosen.

   Page 336 2-9-09 - 2-11-09

      A downpayment on the bug fixing... 2-10-09

      This post has no real purpose except... 2-10-09

      "Dusk" 2-11-09

Commenters include: metarvo, sithlrd98 (x2), bighead99 (x2), Warrior (x3), dedgren (x3), FrankU (x2), alfadriver12345 (x2),  CaptCity, girlfromverona, bwatteud, burgsabre87 and Pat.

   Page 337 2-11-09 - 2-13-09

      Working on a couple of signs this morning... 2-11-09

Commenters include: kalanc69, Orange_o_, deathtopumpkins, dedgren, Battlecat, LE0 (x2), sithlrd98 (x2), bat, girlfromverona, CCFC (x3), burgsabre87, Pat, carkid1998, Warrior (x2) and metarvo.

   Page 338 2-13-09 - 2-15-09

      Can't make a 4x1 gridsquare DTR to STR transition – will a 3x1 do? 2-13-09

      I have a question David... 2-15-09

      The new wye is pathed and included in a beta here... 2-15-09

Commenters include: girlfromverona, CCFC (x4), threestooges, CaptCity (x2), j-dub (x2), dragonshardz, dedgren (x3), sithlrd98, burgsabre87, inpsecter (x2), Sciurus and sim-al2.

   Page 339 2-15-09 - 2-17-09

      A new DT crossover... 2-16-09

      A photo tour of Talkeetna and a beta of the new DT crossover... 2-16-09

      Hidden Pond. 2-17-09

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins (x2), darraghf (x2), threestooges, jpj_starfleet, Jmouse, art128, jmvl (x2), dedgren (x3), Rayden, bwatterud, Pat, Dark_Jedi06, turtle, Sheep49 and io_bg.

   Page 340 2-17-09 - 2-18-09

      Time to head for the barn. 2-17-09

      Take Chris' (chrisadams3997) RRP fences... 2-18-09

Commenters include: girlfromverona, dedgren (x2), io_bg, BigSlark, burgsabre87, CCFC, metarvo, threestooges, thundercrack83, Sheep49, Albus of Garaway, deathtopumpkins, Battlecat, pvarcoe, homefryes, LE0, sithlrd98, j-dub and c.p.

Table of Contents - Page 341 through 350 2-18-09 - 2-28-09

   Page 341 2-18-09 – 2-19-09

      Chris's (chrisadams3997) fences ploperized – DL here... 2-19-09

Commenters include: JoeST (x2), Pat, BarbyW, Albus of Garaway, penguin007, Warrior, metarvo, sithlrd98, Battlecat, Glazert (x2), io_bg (x2), wes.janson, burgsabre87, dedgren, Orange_o_, owlsinger and kimcar.

   Page 342 2-19-09

      A Thursday treat... 2-19-09

Commenters include: frdrcklim, LE0 (x2), Battlecat, dedgren, FrankU, Korot, TheTeaCat, JoeST, io_bg, Ennedi, BarbyW, girlfromverona, Sheep49, Pat, sithlrd98, Glazert, metarvo, CCFC and kimcar.

   Page 343 2-19-09 - 2-20-09

      Finished the last of the SAM wide-radius curves... 2-20-09

Commenters include: Albus of Garaway, Jmouse, bakerton, thundercrack83 (x2), dedgren, Pat, Alfred.Jones, girlfromverona, threestooges, art128, toxicpiano, io_bg, BarbarossaS, pvarcoe, Dark_Jedi06, Battlecat, LE0, catty and burgsabre87.

   Page 344 2-20-09 - 2-21-09

      Last of the Rural-Road puzzle pieces almost finished... 2-21-09

       Just had to fix this one little thing... 2-21-09

      And there you have it... 2-21-09

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins (x2), metarvo, dragonshardz, mayorfabz, mrtnrln, BigSlark, owlsinger, Korot, Simpson, threestooges, dedgren (x3), nerdly_dood (x2), Jmouse, turtle, Haljackey and Heblem.

   Page 345 2-21-09 - 2-23-09

      Fixing some more curves... 2-22-09

      Here come the gravel paths... 2-22-09

      SAM Set 4 coming right up... 2-23-09

      Let's smash some grid... 2-23-09

Commenters include: girlfromverona (x2), metasmurf, toxicpiano, io_bg (x3), burgsabre87 (x2), dedgren (x4), metarvo, nerdly_dood, Gwail, thundercrack83, Simpson, frdrcklim and FrankU.

   Page 346 2-23-09 - 2-24-09

      200 page views left until the deadline... 2-23-09

Commenters include: BarbarossaS, Battlecat (x2), burgsabre87, owlsinger, homefryes, TheTeaCat, kbieniu7, Dark_Jedi06, dsrwhat316, dedgren, bob56, CCFC, debutterfly, deathtopumpkins, Darmok (x2), Pat, JoeST and FrankU.

   Page 347 2-24-09 - 2-25-09

      Guessing is officially closed! 2-24-09

      Showing off the Rural Road NAM plugin in Marisa's (girlfromverona) quad. 2-25-09

Commenters include: Korot, dedgren (x2), art128, homefryes, JoeST, bat, debutterfly, LE0, deathtopumpkins, j-dub, thundercrack83 (x2), girlfromverona, CCFC, Alfred.Jones, Gaston, Darmok, Albus of Garaway and Battlecat.

   Page 348 2-25-09 - 2-26-09

      The wide-radius SAM Set 3 was inspired by this collaboration quad... 2-25-09

      Collaboration quad assignments. 2-26-09

Commenters include: bat, Sheep49, sithlre98, dedgren (x2), Rayden, Orange_o_, Metarvo, Battlecat, girlfromverona, meinhosen, Heblem, bakerton, deathtopumpkins, Pat (x2), Dark_Jedi06, kimcar, thundercrack83 and JoeST.

   Page 349 2-26-09 - 2-27-09

      300 page views shy of 20,000 for the month of February. 2-26-09

      Here's the current sigh-in sheet for collaboration quad assignment. 2-27-09

Commenters include: Glazert, BigSlark, bakerton, Toichus Maximus, penguin007, io_bg, homefryes, metarvo (x2), threestooges (x2), dedgren (x2), Simpson, Sheep49, Albus of Garaway, mayorfabz, dragonsharz, deathtopumpkins and Korot.

   Page 350 2-27-09 - 2-28-09

      1400 page views to go, and counting... 2-28-09

      1,300 views to go... 2-28-09

      1,100 to go, and here's the "sweet spot"... 2-28-09

Commenters include: FrankU, Battlecat, Pat, mayorfabz, evanator, LE0, burgsabre87, Gaston, debutterfly (x2), dedgren (x3), CCFC (x4), metarvo, Korat and three stooges.

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