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How to Build a Raised Overlook

Started by dsrwhat316, January 17, 2009, 10:19:17 AM

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Well, here I am with my sixth tutorial. I hope no one is getting bored by them at this point  ::)

This tutorial will show you how to build one of these:

... a raised overlook with vertical walls as shown above. To accomplish this you need at least beginner skills using the Lot Editor and a working imagination  ;)

Here's our template:

The grid is turned on here to show the size of the area we're working with. It is always a good idea to take pics in-game of the area you want to Lot Edit, so as to get a feel of the surroundings and to size up your lots properly.

Here is our first lot for the ledge. Please note three things: the position of the lot facing the road (i.e. when plopped, the arrow will face towards the road), the threshold value, and the Elevation Change Values. You must follow these guidelines exactly for the desired effect to occur.

Just for reiteration, this is how the lot should be plopped; the arrow pointing towards the road. Now here's what it'll look like when plopped:

The ground in front of the lot will raise up as shown, but we'll fix that later on.
Next, we must do some minor terraforming at this point:

Plop single-road tiles to raise the remaining tiles even with the others. Demolish the tiles without a sidewalk surrounding them, shown above.

Now let's look at the second lot. It should be apparent now why we left those single-road tiles along the previous lot as shown in the pic above. The arrow when placing the lot will need a road to face, i.e. the plopped road tiles. The threshold and elevation change values are the same as the previous lot.

Again, here we see how the lot should be oriented before being plopped.

Now we see the two lots plopped in place. At this time, you can flatten out the area in front of the lots down using the single-road tile method as shown above.

This is the last lot used for the ledge. Unlike the other two lots, this lot does not need to be oriented in a set way. However, the threshold and elevation change values are different, because we want the stairway to follow the slope of the land.

Our ledge is now complete! To finish off the area properly, I made a small filler for the area in front of the ledge:

When plopped, you'll get this:

A relatively simple way to give more depth to your cities. As I always say, get out there, experiment, and have fun!

~ Dan
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Nice work once again  &apls
Will come in handy at some point in the future I'm sure.


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Dan again a wonderfully made tuturail!!! WOW!!! Now we just got to get you to release some of these wonderful stuff!!!

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Great tutorial, Dan! I might just give it a go right now.  :thumbsup:


Very cool. The stuff you do with the Lot Editor is just crazy.

What prop is that you're using for the wall? When looking at your other pics I'd assumed it was just the foundation of the lot but now I see it's a prop you're using.


Fantastic work there on your sixth tutorial!!! :thumbsup:


Very good tutorial. Thanks for the nice work &apls


This is a very good tutorial, thanks a lot. And the work in these pictures is looks great.