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LP_Green's Showcase

Started by LP_Green, March 08, 2007, 02:05:37 PM

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LP_Green's Showcase

Hello everyone,
        as you see, I'm starting a showcase. I'm gonna show all the pics I have. Don't be surprised if the cities are not the same at every update. I'm currently working on many different cities and I'm not doing a region but simply little cities. So I hope that you will like my work as much as I do ;)

So let's start with the first pics! I'm currently working on Fordburg, a mid sized city with a european look. Hope you like it.

And an overall view of the work done...

I hope you like those first pics!


Wow I love the first update !!! it's the kind of city I prefere  !


This is really nice
I like the stree/road layout
And the highschool/soccer field setup is really enjoying  :thumbsup:

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This is a definite case of "more than it seems" journal. The amount of work you must have put into detailing those areas must have been huge. I have so much splendid things to comment on here, but I'm going to go look even closer at those pictures first. There's still much to discover from a third and fourth look.

I'm sure this will be a journal well worth following. :thumbsup:

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Wonderful start! ;) Great pictures and city! :thumbsup:


You created a great town! The parks and pathways are making it a very pleasant place for you Sims... I wished I could live in Fordburg  :thumbsup:
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Hey LP_G-

Absolutely wonderful suburban development!  Everything presents as a unified whole, yet when you look at the pics up close, you can see lots of little "tweaked" touches that speaks to a great deal of time and care that you have put in.

"Showcase" is about right.  Like the old saying goes- "If one is that good, I'll take the lot on spec."

Good Luck!

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Hi everyone!

I'm back with a mosaic! Thanks for the feedback! I will be personal replying on the next update because I don't have much time right now... &mmm

Don't be surprised! It's not the same city but look at my first post and you'll understand ;)


Smaller version here

I hope you like it!


Great mosaic! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:


probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
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Good job Lp ! Awesome mosaic !  ;D


Good start.  Love the mosaic, great work there. ;)
Call me Robin, please.


Wow defintly a very wonderful mosaic and dont worry about staying in one city im not im more or
less working out my parks rivers and lakes and just showing it off and learning as i go with wonderful help - pat

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hello. thats a good start to showcasing. very detailed, pal. i assume you spend so much time planning out your network. thats what kills my cities. i cant plan my network to save my life. in the mosaic, i see a black square building, hollow in the middle and with cop cars parked outside. your own? if not, sharing a link would be appreciated. getting tired of the in game selections and i'm afraid to try anything not already proven to work. no1 would want their cities to crash. i wouldn't want anything to ruin my already messy cities. lol.  :P again, impressive start to a showcase. would love to see more