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Started by antimonycat, February 09, 2009, 01:21:30 AM

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-------------------Update 13th April- New Year Weekend - Part Three-----------------------------                    

Introducing Endora:

Once a city overlooked by tourists, despite its economic, industrial and naval importance, Endora has gained a reputation in recent years as a destination worth visiting at least once.

Often called the 'Gateway to the Empire', Endora still ranks as Aetheria's primary port city and the 'second city' of the nation, bringing influences as well as ships from the far and wide colonies. Built on a hilly, coastal region near the mouths of the rivers Tansy and Foxglove, the city provides a sheltered yet somewhat awkward harbour to which Endora owes its prosperity.

With a vibrant nightlife, a lively arts and cultural scene and a rich maritime history, Endora offers something for everyone. Whether you prefer the sights and sounds of the city centre, the leafy, hilltop suburb of Belmont or enjoying a drink at the harbourside at sunset, 1789 is a splendid year to visit Endora.

Statistics and helpful information:

Sovereign Nation:             Aetheria (Aetherian Empire)
Province:                       Lanelle (Provincial Capital)
Population: (1788 est.)     417,000 (ranked 2nd)
Currency:                       Aetherian Gen
Head of State:                 Empress Eleanor II of the Aetherian Empire

Endora Coat of Arms

Aetherian Flag

Endora enjoys a mild climate due to its position in the South-West of the country and proximity to the ocean. Summers are warm and breezy, often with unexpected rain. Winter months usually bring storms and light snowfall although the temperature rarely drops below -2°.

The city guard have done an exemplary job in stamping out street crime in the last decade and now most areas of Endora are extremely safe. However, Endora is a 24 hour city and travellers unaware of this fact may find crowds, public drinking and noise unsettling, especially on the weekends. If you plan on drinking, please be careful around areas with water hazards such as the docks as accidents do happen.


The bustling centre
of Endora

The affluent and leafy
hilltop district

The industrial heart
of the port of Endora

The sprawling inner
city suburb

A day in the life of Lottie

The Brandram Estate and Ashton

Ambrell and the Airstation

Map of Central Endora (W.I.P)

Map of central Endora

Map of Aetheria


Wow, that's a wonderful start! &apls The map looks like from a real city!
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That's an amazing city.  So much diversity and an amazing mix of modern and historical buildings.  Very cool!


Wow, Endora looks great! I like how you have some heavy industry right in the middle of downtown. It's something that you don't see in most cities and gives it a unique twist.

Also the map is fantastic! Hope to see more.


That's beautiful &apls, and the industries behind the "Quatre Saison", it's very special :D
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Very dense city, and very futuristic ;) Great update, I'm waiting for more :)


Wow very fine work in this update, nice start of MD.

I'm looking forward to the next update
Take care,

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Endora Well Street Station

Well Street Station is the largest and busiest station in Endora, with 8 platforms and serves as the terminus of the main line from the Capital. Regional train services also depart from the station and it is well worth taking the time to explore the rest of the region by train. The journey time to Aetheria City is about 2 hours, Endora Airstation - 10 minutes and the international route to the Lindemann border - 5 hours.  Services are usually reliable and punctual but it is advised to arrive at least 20 minutes before your train is due to depart.

The Constantia Hotel

There are many places to stay is Endora, from cheap boarding rooms to magnificent hotels. The Constantia falls into the latter category, built on the edge of a cliff with views over the docks. Located close to the city centre  and the waterfront,  it is popular with rich merchants, foreign dignitaries and government officials. According to legend the hotel was named after an ancient princess that fell off the cliff to her death but historians believe it is more likely the hotel was named after a font.

The Constantia is the most expensive hotel in Endora but smaller rooms in the rear of the hotel are much more affordable.

Camphor promenade

A shopping area in central Endora built over and around an underground canal.  The promenade hosts a variety of stores and market stalls selling everything from cheap trinkets to rare medicines and even strange beasts from faraway lands.

Conduit Street.

Conduit street is a raised road in the western end of the city centre. It and the surrounding streets are home to museums, hotels and the Endora Opera House. The Ampitheatre is also nearby and offers a variety of public entertainment events all year round.

Regent Square

Regent Square was built originally by wealthy merchants and plantation owners who wanted a genteel place to live close to the busy docks, although today most of the houses are now hotels or places of business.

The North end of  the square is  home to the former 'North Plassur Trading Company' head office. The company had amassed a great fortune for the Empire with its near monopoly of trade with the Western colonies, and even gained its own private army. 9 years ago, the Company declared the colonies it ruled independent from the Aetherian Empire, in a series of events that led to the Great War. Finding itself on the losing side, the Company was dissolved and the colonies returned. The building is now home to a theatre and restaurants.

Exchange Street.

Exchange Street is a road in the 'old city' running from North to South along the waterfront. Numerous bars and restaurants are to be found in the area as well as a large dock for international cruise liners. Much of the old city was destroyed by the great fire but many of its streets still bear names of the commodities that were traded there (such as Wine street and Spice lane).

Old Market Square.

The heart of the old city, where 5 roads meet. The bustling market has long since disappeared and now the square and surrounding streets are known for its theatres and fine restaurants.


