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March 24, 2023, 01:47:57 AM

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Savoie; la Monarchie Alpine - updated with newspaper!

Started by CarmineHilton, January 17, 2009, 03:55:11 AM

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Welcome to the first update of my new CJ, Kingdom of Savoy.
As you can see, I have devided Savoy into 9 different books as Savoy consits of 9 departments, and we're starting with Book 2 as it features the capital of Savoy: Prades.

Prades, including it's metro area, is a city of about 4 million inhabitants. The urban area of Prades alone holds 1 million inhabitants.
It's a city divided into 12 arrondissements, and today we'll be having a look at the 3rd arrondissement. :)

Enjoy! &dance

» Just as many other cities in the world, also Prades is covered with a white carpet of snow in this time of the year!

» Here you see the Church of Christ the Saviour, the contrast between this old church and the new buildings in this
   arrondissement make it double as scenic!

» On top, you see one of the main buildings of the "Université de Prades". They have buildings spread over the entire city.
   Lower you find few commercial highrises and "les Tours Émeraudes", hosting a Savoyard bank and an airline company.
   On the plaza you find the Arch of Mexico, which is a gift from the United Mexican States.

» Citibank Arena is one of the few arenas in Prades. But even more important in this picture is the main building of
   Maison Marie Rose located on Gallo Boulevard! It's the atelier of one of Savoy's most famous fashion designers.

» Well, this is the last mosaic for today! In this one you see some more typical buildings of Prades mixed with new developments.
   All the way down are the "UJSC Tours d'Embassade" (= SCJU Embassy Towers) which will open soon!

Thank you all for visiting my new CJ! Hope you liked it ;) &bis&
xoxo Carmine


Excellent start Carmine! I will put this one on my to read list.... :thumbsup:

And wow, there is the first update already. The first picture with the snowfalling and parts of the sidewalks covered with snow is very nicely done...  Prades is a very pleasant city I guess. Where is it situated on the map?
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My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


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Fantastic start of your new MD there! Nice work on the first update and pictures!
Looking forward to more... ;)

BTW, my 6666th post!


Seems like another most excellent Mayor Diary. I can't wait for more.
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Excellent start there Carmine, love this city !  &apls
The snow effect is really fantastic !  :thumbsup:

looking forward to more!

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Oh, a nex franch name for a CJ! :D
Very nice, but I don't think there's parisian BATs in Savoie!  :P  :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
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First of all, thanks for all the replies so far! I'm happy to see that you all like my new CJ :)
Custom lotting is A LOT of work, but it certainly pays off when you get such lovely replies! ;) héhé

I have some new pictures of Prades, few new lots I wanted to show you. It's in the same area I showed you in the last update,
so it will look familiar to all of you :)

Enjoy /&HiPP/%

» During the winter, evening starts to fall over Prades at about 17:00.
   At that time, the orange flow starts to hit the city as the sun is starting to go down. Beautiful!!

» Next to Palais de l'Alma (seen in previous picture) is the museum of Movian and Savoyard history,
   as both nations have cultural and historical ties with each other.

» In this mosaic you can see the "Place d'Heywood" on top next to "les Tours Émeraudes". It is one of the newest buildings in Prades.
   More below you find few other modern skyscrapers mixed with traditional Savoyard architecture and the brand new SCJU Secretariat!

» And last but not least Prades' new modern skyscrapers at night...

Sebes, First comment, how fabulous! Thx for the lovely reply ;)
As for the location of Prades: It's located at the RL-position if Chambéry. It will need some mountain cutting to fit in though xD
The area of Chambéry is too small to hold Prades, but well, it's a CJ so things can be changed ;)

Sciurus54, Well... The city is Prades, not Paris =p It has it own style of architecture.
And btw, I did use some of JENX's and Porki's bats ;)

That was it for today!! &bis& Thx for all comments so far! I highly appreciate it =) Still hope the amount will grow though.... héhé xD
xoxo Carmine


Gorgeous Carmine, simply gorgeous!! ;D ;D

Glad to see such excellent Custom LOTting, and the presentation is fantastic (your headings like eerily familiar ;)). I can feel myself becoming inspired as I state aghast at these glorious images. :satisfied:

Edit: Between you, me and Amerikaner this will certainly be the most fabulous region in Europe. $%Grinno$%
...this space to be filled soon...


Hi Carmine ,

I can see that someone here has , in a first time , scrupulously followed my little LotEditing tutorials , and then has found his own style to now fly on his own wings . Thank you , that's extremely pleasant and interesting by the way you try to mix harmoniously different architectures . Not always my taste but technically , I've got nothing to add . I will keep an eye on your work ... you seems to be truly talented . :thumbsup:

&apls &apls


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Waow! :o
That's just beautiful, and what a work on the LE, you must spend a lot of time on!! And I saw "Guadeloupe and Martinique and St-Barthélémy". Will you realize those islands? :)

Guillaume :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
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Wow, theese pictures are very nice. Fantastic city. I like to see more.

Greetings, michl  ;)
Hi, Greetings to everybody

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Waow! Le jour où je "lotedite" comme ça n'est pas pour demain... ;-)
Vraiment très beau ce centre-ville un peu bruxellisé*, extraordinairement réaliste... je croise les doigts pour que tu aies le temps et l'envie de mener loin ce CJ.

Waow! the day when I will l"otedit" like that is still very far away...  ;-)
Really beautiful this CBD a bit bruxellised*, extraordinarily realist... crossing fingers hoping you'll have time and taste to go far with this CJ.

* the city of Bruxelles/Brussels, capital of Belgium have had during the 1970-1990 period a kind of "anarchic" urbanism wich lead to a city with no really definite style, old and new buildings being mixed without real harmony.... authorities have since then taken things more seriously... Quite every city in Europe wich city-council doesn't have a parisian-like history-fanatic policy tend to have a certain dose of bruxellisation (even Paris did have certain fumbles, eg Musée Pompidou in the Quartier des Halles... and even the pyramide of the Louvre museum had been heavilly criticized though the project was very longly studied). In most cities though, it is not so shocking..... exactly like in Prades: a city searching his way between its memory and future. Paris being AFAIK the only city to completely "exteriorising" its "heavy"(=skyscrappered) BD (it is located at la Défense, about 5km west of Paris)
Sorry for this long note, but I think many "Westerners" do not know much about this very important aspect of "Old World" urbanism...
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I discover this topic and I like very much.

The idea of independent Savoy is very funny.

I find your city is really very well realized

   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °  

Yoder7652 Savoie has landed on Devotion as well. I didn't know that, well now I'll be able to follow your actions with greater interest.....still love the pictures, of course  ;D


Great work there on the second update! Nice pictures of your city! :thumbsup: