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March 21, 2023, 10:24:55 AM

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Hampshire City - (NEW!! General View of Hampshire)

Started by JJsa, January 31, 2009, 04:32:25 PM

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After many years playing Simcity4 decided to present the first time a city created by me, with BAT's excellent created by others.

I will try to update every day this CJ, showing images of the game, real or urban settings, whose planning of cities around the century occurred. XVIII and XIX, with the characteristics of the urbanization of the ideas that time and today we see in most major cities of Europe and America.

I hope you enjoy and have fun with this ... my madness!


Interesting historic approach to things. I hope we will get to see some pics from the game shortly. What game is that town pic from? Pretty good start here.


Hmm interesting start there Amigo. :thumbsup:
Can't wait to see more ,

Arthur  ;)
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Hello! Olá! (PT)  ::)

The first picture, is a virtual model of Lisbon!

Yes, i'll start to show "real" views from Hampshire!

The current Arms and symbols of the city of Hampshire stem from its past.
The Cross is central to the White Templars who helped in the conquest of the city, and always attended, and remembered today in the Temple Square.
The crown on top, is the real power, and that the city had the status of a real city.
The collar worked, around the crest represents the central offices and the mercantilist spirit that the city has acquired over the centuries XIV and XV.
The black and white represent the Past (Black) and Future (White), which we were and what we are.

Banner of Hampshire

Flag of Hampshire


Great start, but I wait the images of the city :thumbsup:
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The Battle of the Noble Old (1424)

The Last Siege to the city (1430)

After the period of war, in which half the population died or fled to the mountains, has been one of the most important for the city, the Crown Prince's marriage with the Infanta Dona Maria of Portugal, thus setting up the House of Trade in Hampshire, through the export of fabrics and import of precious materials from Portugal and its colonies overseas.
Being located in an area brought to the trade and migration routes, Hampshire, quickly became a center mercantilist, exporting their products on routes inland river and then taking commercial subsidiaries in Venice, Antwerp, Paris and Lisbon.

Until 1630, the city still maintains its medieval aspect, with winding streets and tight, and work on the walls of the extension point of development preferred by kings and the House of Trade.

Model in the City Museum

In 1645, the middle of the night of January 30, a strong quake, destroyed large parts of cities, which followed the so-called Great Fire, which completely ruined some of the buildings that had resisted the earthquake.

In the same year has begun to rebuild the city, whose urban structure can still see today.

Image of a point of reference of the town of Hampshire

Image of a point of reference of the town of Hampshire

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The first pictures are great JJsa , the W2W development looks good my friend  :thumbsup:

Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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Excellent introduction and very nice photos.


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Blue Lightning

I like the historical bits and parts, but I would like to see more of the city. The W2W job is amaing, they all fit so well. Anyway, good job so far.

Good Luck,
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