Thanks! I used the colour scheme from a real city map so maybe that's why.

Thank you, I've always liked cities with mixed and varied architecture (I live in one).

Thanks! yeah I was inspired by some sci fi/steampunk cities where people don't mind too much about having industry in their midst.


Thanks a lot for the comment :)

Thanks! It's very dense at the city centre but there's a lot of greener space the further out you go.

Thank you very much.  :)


Still nice, I can just say that. :thumbsup:
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Wow ! It's the only word I find to describe your work ! the Well Street Station area looks excellent.
I like how you manage to mix bug industrial structures to residential area, it's trully great.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Also great work on Regent Square and Old Market Square. They are fantastic !  &apls
Keep up this great work,

Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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Excellent pictures there of your really really fantastic looking city! Superb two updates there!
Looking forward to more... ;)


Port Authority Building

The Endora Port Authority manages and maintains the city docks and and orchestrates the vessels that pass through them, collecting taxes on imported or exported goods. The large building also also houses the city and regional government offices. The old, smaller city hall is situated nearby and now serves as a records office.

Union Bridge

Union Bridge is one of 3 road bridges in the city centre, forming a road connection to Carme Island. Originally a wooden bridge, it was replaced with a stone one in 1730. The bridge is large enough for large steam liners to pass through but this rarely happens as there is a tight bend further up the river which larger ships find difficult (but not impossible) to traverse.

Cat Hill

Cat Hill is a steep shopping street that runs from near the Constantia Hotel in the city centre to the University at the top of the hill. Cat hill was supposedly named after a temple dedicated to cats which once stood on what is now the University. The street is occupied by small clothes shops, bars and tea rooms. The main Library of Endora is situated nearby.


Redland is an area in the North-West corner of the city centre, characterized by busy streets and its nightlife. The area has a (somewhat deserved) repuation for being seedy and raucous at night with its many drinking holes, opium dens and adult entertainment venues. To the casual tourist it may not seem surprising to know that Redland was once a haunt for smugglers and pirates but today, despite its appearances, it is reasonably safe.

Redland Square is a small green space which regularly hosts free evening entertainment events. Also situated on the square is Redland Station which served as Endora's main station until Well Street Station was built. Just off the square is Redland Market where you can find a cheap snack or look for a bargain or two.

Redland Temple

The temple is a sanctuary from the nearby nightlife, not dedicated to a particular deity and is open all night.

Polycoal Boilers

Polycoal boilers are huge structures which generate electricity and steam for useful purposes such as powering lights, heating homes and working steam powered machines. Polycoal is a fairly new substance, thick and oily in nature which burns at least 5 times as intensly as the finest grade normal coal. Many visitors upon seeing these structures for the first time question the suitability of building them so close to human dwellings, however Endorans, as a people tend to marvel at the wonders of machines and technology in general and are accustomed to living in the midst of industry.


Sciurus: Thanks again!
Art128: Thank you very much, glad you liked it.
Bat: Cheers for the comment  :)

Emperor Stormont

Well its certainly different. I like it, not 100% sure why I find it rather interesting to view. Shall be stopping by to see how you develop it further  :satisfied:

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Welcome to SC4D and the MD section, antimonycat. You've made a smashing grand entrance, and made me want to be a tourist in Endora! :) That first photo you posted is stunning and the same applies to several others in their own right.

Looking forward to more...


Very beautiful, but the no terraforming in your city does all its charm &apls
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Very nice pics. I really liked Regent square, very charming. Your pics have a trully nice light in them.


I blink a couple of times and a couple of amazing updates appear!  Wow, what amazing work you've done here.  I've never seen so many night shots in one diary, I forgot how amazing the lighting can be on well made lots!  To top it off, i've never seen some of the stuff you're presenting here, keep up the fantastic work!


antimonycat I love your MD here sweetness its great!!! I love what you did with that avenue bridge to light it up!!!!

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&apls &apls &apls
Not much need in saying anything really. 
One thing for sure, I can easily tell you have a great imagination.
I really like how you have mixed the industrial stuff right into the middle of the city. 
I see this MD going places.  ;)
See you around,
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.



Central Docks (West)

This section of the port typically accomodates light vessels such as yachts, fishing boats, tugboats, dredgers and medium cruise ships/liners.

Westferry Dock

A liner, bound for the colony of Midori taking on passengers and cargo. The journey from Endora to Midori will take approximately 40 days.

Victoria Promenade

Victoria Promenade is often popular in the early evening, where students like to eat and drink before heading for the nightlife in nearby Redland.

Knight's Ponds

The ponds run through the heart of the city and were named after the Knight River, a small river that was channeled to form the ponds. Much of the river is underground now but sections of it can still be seen.

Well Street Bridge

The 5:30am express train from Aetheria City about to arrive at Endora Well Street Station - and at 7:15 is 5 minutes late.

Endora General Infirmary

The infirmary is the main general hospital serving the city centre area.


Emperor Stormont: Thanks for finding it interesting.
Jmouse: Thank you for stopping by!
Sciurus: Thanks!
Pikatchoum: Thank for the comment.
Battlecat: Thanks. (I like night shots) :)
Pat: Thanks a lot.
Rooker1: Thank you for the nice comments.