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RMIP-3 Large Airport Edition vol. 1

Started by Gwail, February 12, 2009, 04:06:34 AM

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I'm very pleased to welcome everybody to the RMIP-3 Large Airport Edition project!

Here goes the RMIP-3 LAE vol. 1 - 150 feet orthogonal concrete runway, made with permission and great support from Voltaire and other AC Team members. The main goals were maximum reality and flexibility.

Here's a list of some features:

  • full compatibility with RMIP-2 Taxiway system
  • all markings and lightings with accordance to FAA / ICAO rules
  • realistic pavement with intense tireskids
  • easy handled modular TDZ segments, allowing to laying touchdown zones of any lenght, of any configuration, in accordance both to FAA and ICAO rules
  • new flexible Exit Taxiways system
  • V-diagonal Rapid Exit Taxiway lot (new!)
  • modular systems of Blast Pad, Displaced Threshold area and Taxiway preceding runway (new!)
  • two kinds of thresholds, 12- and 8-bars, due to regulations diferrences

Althought the runway is nominally 5 tile width, due to new Exit Taxiway system it is only 2 tiles wider (in case of one-sided exit taxiways) than RMIP-2 runway (see pic below). In case of two sided exit taxiways OC-150 is only one tile wider.

I will post here pics and info about the progress.
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My misc works thread:
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There is about 90% of textures and lots already made, waiting for thorough tests and final modding (some unofficial test shots I've posted in "show your airport" thread). Right now I'm working on the flexibility of runway intersections and there are some technical issues to solve.

Take a look at some production pics:

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This looks like a great project, now I really have to redesign my airports.

Ryan B.

Me, too.  Holy mackerel!  Seriously nice work!



Oooooooooo I am soo drooling here!!! Hey is there per chance that David aka Dedgrens 3RR runways (Not the RMIP) will be used at all in this project?

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Leoland coming Spring 2009


This looks great! I know it's a lot of work, but is there any interest in making diagonal runways?


From the night picture / pieces it looks like you plop a three-tile runway and a one-tile shoulder on each side, right? That would be massive update for me  :satisfied:


Great project Gwail! Everything is planned and performed very well and we can expect the top-quality new airport set! &apls

Of course there is an interest in making diagonal runways! Btw maybe its good I didn't start to build an airport in my region yet  ;D
I have only one comment: Please look at these dark rubber tracks in the touchdown area. I know it is realistic (my company removed rubber residues from several runways in Poland, we also advised the contractor who cleaned runways in Singapore Airport), but they look a bit strange at night, and they could look even worse if you would place brighter lights along the runway. This effect can be seen also on dark transit network textures, especially if somebody uses Gizmo's Day-Night Mod. Maybe these tracks could be a bit brighter, or photoshopped in another way (gradients?...). Of course it's only my opinion, the whole set look fantastic, and lights in touchdown area are perfect! :thumbsup:

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Oh... wow...

and I was planning to make some 4-tile runways too. xD

- Allan Kuan


Darn... and to think I just finished my spaceport's emergency runway. looks like I have to rebuild... again. :-[


Thanks for all comments!

Pat, I'm still waiting for David's stuff to finish and release it. Meanwhile I make this project ;).

ElPhantasmo69 - yes, I think there is. So far, that I'm considering 2-3 diagonal projects - David's not-RMIP (this was the first project I wanted to do), this OC-150 and RMIP-2 diagonal. Right now I want to finish OC-150, but I've already started to think about the most suitable layout for maximum usability of diagonals.

krbe - yes, it is 3-tiles wide concrete pavement with 2 tiles of shoulders. Take a look at pic "RMIP-3 vs RMIP-2". Thanks to new design it isn't so massive, in fact.

Ennedi - quality of tdz markings is one of the issues I want to look closer, I'm still curious about it, too (I use Gizmo's mod, as you can see). I will try to build the colors in another RGB configuration to avoid this effect (visible on one of my displays at a day view, too).
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Looks really good. I'd just make the suggestion of lightening up the black tire marks, its a little too dark right now.

The thought of new 150 and 200 foot runways...
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[Delta ²k5]

Wow... looking great so far... so I don't have to mess araound with the RMIP - 1 anymore  &apls Can't wait for the release


 :thumbsup: Thats stuff I'm waiting for a long time...

I planned to build the Frankfurt Airport and thats what I need for it. Do you have an timeshedule for release?

(Yeah - I know - don't ask this......)
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These are awesome. Finally, my airport can have something that could support the 747s and A380s.

[Delta ²k5]

Besides... I've a question: are you planing to add green centerlights to your taxiways? This is a bit mor realistic for bigger airports. If you don't do it, I'll do it by myself somedays... :D


nekseb - for now it's a bit diffucult to tell, there is too many unfinished business. I think that second half of March is quite reasonable unless everything goes well.

Delta - I was thinking about making alternative taxiway set with TWY centerlights. If the desicion is made, OC-150 exit taxiways will be released already with centerlights, ready for further update.
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